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    Question deviantArt OCT....

    Sorry guys for intruding in your wonderful lives...

    But I'm working for a original character tournament on deviantArt. We are brand new and called TheFAKE-OCT.

    We are accepting auditions until August 17th, but due to the lack of entries, there is a high possibility that we will extend the date.

    This tournament was meant for those who did not get accepted into the Artists At The Ready tournament, but we also accept new contestants. We also accept Flash entries and writers.

    It only takes a simple touch of the key to enter the FAKE. It is an unstable land and sadly you must fight to go back home. The judges hold a mysterious item that can change the area. Each battle will be given a theme and you will be able to use three original characters to use for combat. What dark secrets does this strange realm hold? Will you be able to return?

    We will be accepting 256 contestants.

    If you were a former Artists At The Ready contestant, you are allowed to reuse your old entries as long as you censor the AAtR logos. It is courtesy since they have allowed us to create this tournament.

    In order to enter, you must provide reference sheet for yourself (since it is you who have entered the FAKE,) and three original characters, plus a comic/Flash animation/typed story of how you entered the FAKE (hint: the key...)

    ---Reference Sheets:
    You must provide some sort of color reference such as colored pictures, color patches, or links... etc...

    You must have front, side, and back views of everyone (3 OCs and yourself)
    Note: You are human. No powers except being able to summon your characters. You can fight, but only has a human. No gimmicks.

    You also need to provide a picture of your "key." It is needed during the battles.

    Please try to provide some sort of information in the reference sheets (or in the "Artist's Comment" box .)

    ---Audition Piece:
    It's simply a story/comic/Flash animation on how you entered the FAKE.
    Remember, one touch of the key and you're there.

    If there are many links to your audition piece (probably comics) please have the rest of the links on the first page or provide all the links on the note.

    ---How to send everything:
    We will only accept auditions if all the links (and we mean all unless provided somewhere else) are in one note to TheFAKE-OCT and is titled as "Audition."

    Please do this. We have 256 spots open and we want everything in a nice neat package (TWSS.)

    If there are any questions, please post here on send me a message.
    Note: if you want to get an extension or try to push the date, try complaining on the OCT page, but try to sound reasonable.

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    Dear god this ought to be a joke.

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    It's just the wrong section. I did hear about the Artists At The Ready. This could be just as real.



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