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    Default random poems

    my friends who've read these didn't actually say anything useful... anyway, enjoy. If you like them, I'll post more.


    You think I'm actually a good person?
    .: I wouldn't tell you that because then it'd make you feel good
    Then tell me something that can make me feel bad.
    .: You fell in love with a rainbow-colored illusion.
    Is it emotions or illusions, then?
    .: "... . . . . . . . ."
    Did an angel or a devil just whisper in my ear?
    .: You hear the calling.

    So you think you made me a good person?
    .: I'm not interested in who you were before we met.
    What's my reason to fly?
    .: You're certified by your own self.
    The moon was already in the sky
    .: You were the cloud that blocked it from view

    Too bad. The shards of my memories tell me I love you.
    .: You were being dragged by the power of dreams. An unknown power.
    When we meet again, I'll show you the softest power.
    .: You keep telling me the stupidest things.
    Let me know when you chase after Love the miracle.
    .: I lost my doubts and fell in love with silver daggers
    And how did that go?

    .: I can't believe this was a dream.
    Don't worry. A flashback is all I'll ever have in my hands.
    .: A gentle voice shook the world; it led me to the land in my dreams.
    Who's voice was it?
    .: The owner's voice took shape and took flight
    He's searching for something that nobody can see.
    .: For love.
    With the wings he took on of freedom and solitude.
    .: Don't wake me up 'till the morning's light.

    You're not a good person, are you?
    .: I still don't know "eternity", so my heart is my guide...
    Hold your hands up to the moon-night sky
    .: I guess that's just how my life is.
    How long does it take to do it all over again?
    .: Shut up, you're so wordy.
    What did you capture in those reality-enducing fingers?
    .: All I'm sure of is the "eye" in my right hand.

    That's a lie...
    .: If I break it, I break the world, too.
    That's a lie, it's a lie.
    .: You're lying!
    The power is yet unknown.
    .: The unknown thing is a girl.
    .: a nice, cool summer day is still on the far side of a dream

    Does this mean neither of us are good people?
    .: I only sit by a window watching the shadows get longer
    Where did we meet before just like this?
    .: Deja vu.
    This isn't something I'd forget, so tell me this isn't a dream.
    .: I don't dream for long because I hate to.
    Then I'll suck your blood, ah, everything.

    .: Beyond the sky, on the moon I reached for.
    We can go on an aimless journey to find the unusual.
    .: Surrounded by silent night, I'll sleep eternally.
    A silver knife you loved gleams in the darkness.
    .: Then I'll turn back time, and flash the Silver Sculpture of my soul.
    How disgusting. The only people allowed to play easy mode are schoolkids.
    .: It rips through you like cloth.
    Why don't you at least challenge as much as normal mode in your life?
    .: You mean easy mode where two girls laugh at a boy for being a virgin.
    Ah, I died.
    .: Even the new moon will shine again one day.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarST
    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
    Farleen // Number 42

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    sometimes it is home, sometimes it is undefined


    That`s very interesting, really! thanks to you!
    Then I`ll try to represent my own poem (it`s not so large)

    One day the world will change
    It will become very strange:
    Without a God, without a Sky
    Without a Devil, without a lie...

    They call it revolution
    They name it a conclusion
    It`s only fake, it is delusion
    It`s only life`s and deathes fusion...

    I wanna reckless step from youth
    I wanna find hidden truth
    The light in darkest day
    And price that we must pay...

    Silence and homeless tears
    Revived my deepest fears...
    Can human soul be so cold?
    Or may be it`s been sold?

    World Web unite our rooms
    World Web - is it a doom?
    We are links in chain
    of happenings
    Is it your Dream, Lain?
    Or is it earnings?

    I`ve written it when EBM-music played in my room... may be, that`s why it is not happy...
    If it is possible, please write your review.
    Sorry, if you`ll meet mistakes, i`m not very good in English

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    somewhere in my mind~


    wow i really like both those poems ^^
    ~What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story. And the greatest good is little enough, for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.~

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    sometimes it is home, sometimes it is undefined


    And what about you? May you represent your poem, please? I think, it`ll be very interesting for others to read your work.

    And, may be, i`ll represent soon anouther poem, now i`m trying to write it...




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