I'll start of with some portraits/portrayals of people in aquarelle. I hope the images ain't to big now. Complain and I shall resize (Or if I'm lazy, just direct link).

I like this one. It got fucked up during the colouring, but I still like it. It was fun to do.

Portrait six

This one I loved doing. Mostly because of the hairband thing that just contrasts... Everything. Sorry about the slightly abstracted surroundings. I didn't care that much about them.

This one I actually don't like at all. Her face got totally disaligned and it lucks generally fucked. Her eyes, her eyes! I'm showing it out of pure honesty, though. Can't only show things I like myself. Maybe somebody likes fucked up eyes?


This is me. A symbolic, popartish and actual painting of me. The original is huge. Easily the hugest aquarelle I've done.

Sorry about the bad scanning though.

This one was the second portrait I ever did and the first one using my every-colour-goes style. Nowadays It's a bit more subtle, but back in the day... It was damn well every colour.

Self-Portrait OMEGA

Nothing unusual with this one. I just plain like it.

So? You like them? Got any critisism? Want me to make a portrait of YOU? (The last thing is highly unlikely nowadays, though, since I've sunken into lazyness. I want to get some M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N god damn it!)

On another note, I think everything here is more than one year old. The last year I've mostly been doing action-painting or portraits which I gave away before scanning. With that I mean that I might actually be better now. With some luck.

And remember! Everything here is copyrighted only to me! Ask if you want use it for something. I would probably say yes ^^