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We live in ignorance of the tings in the world that are Evil. We go about our daily lives, allowing the small, unqounsequential things to piss us off. The teenage girl at Dunkin' Donuts gave you only one sugar when you asked for two. The shy college freshman at Wendy'a forgot that you had asked for a burger without mayonaise. You turn on the news only to hear a story about a young girl being brutally raped by her father. With a mean comment about the father, but no comment of saddness for the girl you shut off the TV. Anger consumes your body as you get stuck in traffic not because Evl has claimed three lives from this world, but because you will be home late for dinner with your still living family. Across the sea a county falls to ruins but it is not your country, therefore you don't care. A dictator rises and a country is engaulfed in civil war. It is not you country so you turn your head the other way and focus on the material items that you so need to be happy. For to long has man lived in selfish ignorace; God has sent a plague upon mankind.

From the skys come down the warriors of God... Angel. They bear weapons with them that harm not the body of humans, but the soul. The holy weapons extinguish the souls, making them no longer able to exist, never to reach Heaven or He//. God is being harsh though, and his Wrath is suprising. He has not sentenced the worst of the sinners to death, he has sentenced all people who have committed at least one grave sin to death. The only way to reach Heaven now is to kill yourself and hope God's embracing arms will except you. But is a God who sentences his creations to destrunction all that great?

There is only one way to protect yourselves from the Angel's and that is with weapons dipped in Holy Water. Because Angel's are holy material items will not harm them, but weapons blesse with Holy power can hurt the Angel's... but are you willing to destroy an Angel and spend an internity in He// rather than to pray God comes to his senses? The truth is... the Apocalypse.


"Earth is the balance!" Lucifer shouted over the roar of demons. "When God cast me out of Heaven I built up He//, but then the balance of Good and Evil was tipped, so God built Earth. For mellenia Earth has been a chess board, just a domain where God and I fight our battles through humans. It has been to long since there has been a direct battle between Angels and Demon, but the tunne through the nothingness is almost complete, and once it is we will break out onto Earth in our physicaal forms and take the Angel's by suprise." Cheering met the Devil's ears and he was pleased. The war between Heaven and He// was only a few months off. The only obstacle was the Interloper mentioned in the prophacies, the one with the power to cross between the three planes, and even enter the nothingness, a place where time does not exist. Who is the Interloper?


Kani stood with her back to the wall, black shoulder length hair and bangs that covered her deep crimson eyes giving her the steriotypical appearance of an emo girl. Her pale face and body confirmed that she was an emo.. stereotypicaly. Her black mini skirt fell down to just six inches below her waist and she wore black stockings that had square patches to show her skin. Her shirt was a black spaggettie strap that advertized the band Angels & Airwaves. Her breast were average size but appealing to most men, right now though, she was not thinking about geting men, she was thinking about living. In her right hand she held a bokken, blessed by holy water. Before her stood two angels, their weapons, that would kill her soul, drawn and raised. With a silent prayer she charged her enemies, her bokken swinging as it had since the day she picked it up, her natural talent for swords took over and before long the angels were knocked... sort of. Angels are spirts, so they can't be knocked out, but if hurt enough they take the appearance of being knocked out because the spirits conscience gets temporarily locked in the nothingness, the space in between Heaven, He// and Earth. With a sigh of relief she sheathed her bokken in the sheath at her waist. She was only seventeen years old, and had worked as a prostitur from the age of fourteen to sixteen, at sixteen she got pregnant and had an abortion... that was enough for God to have her on the list of Must Kills... not just the list of all the others who had to be punishe because of the bad peoples crimes. As she turned towards the window her attention was diverted. There, before her was one of the Khu... angels created before Earth, one who had never known what it is like to live in a body, with its soul trapped.


Syyn descended from the sky, the purple color of magestic light outlining his body, enhancing his features. His bright blue eyes gazed upon the town. He did not like what he saw but he had to obey God's orders. As a Khu, he was not bound by God's magic, but as a Khu he was bound by duty to obey God... even if he thought it was wrong. With a sigh he let himself land on Earth. His sandy brown hair hung over his eyes and he was bare chested, his muscles showing. For pants he simply wore blue jeans and around his necak was two dog tags. One had his name, Syyn, and the other had his Birthday, a date no human could understand. This was his destiny, to die following God's will, it was his dream. God had never trapped his soul within a carcass of flesh, and he loved God for that more than anything else. But he hated the other Khu, God's adviser, one of the oldest angels in Heaven... Faelm.


Faelm knealt before God, his black, long hair falling to his mid back and his black eyes on his puppet. Acroos his chest, which was covered by a brown plain long sleeve shirt, was a bealt holding six daggers. As soon as one dagger was drawn a new one replaced the empty spot. His daggers are special, when stabbed by one he can control you, and bno one knew this right now, but for several months there has been a dagger residing in God.


Lucifer sat in his office. He// was nothing at all like the stories described it as. The only thing that they got a little right was the fire. He// was not a massive fire pit, far from it. Once becoming a demon, the power to control and manipulate fire is bestowed upon you, not only that but you still have your special Demonic Power. Now don't think that gives them a one-up against the angels, who are known to have only their special Holy Power... that is not true. The angels also have a second power, a power that may be helpful in one on one battles, if used smartly. Unlike the demons who need to dig themselves tunnels through the nothingness, the space in between Heaven, He// and Earth, to reach another plain the angels can travel through the nothingness. They can not reach He// though, only approach it for a barrier has been built around it. The power to traverse in the nothingness is tiring and angels, no matter how powerful can only do it about twice a day and not without at least a three hour break in between each use. While in the nothingness time also is irrelevent meaning that if an angel traversed through the nothingness to appear behind an enemy, it would seem as if they teleported their in a split second.


Kain walked into Lucifer's office, his head giving a light bow. Kain was Master of Demons, two levels below the Master of Evil, the Devil, Lucifer. The only demon that stood in the way of him being second in command, which he had once been, was the Devil's son, Mannon. Kain did not mind being third in command... but he hated Mannon not because of the fact that he was thousands of years younger yet wielded more power, but because Mannon, in Kain's mind, was not ready for a commanding position.

Pushing away his thoughts Kain eyed Lucifer. No one head ever seen Lucifer's demon form, whenever others were around he appeared as a giant black shadow, with a small line of fire outlingin his body. Kain knew what Lucifer's angle appearance had been, for back then he was also second in command during the Great Angel Wars. Only Faelm, a bitter angel, possibly more evil than Lucifer, had stood in his way of being second in command. Back then, his position and power had been something that bothered him.

"My lord," he said bowing. "The Tunnel Masters are proving to be a nuisance, refusing to send out the diggers until they are appointed a higher position, but that would not be wise because once appointed we get new Tunnel Masters who will want the same thing."

Although Kain could not see Lucifer he knew that he was being glared at. In a dark voice the Devil said, "Then simply make an example out of them. That way the next to become Tunnel Masters will know what awaits them if they refuse." Kain smiled a wicked smile and bowed.

"Your wish is my command, master."

~ Extra Info I Am Too Lazy To Put In Story Form ~

- My character Kani is the Interloper, no one knows it yet.
- Angels can fly, but do not have wings.
- Only I can have demons/devils untill I Wrath of God II
- All angels have a power, called Holy Power, that is unique. Do not reveal that power or even talk about it until the Evil Angel Faelm reveals his Holy Power.
- If you are an Angel you can be opposed to fighting humans, but you must.. if you want your Angel can be good at first then be stabbed with Faelms magic dagger, but more on that later Angels are bound to God's demands... at least for a while.
- PM me questions, don't ask here.
- This is a literates RP.
- I control God, but you can be other Angels.
- Umm, I probably forgot some stuff but more to come later. I'll just quickly list my characters for you though.

~ Characters ~

- God
- Lucifer
- Kain (Master of Demons, two levels below Lucifer)
- Kani, the Interloper
- Faelm, the Evil Angel with both Holy and Demon Powers
- Syyn, the unwilling Angel in this war.