So I've been bored recently and have been scouring the internet for anything that would taste of witty sarcasm, light novel, epic bad-assery, or anything awesome. So far, the internet has been keeping me from pulling my brains out.

I've always been more interested in story than on he visuals. I dislike generic fan-service, and general incredible heroes. You could say that I've been interested in slice-of-life genres lately, but I wouldn't stop my nose from sniffing others.

These past several years, though, has been thinker years for me, pondering on several things that would strike other people's brows. I've taken a liking to delve deep into the mind of what is known as the "villain", and compare him to the "hero". Sure, its a comparison that everyone makes, but my search has been to answer "What drives them both?". You could say that all these seem a bit shallow, but as I've been digging each story I encounter, I've slowly built a philosophy that I would now like to challenge.

And so begins this thread: To challenge what you believe on what I have to say.
(Please note that I am no philosopher, writer, historian, etc, and that I've never been one to read classical or modern thought. I'm just plain bored)

Oh, and if you have anything against what I'm saying, please comment or rant, flame me even. Your words are research material. goes...
Governments, faiths, relationships and the likes are driven into existence by the innate need of the mind to establish order. This struggle to maintain some sort of harmony began when the universe proved itself to be uncontrollable. Simple wishes to live satisfying lives coalesced into something that would drive the soul and the spirit. It has been realized time and again that if you want something, you have act for a chance to get it, or lose your chance in acquiring it. Thus is the nature of conflict.

However, one might inquire as to how this order comes about. One easily realizes that it is maintained by fighting for it. But how do you fight for it? It is one of the questions that divide the world, but has been given several answers, others more popular, others more driving. As history puts it, the clearly popular answer is to fight fire with fire - to meet the adversary headstrong and determined. But if the answer boils down to annihilating the enemy, then aren't we all but instruments of chaos? And even if the annihilation of the enemy can be avoided, isn't order nothing more than an illusion created by the balancing of the uncontrollable chaos of the universe, be it willed or not?

I am not one who can answer what is right or wrong, what is true and what is false, what is fact and what is fiction. I am one who only has questions. But one observation I have made is that everything is driven by some form of chaos. From this, we can deduce that anything and everything begins and ends with chaos.

What does this have to do with you? It has everything to do with you. Because everything is driven, so are you. You, yourself, are an instrument of chaos. What chaos you bring is what matters to others. Will you break others into laughter, or will you send them into tears? Will you contribute to the established and believed order of things, or will you break from the norm and introduce anarchy back into the equation? Will your chaos meet others and drive them, or will you be driven by others?

If we look back, history stands as evidence to this epic tale of order. Empires rise and fall. Faiths are made and are broken. Relationships are established and are severed. Some remain, others are broken. Even the laws we abide now can be viewed as an established chaos made to restrict that which could drive us.

In all this, if you think deeply enough, there is no such natural thing as order - its just a human thought. What there is is the drive everything has and its interaction creating an illusion of harmony. What matters is what you do, what you believe, what drives you.

Will you let the government restrict you to give you a happy life?
Will you let your faith tell you how to live?
Will your relationships hold you back or encourage you?

Or will you challenge the order and live life without borders?

Will you raise the shield to defend, or will you strike the sword down and attack?

See? Bored, aren't I?