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    Lightbulb Korose; a story I'm working on at the moment, kinda freakyXD


    Chapter 1: As grounded as a bird
    with clipped wings

    Being random was key,
    Government a choice of lunch or dinner,
    and love or any emotion indefinable by one word alone.
    For all those who share in these beginnings of streaming tangents,
    Welcome to Utopia…The “no place” of thoughts, ideas, and the forgotten…

    “Hey!” Seraphyn cried in shock as something hit the back of his neck, sliding slowly down his back. “What the!”, he said as he reached to remove whatever it is that was slowly making its way down his back. “ Why- What is this stuff?! It feels almost gooey!” He trumpets out in shock to no one, removing his hand with a sample of whatever substance fell on him. Seraphyn brings his hand to his face to study whatever it was as he walks to the nearest fountain. Looking closely at the substance, suddenly he goes into a cold sweat and his eyes start to unfocus. “This… What is this? Paint? This is paint. Someone must be painting something. Yeah, this is paint. Some kids are probably on the roof doing graffiti,” He mumbled to himself.
    Just then, a sickening “THUD” echoes eerily behind him, and for some reason he gets sprayed. Seraphyn looked down to see red oozing from the direction the thud came from. “ Don’t tell me that they dropped a paint bucket all the way from the school roof! If that hit me, I coulda died!”, Seraphyn says as he starts to turn around to see what a mess the paint can made. For some reason, his mind started to scream to him. “Don’t.. Don’t!….. Don’t turn around. DON’T! DON’T TURN AROUND!” Funny, it doesn’t even sound like my own voice,” Seraphyn mumbles as he finishes turning around, and sees a mangled person not three feet away from him. “ This… Isn’t real… Hey! Get up!,” He tells the body lying in front of him. Seraphyn looks down, and sees his reflection in the shining, almost translucent pool of blood that had come to surround him. Finally he realizes just what he sees. His eyes tremble and dart towards the body; to find it looking straight back at him. Seraphyn stares at the eyes, almost angelic, almost beautiful though cold and almost lifeless. Seraphyn realizes what he’s doing and quickly bends down to check for life.
    “A-a pulse! A pulse! Th-the neck,” Seraphyn almost hysterically says as he bends down, crouching in the blood to check for a pulse. For some reason, just as he was checking, he felt something warm against his leg. Blood. It felt like blood but, even if he was crouching and did get splattered, there was no reason for it to feel so heavy, and why was it so warm?! Seraphyn glances down to see a hand clenching his pants, a hand very much alive as it trembles with the strain of being moved. Quickly, Seraphyn looks back at the face, whose eyes were now staring, not off into the distance, but straight into his eyes.
    “ You’re- You’re alive! I have to call an ambulance!”, Seraphyn watches as the person’s eyes open wider. “ D-don’t worry! My cell is in my backpack! It’s just by the fountain, so I won’t go anywhere! Just let go of my pants so I can call 911!” Seraphyn notices that the person, this mangled person, is trying to say something! He leans down closer to see if he can hear. “No.” Seraphyn leaned back aghast, almost positive he heard or saw right. It might have just been an exhalation of air, but he was sure that that person had just said no. “ Wh-why?! You’re still alive, and you can still live if I call someone!”, Seraphyn says in a cracked, definitely hysterical voice. He looks back at the person, his face a pasty white from the beginnings of shock. The person then starts to lip-synch something again. Seraphyn watches carefully, but for some reason his eyesight keeps blurring and he can’t seem to figure out for the life of him what she’s saying. “I-I’m sorry! I just can’t figure out what you just said! What do you want me to do? You don’t want me to call an ambulance, you don’t want to let go of me…. What do you want!”, Seraphyn cried out, shaking like a leaf. “ Do you want me to watch you die?!” Just then, her current look breaks as she smiles and slowly closes her eyes…
    Suddenly, there’s a big whamming crunch sound, like the sound of bones under sudden pressure breaking. “A…At…. My limit….” Seraphyn thinks as he stares in amazement at the roof’s drain pipe sticking out of the motionless body. Seraphyn felt as the blood that splattered on him starts to soak into his clothes, and watches as blood gushes from her like the fountain that he was using to get the “paint” off of himself. Seraphyn’s jaw loosely dangles in amazement at what he just saw starts to get dizzy as red starts to blot out his vision. Seraphyn starts to fall back, slowly sinking into unconsciousness, but just before he fully slips away, he sees something. As if in slow motion, Seraphyn sees someone on the roof, throwing down many small, white things. “ Snow…. It looks…. Like…Snow….”, Seraphyn thinks as he starts to slip into unconsciousness, his last image as if everything was gray, except the pure white and the blood red that surrounded him.

    “Woah, hey… Isn’t that the guy?”, Caleb hears one of the many students around him whispering, the halls not full of laughter but subdued school circulating gossip. “Yeah, his…” Caleb frowns as he walks faster, not wanting to hear all the gossip around him, just wanting to go to class and get back home as soon as possible. Still looking down, lost in his own thoughts, he opens the classroom door to silence. Finding this strange, Caleb looks up to see everyone faced forward.
    “Odd, but kind of a relief,” He thinks as he takes his seat at the back, closest to the door. As Caleb rummages through his bag for his homework, a sharp bang echoes through the classroom. Looking up, curious as to what the sound was, Caleb’s eyes register and the shock of it starts to seep into his eyes, his face an unreadable mask. Someone had pulled down the chalkboard which had different writings scrolled across it. Things like, “Go away!” or “we don’t want a psycho in our class”, could be seen vividly as the red-chalked writing glared angrily back at Caleb, the green chalk board itself an eerie executioner. All of a sudden, something could be felting knocking against his hands, waking him from his entrancement. Looking down, Caleb finds many little crumpled pieces of paper strewn all over on and around his desk. As he fingers them, the door behind him opens and closes. Caleb, his head slightly bent down, follows the teacher with his eyes as he walks up to the front and stations himself, the green chalkboard behind him spotless.
    “When did they?”, Caleb’s thoughts spew out as he rewinds through his mind to figure out when they could have possibly accomplished this without him noticing. “—leb. Caleb.”, the teacher says in a raised voice, breaking through his thoughts, causing him to jump and sit straight forward with his eyes intently on the teacher in an automatic reaction. “Caleb, it is with great sympathy that I ask you to go to the office,” The teacher’s voice resonated through the now throbbing silence. “ The principal himself would like to address you. Of course, you probably know what this is about…” The teacher turned away, scribbling something on the glistening chalkboard and telling everyone to take out their homework, obviously finishing the one-sided conversation.
    Caleb stood, sighing as he swept his homework papers and the crumpled papers into his backpack, opened the door, and stepped into the hall as he purposely slammed the door shut. “ Everyone that has ever gotten in trouble and was sent to the office has done this, so I might as well keep up the tradition.” Caleb thinks bleakly as he stands with his back to the door, waiting for the imminent reprimand. Looking back at a glance through the slightly below eye-level window, he notices that the students are smiling maliciously and the teacher, to his surprise, has a look of amusement on his face. I’ve never been well liked by my classmates to begin with since I never really bothered to get to know them…. But the teacher, Caleb thinks in respite, looks as if he’s enjoying this… As if it were some kind of drama… And I’m playing right into it as the main character. Fuck that, I haven’t been here long anyhow, and I never cared for this teacher’s droll seminar’s anyhow. Looking confused and angry, Caleb makes a Beeline in the direction of the office just down the hall.
    As Caleb starts to pass the section where two of the halls intersect, two doors away from the office, someone steps in his path. Not looking up, Caleb tried to sidestep this inconveniently intrusive person, but what appears to be a he from the look of the shoes, imitates his actions. Reluctantly, he looks up to find the inconvenient person about a foot taller than him. “Excuse me,” Caleb mumbles as he looks to the right of this overbearing person, hoping to squeeze through between him and the wall. In one sudden motion, Caleb’s back is swiftly pinned against the wall and, for some reason, is unable to remove his back from said wall. Looking gloomily to his right, he sees as the guy’s arm which is almost grazing his shoulder. From this alone, Caleb sullenly concludes that he shouldn’t have bought a backpack with a handle at the top, and realizes that even a satchel would have been a better idea seeing as it would have been easier to slip out of in a hurry. Realizing that he was neglecting the one person who put him in this position, Caleb notices just how close he is, This is gonna traumatize me, huh. Sweeping his eyes over to look at him while still facing his arm, Caleb notices just how close he is, so close in fact that he can feel the warmth of his breath running up and down his neck in rhythmic puffs.
    His breathing seems pretty unconstricted, Caleb thought , feeling the warm breath slowly slide over his face and down his neck. From that alone, it seems that he’s unconcerned about consequences relating to this… Breathing slow and steady… Knowing weakpoints… This guy’s done something like this before.
    “Hn, what’s the matter?” The guy said in an almost contemptuously pompous attitude. “ Aren’t you gonna start begging for your safety or trying to bribe me off? Don’t tell me you’re gonna cry!” Laughing out loud to his comment, he loosens the grip on Caleb backpack handle a bit. Unconcerned and uncaring, Caleb brushes off the guy’s arm and starts to continue his march to the office. In one big movement, Caleb’s shirt gets grabbed and with the other arm, his escape is closed off. Wincing, Caleb feels as his opponent starts purposely kneading his knuckles painfully into Caleb’s chest. “You think you’re hot stuff do ya, brushing me off like that! You wanna know something? I got paid… A lot, just to beat you up without anyone noticing, and so bad that you won’t ever come back. Lucky for me I got such a nice opportunity to do so, I could really use the money… Ah! Uh oh, footsteps.” He smirks as he opens the first classroom nearest him and shoves Caleb in after him, muffling him as he listens to the footsteps recede into the distance.
    “Ya scared yet?” He cackled malevolently. “ If not, you definitely will be soon. It’s a lucky break that these classrooms aren’t used very often since they’re so close to the office.” The brute took a step forward, and another as he said this. In Caleb’s eyes it seemed like the guy was used to doing his business in this way. Hmmm….. He is sooooo an evil vulgar sadist. How are these horrid people created? Caleb thought, obliviously letting a smirk tarnish his indifferent manner. Realizing what he himself is doing, Caleb tries to hide it, hoping that this basilisk who’s eyes seem t o define every movement as to not permit disobedience to it’s prey, hasn’t decided to turn him into a living statue. No, if he has taken it for retaliation, I’ll just have to use it for one. If he decides to attack, I shall evade. For the moment, scheming has its pros and cons. I must notice every little detail- Caleb’s thoughts are cut off as he realizes that the enemy’s movements have yet to subside, on the contrary, they seemed to have a kind of rhythm to them as a cobra does when listening to the piper’s song. In this case, though, the piper is rusty, and any mistake could be lethal.
    “So, you think you can smirk at me and think that I’m below you, right?!” The cobra starts to hiss at its newly accustomed prey. “ I, Kei, am not one to be taken lightly-“
    “ So it has a name and speaks, the snide worm,” Caleb scoffs out, not realizing himself whom it was that spoke. He stared into the depths of his executioner’s beady, snake-like eyes full of malice and hate. Upon closer inspection, his hair looked as if bedhead was the new in, his hair lightly brushing into his eyes to which he often flicked it away. He wasn’t an ugly, loathsome creature, on the contrary, with a little time his appearance could be almost handsome. The only problem was his attitude, which marred him, refusing to be cleaned from its muddy niche.
    “What are you staring at? Finally realizing what you said is going to be the death of you? That little face of yours will soon be marred beyond recognition.” Kei spits, getting himself more worked up. “Just because of your looks, you thought everyone was below you with that cold aire about you. Well—hey, what are you staring so intently at, are you only smart when it comes to tests or what?! Is what I’m saying not getting through to you?!”
    In three swift strides, Kei had once again gained access to Caleb, giving him a swift punch into the stomach. Caleb felt as the air rushed out of him as he fought with his stomach and lungs to bear the pain and remain calm. Caleb slowly, painfully stands straight, not allowing the tumultuous pain that spread from his stomach to show on his face. Looking into his punisher’s face, Caleb says almost jokingly, “ I was just thinking what a nice bone structure you had. With the right haircut and complimenting wardrobe, you could knock ‘em dead, boys and girls alike. I’m not sure where your interests lie, but if you were to do so, I think you’d be surprised by how much attention you could procure.”
    “Are you making fun of me you fucking excuse for a punching bag,” Kei growls as he lays another punch into Caleb, this time harder than last. Caleb kneels, his previously quivering legs of no more use. Though on the ground, Caleb refuses to allow himself to stop staring straight into Kei’s face. Caleb then does something he himself finds remarkable in his crippled state, he smiles broadly at Kei, and begins the cumbersome and clumsy movements required to stand. Kei’s face registered with slight surprise by how his victim was holding up, but even that slight change in his facial characteristic was exchanged for utmost rage and disgust. This show almost spoke, if it could have it would have related something as close as: How dare that lowly life form dare try to get up. Someone like him…. No mercy. Pleasure crossing Kei’s face, he yanked Caleb up farther by the hair, laying a hard knee into his stomach, then backhand slapping him into a desk.
    Caleb proceeds to fall, taking the chair down with him in a loud crash and thump as he lands with the chair on his back. Caleb, with his head down, watching as his now ashen arms shakily hold him up again winces at the throbbing that focuses in on his swelling cheek. Caleb starts feeling around with his tongue, finding new gashes and pockets of a salty liquid now encompassing his mouth. leaning forward a little, feeling as if the room were moving, he comes to hear a dripping sound. Everything else around him seemingly fades into the background… his limbs seemingly ceasing all function, for he could no longer tell his hand from his foot, becoming an almost omnipresent being as he follows as to the position the sound is coming from. Roaming with bleary eyes, Caleb rests on a now small red puddle below him and feels as if his whole body were kicked all at once. Unable to take his eyes away, Caleb watches as the blood drips from his injured mouth to coalesce with the rest of its kind on the floor, feeling his own pulse stronger and stronger.
    “ What are you two doing?!” A deep-throated voice comes from the direction of the marked up blackboard. “ How did you get in here you scoundrels! This is not some boxing ring, this is a classroom!”
    Caleb awakens from his reverie just to say in a groggy voice, “Huh?” Then begins his cumbersome job of cleaning his mouth and making sure no blood gets on his clothes. To his relief, no more blood came to replace what he had removed with his hands, though now he was unsure of what to do next. Realizing the quietness of the room, Caleb looks up to see this teacher scowling at him. The teacher then turns from his lengthy scowl and begins wetting the towels used for the projection with the bottled water he had seemingly brought with him. After successfully accomplishing his goal, he tosses the towels in Caleb’s direction saying, “ Clean up the mess you made on the floor, and it might be a good idea to clean yourself off as well before you go to the office.” The teacher’s response sounded more like he was making fun of his predicament than actually helping him, but Caleb being too tired to care decides to turn the other cheek and clean the mess.
    Using one towel for the floor, another for himself, and fixing the topped desk chair, Caleb concludes his custodial duties for more pressing matters: What the hell is going on. Turning once more to this professor whom seemed to find delight in the fact that he was previously in a literal groveling position, the now composed adult clears his throat to say some “seemingly more important than your own life speech.
    “ As students,” He begins in a stressing manner, “ of this very very well respected school, it is your responsibility to be able to restrain yourselves from degrading behavior such as this.” As he says this, his eyes light on Caleb, as if the show was a one man circus and continues to drool on until, his sermon at an end, he dismisses the now sleep depraved Kei as if he was the innocent in this masquerade! Turning to Caleb, he remarks in a low tone as the door closes behind them, “ I can’t really blame him for doing that, many people have been wanting to for a while now, even before this incident sprung up.” The teacher then smiles in an aire of satisfaction as he concludes this classroom play with, “ Follow me, I’ll bring you to the office myself. I think being beaten up once is good enough for today at least, though I am a little upset I forgot to bring the popcorn to this most exciting show.”
    <only a small piece of it>

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    Caleb trudged behind the professor whose walk had a staunchly annoying quality to it, an aire of superiority flowing out with every step. Looking away from this, Caleb realizes that something isn’t quite right, what could it be? Caleb gently caresses his bottom lip with the back of his thumb, a reflex which he enacts without noticing when there’s something he needs to figure out. The surroundings themselves look quite normal, nothing a mess or out of place… Ah! It’s the voices! I can hear voices, but why are they so loud to this degree? Both reach the door to the office, the center point where the noise was originating. Caleb takes a deep breath, readying himself for what is to take place. Shit! I know this has to do with me again! I’m most likely not going to like this ONE bit. The professor opens the door and makes the movements to imply entering. Caleb stands there, looking at the mob before him and really not wanting to step in.
    Murmurs resonated from the once quiet crowd; things like, “ Is that him?” or “Could this be the guy?” was the topic on everyone’s lips. “Come in Caleb, and go to the principal’s office right away,” The professor sneered giddily, knowing the crowd would pounce at any given moment, and he was right. This slime of a teacher had confirmed everyone’s suspicion as they started to swagger forward like zombies from the older movies, except this is in real life, and these guys might just beat me to death BEFORE they tear out my innards and suck on my brain juices in victory. Caleb, now procured in the office foyer entrance, gets sucked into the melee of people whose persecuting looks felt like sand and salt rubbed into one’s wounds. This sting of hornets, not a thing is being understood, this thrum becoming too loud to decipher. What did I do to deserve THIS! Caleb thinks as he ducks down while heading for the principal’s office once again. Looking around from down below; Good, they seem sufficiently occupied by my doing this.
    Caleb allows a smirk to scar his usual impassive face as he slips into the redwood-reinforced door, closing it behind him. Standing straight once again, Caleb locks the door behind him, remarking to himself about how much quieter it was in the now secure room. Not only was it quieter, but an exit could easily be procured by the second door, if it’s not a closet, or if need be the window where no adults lurked aside from their empty cars, for the moment. Caleb, satisfied with his newly formed plans, rests his eyes on the principal, who was watching him with quiet patience throughout his ponderings. On impulse, Caleb asks if he may seat himself where, with a gesture of ascension, he does so careful to keep in constant contact with his eyes, which is a domineering trait in lead business franchise leaders. Caleb did this impulsively, used to it since his…. Guardian… Yeah, that’s pretty darn close to the truth, Caleb thought with grim satisfaction…. Reinforced this strictly, especially during the forced dinner conversations which Caleb not being allowed to be absent or late to.
    These didn’t happen all the time, on the contrary, since his guardian was busy creating his political and economical empire through connections and expansion of his business which already dotted 24 states and weaved through certain parts of the European areas. Okay… Enough with this crap and my going off into lala thought. Right now, I have to focus on a way to get out of this mess with my honor and my body to a physical pain minimum…. Yeah, considering the mob that’s doing the wave right now, ending up with a few bruises is the least of my worries… Urgh! Caleb shakes his head slightly, trying to unfog his head filling with grim thoughts so he, by great chance and cunning, can approach the principal as if he DIDN’T know what was going on…. Yeah, consideringly, fat chance there. Okay! Pay attention now! Caleb reprimanded himself as his eyes focused on the principal with new zeal since, obviously, the principal seemed to realize that Caleb had been looking through him, not at him for the last, what, thirty seconds? A minute? That didn’t bode too well, and the fact that he wasn’t surprised by Caleb’s thoughtful, if not calm, manner was understandable, Caleb guessed that that wasn’t a very good omen to him getting any slack when the encroaching conversation DID start.
    Clearing his throat, the principal eyed Caleb, giving him the literal impression of being asked if he was ready to finally start a probable long-winded explanation and a definite tiring defending argument, which he could hopefully slip in. Now that’s hopefully since the principal isn’t the easiest to have a conversation with, Caleb thought with grim satisfaction, remembering that the principal was a domineering person with a big ego, and a “My way or the highway,” literally meaning my way or I’ll kick you so hard that your tail bone with crack and launch you into my way, kind of personality. Yay, a megalomaniac, that’s all I need… I hope he’s at least not like some of those teachers that treat you like an ill-mannered dog; as if you’re expected to whine back an apology. That is not in my job description, and I hope he doesn’t expect it to be. Sighing, Caleb resigned himself to listening to what the principal had to say, tucking his hands in his denim jean pockets where his house keys and allowance roamed free to crinkle and get wet in the wash, since Caleb always forgot to empty his pockets. More than once he had found fives or tens in his pockets unexpectedly, which made him wonder why someone as smart as him keeps forgetting to check his pockets or at least know how much money he has to his name at the moment.
    Luckily, though, this was a totally different topic, and he realized he was mainly just trying to stall, he really didn’t want to go through this. He had been the victim here, losing his childhood memories and having (thank god, in his case) to change schools because of it. It wasn’t fair that gossip cause him to be blamed as the one at fault, since, considering the news he sneaked a listen at, though his guardian told him not to, it was impossible for one of mediocre talents as himself (physically, that is) to do what was done. He didn’t know the specifics but he knew at least that it was impossible for him, a high school student, to do that much damage in such a short-lived time.
    “ I’ll get straight to the point,” The principal eyed him with much annoyance since Caleb had drifted back into lala land for at least another minute without noticing, and the principal’s voice had wrenched him out of it, causing him to jump in surprise. Yeah, real smart Caleb, ignoring the principal considering how much shit you’re in now to reminisce about the past, YET AGAIN. “ – I think you are aware of how much the students and,” the principal waved a hand in the general direction of the door where some noise slipped in here and there, “ the parents feel about having such a person with such a… dark incident…Under his belt near their children. I think it’s valid enough to worry some of the parents to hysterics, don’t you?” Of course this was a purely rhetorical question, meaning that he wasn’t expected to answer, just accept it as is.
    Yeah, right. I’m not scared shitless like most people that come into your office, Caleb thinks as he opens his mouth to respond. The other door not barred by angry parents probably on the PTA opened, allowing a stream of cool, fresh air to fill the room, making Caleb realize just how much he needed it. Turning to see as to whom opened the door, he realized the antithesis of what he had said previously. He really REALLY didn’t need to see his guardian in the doorway, his cold gray eyes passing over the whole scene nonchalantly; taking in the sound of the PTA members slipping through the cracks around the door. Closing the door, he took of his cloak and sat in the other chair to the left of Caleb, draping the said cloak on the left armrest, not bothering to go to the coat rack by the door.
    Ooh, I take that back, I think I’ll keep my mouth shut and my eyes super-glued to whatever is coming. The principal, trying to assess this place as his territory once more, laced his hands and rested them on his desk in front of him, his chair squeaking from his new forward posture. “I’m glad you’re here Mr. Chrnosian,” The principal, to Caleb’s surprise, didn’t seem to think of him as a problem, “ As you know, everything hit the fan and as expected great chaos has ensued, parents here, students frightened. I know that… Incidents… Wasn’t Caleb’s doing, but the fact that he’s the only witness, the only one---“ The principal flushed suddenly and, clearing his throat, “ People are either curious, not many mind you, usually… or fearful of the possibility of it happening once more. The thing is that anything related to such an incident would be thought of as dangerous to be near, human-wise, like someone having the plague. You wouldn’t want to be near anyone like that unless you had to, not even with the vaccination running through your veins.”
    Caleb didn’t care anymore, didn’t care if did end up having to quit this school since he was already smarter than even the teachers here. That’s what he thought and, as unbelieving as it sounded for a top-notch school, it was mostly true. All the teachers did, really actually had to do, was read from the textbook, memorize a couple things only for the day, and be strict to the students. Teachers here have too much fun, Caleb thought, They live for ordering around the students, it was like a game, seeing how many they can reprimand daily. I bet they even have a score board in the faculty lounge, and a list sheet telling how many points each student was. Caleb almost smirked, but realizing exactly what was going on, he thought better of it. Under the circumstances, it was best not to make things worse for yourself, especially when the person you’re living with is very strict and you can never tell exactly what he’s thinking, let alone what the consequences of your actions will be.
    “ I understand your concerns Mr. Dillford,” Mr. Chrnosian replied after a moment of silence, his deep voice sending undercurrent layers of detail with every syllable. Standing with his cloak, motioning for Caleb to do the same, and reaching into his pocket, “ Here.” Mr. Chrnosian slipped an envelope just big enough for a check that Caleb suspected was inside it onto the desk and slid it not a handbreadth from Mr. Dillford’s twitching hands. Walking to the door, Caleb followed and was about to open it when the door opened, almost hitting Caleb if not for his guardian’s hand on his back collar that he had used to yank him away from the door. Voices could be heard, many shrill, but most angry. The man who had opened the door was, no surprise there, Mr. Chrnosian’s chauffeur who came to warn him of the growing mob outside and the defilement of his very expensive, fairly new ( fairly old to his guardian), 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom. Glancing at Mr. Dillford, it was obvious that the envelope was helping his incentive in contributing to the solution to this new arisen problem.
    Turning on the mike for the PA system, the principal cleared his throat before he boomed his voice into each classroom, even the parking grounds behind him. “ Will the parents of the children of this school please act your age, as adults, and set a good example for your children. If you cannot do this simple of a thing, I will have no choice but to call the federal offices, have them escort you off, and become an embarrassment to this civil society. As you can tell, your children are safe and the teachers would like to get on with their lessons in peace. If you wish to speak with me, either schedule an appointment, send an e-mail or call on my private extension…”
    And so on and so forth… The day is finally at an end! Finally! Hn, well, other than some light dents and key marks to characterize the event left on the car, the parents left us in peace. Thank you for your snide and domineering ways, principal, and the large check some didn’t hurt either. Caleb stole a relieving sigh as he looked out the back window, not wanting to face his uncle just yet. Even though if it wasn’t for him, he might have ended up in the hospital, the thought of being at home with him was fearful enough. It wasn’t a sure thing as to whether his guardian was feeling at the moment. Angry? Frustrated? Indifferent? Either way, once at the house, there was no turning back. Once at the house with no one around (the maids only were allowed out of their rooms on certain days, at certain times, and on their days off since their rooms consisted of everything that an apartment included) and being rich meant that behind closed doors, not even the walls had ears. Most would think there was no way anyone could keep secrets secret that well, but they probably had never met Mr. Chrnosian. He was so good at keeping secrets and things under wraps that Caleb doubted whether anyone would notice if even the president were to be killed by him, let alone take action.
    Caleb watched on as the house reared up in the distance. Never a home, just a house, Caleb thought as the gates opened up to the long and elegantly flourished garden on either side that enhanced the driveway. The driveway was long, but lead almost straight to the house where it circled to the walkway and stone steps leading to the double doors. The one thing, the ONLY thing Caleb ever really liked about this place was the greenery, especially the trees that rose up on either side of the house, the only two twenty yards in diameter near the house. After that though, trees rose up as if to surround and protect the place, never looking choked or ugly, but full. The car stopped, a chauffeur opening a door on each side so as to allow for their simultaneous exit of the car. Expressionless, the two took to the walkway, up the stone steps and through the double doors held open by a servant on either side. They had been called from their rooms automatically by some device that went off when Mr. Chrnosian returned. Caleb wasn’t sure exactly how this worked or even why he found it necessary, but he never asked. Caleb was afraid of the answer since his guardian was very unpredictable, which meant it was best not to question, only accept.
    <bit more>

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    Caleb followed like a dog on a leash to Mr. Chrnosian’s office where he seated himself behind his dark oak oiled desk, and gestured Caleb to seat himself in the stiff-backed chair which was on the other side. Caleb sat and stared straight back at his guardian as expressionless as the face that replied to his stare. Breaking the silence, Mr. Chrnosian rather coarsely, which didn’t suit him at all by the way, said, “You seem not too bad off, being that there seems to be a bruise beginning to show itself on your face and your clothes are not as impeccably kept as they usually are. Accounting for the day, go clean and rest. I’ll have you sent for later.” Apparently having said all he had to say, Mr. Chrnosian waited, staring once more expressionlessly at Caleb. Caleb was sure he hadn’t been excused, so Mr. Chrnosian definitely wanted a response, at least that was what Caleb thought. He could never really tell what his guardian was thinking, the best he could do was make educated guesses and hope for the best results.
    “ Thank you, Mr. Chrnosian,” Caleb replied, hoping this was correct. “ I shall take my leave now.” Caleb began to stand when Mr. Chrnosian interjected, “ I thought I told you to call me Uncle Chrnosian. I thought that someone that was supposed to be a good student and have the ability to remember things could at least remember this.” Caleb bit the inside of his cheek, feeling the heat and the almost metallic taste replace the pain, calming his tongue which wanted to lash out profanities. Calmly, an almost cold air to it, Caleb replied, “ Of course, Uncle, please excuse my earlier response.” With that said, Caleb waited for his “Uncle’s” consent, where he left smoothly and slowly once it was obtained. Closing the door behind him, he allowed himself to huffily ascend the stairs to the bath that was surely waiting for him.
    Chapter 2: Yami ni Obieru Koe o Kike…<listen to the Voice when Afraid of the Dark>

    The boy stopped, turning around everso to say over his shoulder, “ Man was never meant to fly, submerge, or reach the stars. The difference between us and God’s ideal is that we don’t take no or impossible for an answer.” And with that, the boy continued to walk into the intangible unknown…
    Caleb sat quietly, inspecting the food set before him with careful consideration. Hmmm….. Either 1. They’re trying to starve me 2. They’re trying to kill me or 3. A very important discussion is going to occur. Caleb let the odd looking, and even odder smelling liquid leek from his spoon and back into his bowl. I’ll take number 2 for 500. Now that I notice it… There’s two more places set at the table. Wonder as to whom they’re for… Caleb set down his spoon as his “Uncle” cleared his throat, an obvious sign of a discussion about to start. Oh great, I’ve been looking forward to this all day… Wonder what he’s decided for me about my schooling, my future. I wonder if there is a school anywhere that’ll accept me now…
    “ You’re wondering as to whom those two places are for, am I right?” Uncle asked, placing his napkin from his lap and onto the table. “ I can see it written all over your face. Ah~h… I thought I taught you better, but it seems that you’re still as readable as ever. Now, on a brighter note, a shall introduce you to our first guest that has decided to grace us with his presence.” Uncle motioned with sweeping grace to the now open door. There, in the entrance, stood a most aloof looking man with almost greasy looking black hair, thin lip mustache, and an oily voice that just cries out as a lower Mafia boss’s thug, or at least a car salesman with faulty goods. His white pin-striped black suit added to the Mafia thug look, as he walked into the room and seated himself in on one of the two empty places set.
    “ Caleb, this is Mr. Ecchi, he is here at my wish,” Uncle implied further, “ and as you might have guessed, this is about you and your school issue. He is the vice principal of a very prominent boarding school that is willing to welcome you whole-heartedly even all things considered.” With that, he nodded to one of the butlers he called down earlier to fill the glasses and remove the soup bowls once we were finished. While waiting for the second course which was asked to be posponed ten minutes, Uncle continued once more, “ As you can tell, there’s a place still empty of a guest. Now, don’t be surprised, but he’s been standing behind you since you sat down.”
    Caleb turned quickly around just to stare at a guy’s six pack showing through by creases in his shirt. He was a fairly tall man, all things considered, probably 6’4’’ and an avid body builder. He probably even has a special private gym membership, and wears tight shirts just to show off his crappy figure. Upon further observation, he had sandy blond hair and looked surprisingly young. Pfft… This guy’s only a few years older than me! He looks to be only in his early 20’s, so I wonder as to what his connection in all this is…
    “ It’s rude to stare,” Uncle said, referring to how Caleb was openly doing so. Then, referring to the man behind Caleb,” If you would be seated, the next course should be coming out soon.” The man said nothing, but nodded in a reply, worrying his chair out and seating himself. As if the motion was a signal, each began preparing themselves for the oncoming course; draping napkins over laps and straightening the utensils, and above all, doing so in utter silence. The meal itself, every course, was eaten in silence in an unspoken agreement to finish the conversation after supper was finished. Aside from the broth, there was salad and three other courses not including desert, and when that was done, the group retired to the parlor with a tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverage in hand.
    “ Caleb, you’re probably curious as to whom this young man is, correct?” Uncle asked, but answering the question himself, “ Yes, of course you are. Would you like to take over Vice Principal?”
    To make things short and sweet,” His oily voice told Caleb, “ he’s going to be going to the same school as you. Not only that, but he’ll also be your dorm-mate. We made a special exception for your case by doing so. The only way we would allow you to enter our school was through an agreement to which both the Principal and Mr. Chrnosian signed. In short, he will be with you just about 24/7. He’s specially trained and agreed to do this if Mr. Chrnosian paid for his tuition.”
    “Excuse me, b-but isn’t he too old to go to a high school?” Caleb managed to choke out over his tea.
    “ Well, this isn’t any ordinary school,” The Vice Principal smirked, “ This school has middle school to college classes. We’ve seen your grades and believe that you’ll do well at college level classes, all you have to do is choose your electives and, if you want, any extracurricular clubs you want to join. You’ve already taken the high school exam, and it was unanimously agreed upon, so congradulations, you are now pretty much a college student.” With that, The Vice Presidents walked forward to the now standing Caleb, and grab his free hand, shaking it with vigor while his other hand rested on his shoulder.
    I really really don’t like this guy, he gives me a sour feeling, like a corrupt figurehead, Caleb thought with distaste while trying his hardest not to allow it to register on his face, knowing well that his guardian was watching him intently. I can feel his eyes on me, as if telling me not to make a bad impression or else. The Vice principal let go of Caleb’s hand, but kept his hand on Caleb’s shoulder saying, “ I know how nervous you probably are, a new school and all, but you’ll like it there. I’m sure that you’ll feel more comfortable and more challenged curricularly than in your previous school.”
    Jeez, he even talks like a used car salesman, Caleb thought with annoyance, Ew, that greasy voice and personality; I really can’t stand people like that! Whoo…. Calm down… Just think, I won’t have to see him after this, at least not very often. Just think that… After saying what he had to say, and tying for a look as if to impress it into Caleb, the Vice Principal released him with a triumphant look on he slicked greasy expression. I bet he thinks he really instilled something important into me. Makes me think he’s a…. mmm…. Baka…. Yeah, that’ll do; idiot in Japanese fits him well. I think even his name is Japanese… For… Can’t remember, but I think when I remember it’ll be funny.
    “It’d be a good idea to pack your bags, Caleb,” Uncle said out of no where. “ You don’t want the day of your departure to be a rushed one with your bags unpacked and a limited time to pack. There should be a maid in your room packing your things, but you might want to watch over and inquire as to things you think you will want or need as well.”
    “Your new uniform’s up there too,” The Vice principal included, “ You’re expected to wear that to classes and to get into certain areas. I’ll be heading back on an earlier flight than you two, so behave yourselves while on the flight.” With that the Vice Principal bid Mr. Chrnosian, and the two new students a fairwell, saying that he had a flight early the next morning so had to get ready for it and get a good nights’ rest. After the door closed and the headlights receded into the distance, only three of the group of four remained. A silence took over the room, and Caleb realized that he had no idea as to whom the sandy haired guy was, his name, age, nothing; the guy hadn’t even said a word the whole night!
    “ Your flight is in two days, so rest well and accumulate your things before then. Your dorm mate is staying here until then since his things have already been sent to the school except for his carry on bag which is already in one of the guest rooms on the same wing as your’s. Would you be so kind as to direct him to where it is? I have some business that needs to be taken care of,” Uncle told Caleb, then walked in the direction of his private office.
    “ Please follow me if you would,” Caleb asked his guest over his shoulder as he proceeded toward the staircase to the second floor. From there, he turned right, his room being in the right wing which would mean his guest’s was too, much to Caleb’s annoyance. There’s no way I can sneak out now, though even if I could, there isn’t any place to go to… No friends, no family, and I’d be found and scolded before I could take a breath of freedom. Upon this realization, Caleb’s mood soured further, and he left his guest in the spare room with his carry on bag that was, to Caleb’s great discomfort and increased annoyance, right next to his own. On top of everything else, the room decided upon had a door connecting the two that was wide open.
    “ I’ll just close this to give us both some privacy,” Caleb offered, nearing the doorway to which his unwanted guest began to block, shaking his head. “ So I can’t even have any privacy?! What, is it because I have to get used to it or something? (a nod of the head) Fine, whatever, have it your way!” And with a turn of his heel, Caleb went over to the maid packing his bag to look over what he still needed, and the annoying sandy haired guy slunk back into his own room, obviously getting ready for bed.
    The maid sure seems to be interested in him, Caleb thought vaguely as he watched her try to peek through the door without looking conspicuous. Now that I think of it, she does have good reason to… He has fairly good looks, style, and his figure is worthy of note as well. With all that, I wonder what his voice would be like… Caleb stared as did the maid at the shirtless male with slightly more interest, at least enough to where he didn’t notice that he was staring until the guy looked up and stared in full straight back at Caleb. Caleb quickly turned away, ordering the maid to put the clothes in neater so they don’t wrinkle. How embarrassing! I can’t believe he caught me openly staring at him! He probably thinks I’m a weirdo now, and I’m going to have to chare a dorm room with him too!
    Caleb sweated over the prospect, making him worry his suitcase zipper until it broke, causing the maid to have to get another suitcase and re-pack the clothes into the new one. Finally finishing the packing, he turned the maid loose, got ready for bed, and turned out the lights. As he lay there in the dark, he thought of how full a day he had. Was there ever a time he was able to choose for himself? He thought back as far as he could which, mind you, wasn’t that far back. Apparently Something had happened not too long ago which had tramatized him, turned him into a living doll for some months until he had woken out of it like a bad dream. The payment for awaking apparently was his memories, as if his body and mind had agreed upon this deal to give him conciousness once more. The toll locking away the bad deep in the cravices of his brain like an important document never meant to reach the light of day; locked deep in a dusty old room in a dusty old file cabinet. That’s the gist of what Caleb thought it probably was at least. When it came to his subconscious though, he often woke in a cold sweat unable to remember what had caused this sudden onslaught of fear, terror, and shock. Those three were often not far from him when he slept, like depthless shadows reaching out to him just as he was drifting off.
    Caleb turned over, making it more than easy to see through the open door connecting his room to the other. From his vantage point, he could just barely see the edge of the other bed. The idea of being stuck with this guy that he doesn’t even know anything about made him seethe. Turning his back on this, Caleb decided to concentrate on sleeping since he figured it would probably be stressful days ahead. It’s not like I can just sleep though everything, but at least I can be by myself in my dreams, or not have to worry about bothersome things to come. With that thought, Caleb returned to his back, letting out a sigh and closing his weary eyes…
    Hmm… I can hear… water. It sounds like someone’s taking a shower…Oh, yeah, that guy… It’s probably him, Caleb thinks as he turns over to check the clock on the table against the wall. Caleb blinked twice, trying to focus on the clock, in the end deciding to pick it up and bring it closer to his face. Jeez, it’s five in the morning! We have to be at the airport at four for our flight at five, we have plenty of time! Realizing that it would be impossible to get back to sleep, Caleb gets up to greet the cold, dark day. Slipping into a shower himself, Caleb tries to enjoy it to the fullest. He was careful to bring his clothes into the bathroom with him, since he didn’t want to dress in his room where the vivacious guy next door could see him.
    Caleb walked into the other guy’s room, knocking on the open door to signal that he was entering as he said sarcastically, “ Hey, early-riser, save some worms for the birds next time, okay? That is, if the worms haven’t learned to sleep late yet…” Getting no response to this, the guy staring listlessly at him and really curious as to what his name was, Caleb broke down and asked straight out in a round-a-bout way, “Anyways, I don’t want to be thinking of you a some guy… Well, what I want to know is your name. That way I’ll know what to call you instead of thinking of you as some silent nameless guy that I can’t seem to be able to converse with.”
    Caleb looked on as he thought that he would finally be able to hear his voice, know his name. Wow, that sounds almost --- No, it sounds extremely kinky! Darn me and my curiosity- making me think things in such a questionable way! Just when his facial features began to register and his mouth about to perhaps utter something, there were two simultaneous knocks at both his and Calebs’ doors at the same time. Damn! Go away! He was just about to say something! Another rap, and the guy whose shirt showed off his body even under it, went to the door to see who it was. Caleb looked on with a but-but-but expression, arms bent with the palms raised up, taking a step to him then a step to his own room while looking back and forth at both of them. Finally, after doing this parade three or four times, Caleb went to answer his own door while he heard the door open in the other one.
    Caleb opened the door to a made carting in a tray of food which she had been bade to give to him at 6:15 on the dot. His uncle hardly ever asked for maids to do such tasks that gave them the chance to move freely around the house! Caleb watched on as the maid shut the door connecting the rooms then returning to set up his own breakfast meal. This is more than just strange, this is downright wrong! What the hell’s up with that?! Something’s going to happen, I just know it! Caleb stood there, watching the maid put the food on the table by the window and fill the two glasses with juice and milk.
    “ You’re not a real maid, are you?” Caleb blurted out accidentally. He covered his hand with his mouth for a second, but quickly gave that up. For a smart person, he sure did stupid things often, what with the bully, and going to a normal school even though logic pointed to something happening. He decidedly looked on as the maid bit her lip, still trying to set the table and finally turning to look confused. She is totally acting. Well, since I’ve already blurted out that remark, I might as well not allow her to get out of it. If I ply that I’m tired and still half asleep, that won’t work because she can totally tell that I’m fully wide awake… I can also choose to ignore her or shoo her out, but I doubt that’ll work… Confronting her sounds safer.
    The maid pulled the chair out for Caleb, beckoning him to seat himself. Caleb stood there, knowing that the last thing he should or even wanted to do was seat himself. Something felt wrong. No, it’s not something that feels wrong, it’s something that IS wrong. This is the first time that I’ve gotten food delivered to my room. In response to the maid’s waiting posture, Caleb stated, “ No, thank you. I’m not hungry yet, and if I am, I’ll go downstairs to eat. A normal maid doesn’t just close a door while the person they’re serving is standing right there. They ask if they may close it. On top of that, the maids here have restricted access. No maid such as yourself would be allowed to come up here like this.”
    I’ve never seen anyone actually clean this house though it always looks so pristine. I know that this house is more advanced than it looks. I can only guess that most things here aren’t real. I even question whether there are actual people here and not robots or AI’s! Caleb noted the change in her appearance- she seemed aggravated, since things were obviously not going the way she anticipated. The maid walked around the chair to stand before Caleb, bowing and saying, “ I’m sorry sir, but I’m new here, so I don’t know how things work yet.”
    Caleb took a step back, a smirk playing on his lips while saying, “ You don’t have to bow. Or, should I say that you don’t know how to? Couldn’t get much info on this place, could you? Just so you know, everyone that has ever come to work here, anyone that I have ever even seen (which isn’t many at all) has known exactly how to act. They do it so well that if I didn’t know any better, I would think they were programmed to.” With that, Caleb went to the door connecting the two rooms and opened it, saying as he did, “Hey, guy, don’t eat that—“ Caleb saw the maid on the floor with the ‘guest’ standing over her. The guy looked up, then seemed to rush forward, totally catching Caleb off-guard! In the end, they both ended up off to the side of the door together.




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