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    Default Original Online Manga! Please look!

    Hey all!

    I thought it would be a good time to tell everyone here about our original online Manga titled "The Legend of the Steel Breed".

    This is a completely FREE manga which we are proud to present to managa fans all over! It's a story which myself and my crew have been working on for a few years now, just never had the guts to go for it! But with Manga and Anime being SO popular these days, we thought WHY NOT RIGHT?!!!

    We are looking for feedback, and would love to get some opinions from everyone here at the StopTazmo Manga Community!

    Please leave any comments you can about our work, we love to hear from you!
    Please visit my online Manga!!!

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    Default Wizard World Toronto Comic Con!

    WOW! I just had to tell all of you guys about an AMAZING weekend that we had at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con!

    Seriously what a BLAST, we met tones of celebrities, really cool artists like ourselves with independent Manga and comics, and just a great weekend overall!

    We were there promoting our first release of our 1st issue of "The Legend of the Steel Breed" which is fully coloured unlike our online manga!

    Here are a few pics from the show!

    THE LAST Copy of "Steel Breed" being sold to one lucky fan!

    The Steel Breed Crew Posing for a Pic

    A Suicide Girl Dropping By to give us some support!

    See more of the convention on our slide show!

    It was a blast! Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to see us!

    Issue 1 of "The Legend of the Steel Breed" is complete and ready for anyone who would like to read it from start to finish at

    The Full Colour Version of our book can be found on our webstore!

    Did anyone else attend the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con? Please share your pics with us, we'd love to hear from you!

    Please visit my online Manga!!!

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    wow! this is sooo cool!!!

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    First of all, I want to congratulates Marvin S. Mariano and James Bade for having the courage to produce Steel Breed.

    Here are some question/comments for you:

    1) What is the genre specification for this comic? Shonen? Fantasy? And do you have an age limit for readers?

    2) I found some of the clothes the characters wear a bit too plain, eg. the clothes the children are wearing (Chapter 2, Page 5), although they are of different style (good job on that!). Can I suggest the use of pattern like stripes or picture on them?

    3) I also wanted to comment on the language use by young children (like B*tch, etc) but I guess since the father(?) use such crude language (Chapter 2, Page 9) himself, I can understand this.

    4) What is actually the status of Brecht's father in society? If he really is an outcast, then the house - I assume it is the house where he and Brecht live - (Chapter 2, Page 16) shouldn't be that grand, unless they were originally well off but due to some circumstances, the situation is as current, or something like that.

    Anyway, I want to say it's an interesting piece of work.



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