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    Question I need animation advise

    I am working on a script for an animated series, problem is i can't draw so what advise you can give me to get partners to do the series.

    ps i just need to get one episode done so i can get some funding.

    I am going to post a rough snippet of my story the way i did it. It is a hybrid of a script and a story since i don't know how feasible the animation is.

    Focus Theory

    (Dave’s Thoughts) (I’ve always been called paranoid but sometimes I can’t shake the feeling that I’m been watched, sometimes it doesn’t feel like a hunch, it feels more like a detection.} Music escalades drastically.
    Suku watches Dave from a distance as he walks home, she has enough distance to remain unnoticed yet close enough to stare into his thoughts through the scope of her sniper rifles focused lens, she was deft by the loud sound of the wind blowing her loosely kept hair over her read leather coat. She had asain appearance one might say she looks Japanese; blinded by the glare of his dominion which caused her to keep her distance. She observed his actions but she seemed so confused at any time she could hit that mole on his forehead. She makes a call.

    Suku: “I have him in sight, should I shoot him”

    Mr. Chin: “No!!! (Nervously) (Talking slowly) follow him and remain unnoticed”

    Suku: (whispering confusingly) “all I have to do is squeeze the trigger”

    Mr. Chin: “I don’t want him killed with a gun; I want him killed honorably, with swords”

    Suku “if you wanted to kill him honorably, you would have done it yourself, is this why the other five died?”

    Mr. Chin: “They died because they didn’t follow Instructions; I told you no guns, didn’t I!”

    Suku: “This makes no sense (confused), I have a clear shot. (Sighs) I can end this now!”

    Mr. Chin: “Their has been a change of plans. (He pauses and you can see his hand as he grabs a piece of pineapple and bites it and you are able to see his face). We need to acquire the scientist, stay with him till he can be identified and then acquired.”

    Suku:” but I don’t under…….”

    Mr. Chin: “But nothing! Your job is not to understand; now I am sending some guys to assist you with this job”

    Suku: “(speaking loudly) I work alone”

    Mr. Chin “How many times must I go through this, your orders remain the same Kill him, but kill him with a sword.”

    Suku: “(speaking defiantly) yes sir”

    Her mind disapproved so she focused the rifle back on Dave who was walking through a valley under a bridge with cars traveling through it. As she focused on Dave's Head the only sounds she can hear are the Car coming through the Bridge and the sound of the water in the river in the valley half a mile away from the building that she was on but she couldn’t hear a word being shouted through the phone. She pulls the trigger and watches her bullet as it travels to his brain, the bullet enters his head from the side and she starts to listen to the phone again and the sounds of the river and the bridge are no longer audible.

    Suku: “It’s done, he’s dead”

    Mr. Chin: “Didn’t I tell you not to shoot him; there was a reason for your orders”

    Suku: “When did you become so honorable, haven’t I always killed them this way, besides its easier”

    Mr. Chin: “you are so naďve”

    Dave face down on the ground his head sprinkled with his own blood he lied there trembling, He starts to move his hands, he gets up and looked at the blood on the grass he starts to feel his head, nervously he saw a little blood but he felt no pain he immediately starts to run hastily along the side of the river. Suku stops talking again and starts to look without the riffle and sees The feet of a man running in slow motion she also hears the dirt being plowed by the spikes on the bottom of the shoes she looks up and sees that it was Dave; she drops both her riffle and cell phone her eyes wide open. She was shocked, yet she was not certain…it could not be him. She remained in suspended animation as if all of her brain power was devoted to rationalize the situation.

    Mr. Chin: “What did he get up? and walk away!” (He spoke cruelly as if he was saying, I told you so)

    (She was still in shock; she slowly puts the cell phone back to her ear)

    Suku: “I was sure that I got him”

    (She seemed a lot calmer now, yet she could not remember the last time she missed, at least she had never missed since working for Rell)

    Mr. Chin: “Maybe you did, but it doesn’t matter again”

    Suku: “What!”

    Mr. Chin: “He cannot be killed with a bullet; he’s already been shot in the head with a rifle seven times”

    Suku: “Is he some kind of freak…I don’t understand it”

    Mr. Chin: “You disobeyed my order!”

    Suku:” I’m sorry, I……”

    Mr. Chin: “Enough! Now I have to tell Rell that you screwed up. (Sighs) follow him and find out where he lives. You are not adequate to battle him”

    Suku:” Yes I…I can” (she speaks inaudibly) “Ok I will do it”

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    well, first of all.....what kind of animated serie is it ?
    i mean for example most animations today are made 3D with programs such as Maya 7.0. and you don't really need to draw actually make sculptures of the characters and stuff on computer with the 3 axes. but you find these sorts of specialists really hard.
    but another option to make characters moving etc would be the old flash, where you need to draw each pose so there's a lot of hard work too. the result is sorta' crappy... actually i don't really know much about flash :P
    Edit: but FIRST of all you need the character designs, the whole plan etc..

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    maya is at 8.5 the last i checked....

    or you could use 3Ds max...

    but those require lots of knowledge to me.

    stick with flash or something simple. (2d)

    edit: also just using maya/3d studio max will take forever to render anyways, so stick with flash.

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    i was never able to use 3D max...i'm doing better with my old maya
    anyway, didn't know there was a 8.5..whatever

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    i can draw im very skillful .
    i will post some of my works later to see by yuor own eyes

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    Or you could use a program like anime studio from e frontier




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