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    Default Comic

    So I'm planning to now make a comic since I finished the ST/HS group picture and have some spare time.

    So the thing is I don't have any particular plans on how exactly I'm going to make this story wise so anyone with ideas would be great. I was thinking about making an RPG parody with Mods being the bosses, or Gantz with Mods being bosses, or any other manga but i've get to officially decide. So everything is a rough draft right now. Depending on how quick responses are I may or may not be able to finish the whole thing within 3-5 weeks since it may be a short comic or a really long one.

    This time it'll be open to anyone who want to be in this. Though your role may or may not be big at all, chances are some will only have one scene. Though I may or may not work as hard to put in as much detail, though i didn't spend much time on the last one either. >_>

    This'll be how you can sign up:

    SIGN UP:
    Pic: (you can post if you want or you don't have to. If you feel more comfortable PMing it to me than that's fine)
    Personality: (how ever much you'd like to describe yourself to give me an idea of what you're like. It's basically to help me decide on how to make up your character especially if i've no clue what you look like.)
    Ideas: (any ideas of what you think would be a good, though you don't have to say anything)

    Sign up will end on February 1st(as in once it's the 1st you can't sign up anymore, but ideas on the final product may take an unknown amount of time. You won't know your role in this until the very end, and once you've signed up the last day you can ask to not be included anymore is the very last day of sign up. So once I start I'm not stopping. Once I've got the story down I'll start asap, but no promises on how long it'll take. So sign up if you'd like, and suggestions are appreciated. =D

    Signed Up:
    1. Spurg
    2. Wandering Bear
    3. Mojo
    4. Ani
    5. Tet
    5. Shautieh
    6. Chuu
    7. Mortis
    8. Schil
    9. Aurora
    10. Chiza
    11. SD
    12. Weero
    13. Deuce
    14. Stain
    15. Jakko
    16. bipolargraph
    17. Ishman
    18. Mart
    19. Vol
    20. Kaom
    21. Silver
    22. Saizou
    23. Vincent
    22. Saizou
    23. Vincent
    24. Gvaz
    25. Hikari
    26. CPR
    27. Jyuu
    28. Seren
    29. Dante.
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    Spurgu is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    In your pants. OO BOY


    *signs up*

    You have my pic and I'm pretty sure you know my personality, atleast a bit.

    No ideas, come up with whatever you want.

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    be0wulf is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Name: be0wulf. NOT wandering bear.
    Pic: There's a fairly recent one of me in the picture thread.
    Personality: I like emo manga :3 Emoemoemoemoemoemoemoemo /slit
    But I could probably give you a better description of myself if I knew what kinda story you're planning on making.
    Ideas: Battle Royale, Gantz......Suzuka?

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    Bay Area


    Me me me me me me me me!

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    Animarum is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    sausage fest :3
    sign me up

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    shautieh's Avatar
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    /me signs up

    Name : Shautieh
    Pic : either the Puck pic you used the first time, or the turtle sanji I sent you, depending on what role you might give me in the plot
    Personality: the same as Puck's in Berserk ! Well, more or less
    Ideas: A battle royale might be a good idea indeed (if you don't want to bother about an actual plot), or something related to Berserk (better than Gantz imho). Any RPG related stuff could be great too !

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    Name: The Almightly Super Villain Chu
    Personality: Super Villain, King of knives.
    Ideas: [14:02:07] <@chuu> super villain kills all except her super villain lover, and live happily ever after

    or else,

    Name: chuu
    Personality: you know me already. knife, rocks, you know the drill.
    Ideas: as long as I'm with schil, anything is fine. (the teddy is mojo, please)

    Mojo's description: After being reincarnated as a tebby dear (after his first death), he finds himself in chuu's torturous hands again. :)

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    be0wulf is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Jun 2006


    If we do Battle Royale, chuu is Mitsuko.

    The resemblance is strangely uncanny.


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    On campus dodging lectures :p



    personality Attention seeking, into drama, loves to glomp/huggle ppl.....
    MAybe try draw me like this?

    Hmmm you've seen me on HS sooooo experiment. The pics are just a referrence you dun havta use them. Think Guide Lines like the pirates code

    Ideas I am a machiavellan person by nature so I shan't be fighting on the front lines no matter the theme...... General or Femme Fatale like Leader lol
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    I'm in. Pics of me are everywhere.

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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