Here's some work by me.

When I am near her, my mind becomes white, as though her presence is a freshly falling snow that seems to cover all else, hiding it, while simultaneously adding a renewed beauty to it. With the snow blinding my inner senses, stifling in her beauty, it becomes harder to speak, and to concentrate. My eyes become unfocused, so that my gaze widens to capture her in her completeness. I, after some time, try to speak, though nothing comes to mind. I suddenly realize I know nothing about her. I cannot speak to her, therefore she cannot respond to something she has never heard. Perhaps she thinks less of me because my eyes, when meeting hers, inadvertently find something else into which they can lose themselves. They say the eyes are the windows into the soul, I cannot see into hers, and she cannot see into mine. Maybe she thinks I am shy, which is why she continues to wait, or merely appears to. Maybe she thinks I am a coward; and maybe I simply misinterpret her kindness. Perhaps she even hates me, maybe it is was my indecisiveness, and my inability to act. If this were true, I would not blame her. Whatever may be, I continue to feel the same towards her.