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    Al Ro

    Phase I:

    Aura’s Forgo

    “Would you stop acting so stupid? Your life—no our lives are on the line!” shouted Kive shattering a glass of water against the table and pointing its jogged end at Aura. “This, take this and kill yourself before any of us get killed for the likes of you; even better, take a swor…”

    “Stop it! No more of this nonsense! Kive, you look even more immature just by acting this way,” said James as he entered the room with a folded piece of gears on his hand. “Kive, you come with me! Everyone in this room go back to work; if you have any. Aura! Pull yourself together, and stop looking like a pointless damn popsicle.” He exited the room with Kive, who slammed the back door behind him.

    Both walked down a long corridor, Kive looking worse than a mad horse stomping on every step. “Ky,” James spoke slowly, “you need to understand that Aura is very important, and you know my reason for saying this.”

    “Yes,” replied Kive, struggling to sound calm “but he’s a big risk…”

    “One we’ll have to take, he’s the only one of all that is able to read them. Why him, I still don’t know; but surely enough we are getting towards the answer. Just have patience ‘till the empress recovers her memory, for then…”

    “Then what,” Kive stopped. Thus both looked at each other “what is it you are planning for when that time comes?”

    “Just wait, as I said have patience; we have a plan ready for when Esperance comes back to her senses. And it means not seeing him anymore.”

    They walked on. Reaching the end of the corridor—James took out a ring of keys from his tunic selecting a key and inserting it into the lock of the door to his left.


    Back in the room, Aura and Serenity stood in what seemed to be an eternal silence. Serenity took Aura, (who stood frozen in place, eyes watering) by the hand and got him over to the bed where they sat. Aura remained motionless; eyes tightly shut.

    “Aura,” she continued “what happened wasn’t completely your fault; Kive’s just upset for no reason...”

    Aura’s eyes open turning his face to Serenity, “I should have been there, instead of fainting like a…”

    “Aura,” she cried out “you’re a brilliant kid; you think too much. It wasn’t a good moment; you could have been the one in a comma now, or even dead for all you’ve done instead of… You’re still so precious! You are the only one that understands the whole alchemy thing and all the other stuff we’ve gotten ourselves in to.” She gets close whispering into his ear, “I’ll help you, just stay by my side; I don’t want you getting all weepy-eye on me, would I? You’ll never need anyone else, but me!” She grabs his chin softly, and brings his face closer to her silky gentle look; she moves it down a bit, he felt as if his heart was beating harder than usual, then planting a kiss on his forehead—she pushes him down gradually with the tip of her finger.

    She stood and smiled, taking a last look at him then turning to go towards the main door; she stopped and spoke: “Thanks— Aura. Tee Hee Hee!” then left. He laid there on the bed looking to the roof, with his eyes in wonder and his lips widely up— when disturbing sound began echoing about the room and a green light flashing on the top corner. He stood fast, and as he walked toward the door the sound stopped except the light that kept on turning. He gets out fast and begins running along a dim wide hallway only lit by the flashing alarm greens and a weak daylight through tinted glass walls.

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