Legend of the Forest Guardian Saga-

Here is also a small history lesson behind the story you may find it very interesting please take a look:

Storyline behind Trials of Essen Chant and Legend of the Forest Guardian

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There are 2 parts to this series, here are some bits of the storylines behind the parts of the series:

Trials of Essen Chant:

Almost 379 years after the fall of man a young Honovian male named Hania Dyani age 16 that is about to under go a test of to become an adult. Along with his best friend Yamka Elu age 15 will face the hardships and Triumphs of the 7 trials of Essen chant. Unknown to Hania, Yamka hold a spiritual bond with her friend that is much more than just friendship. She can feel everything he feels. Along there Journey Hania will put to the greatest test anyone could endure the death of his family. In the end will Hania be strong enough to endure the pain and sadness of the greatest thing anyone one can loss his family? Or will Hania fall by the way side as so many others before him?

The first chapter is almost completed Here it is:

Chapter 1- Childhoods Final Days
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Legend of the Forest Guardian:

4 years after the trials are completed Hania Dyani sets out on a quest to bring his fathers brother Tohopka, Dyani and the rest of him followers down with the help of his best friend Yamka, Elu, and Tyion's loving wife Ananda, Tasunke to avenge the deaths of there families, friends, and villages lost to the Tohopka's evil acts. Along the way Hania will discover that only through his kindness, inner strength and devotion to his family and friends will he create a new safe world for his friends to live in.

Now with Ayasha aiding Tohopka sets her mind on just one think to killer her older brother after she is told that Hania was the one that destroyed her village and killed her family. In the end will Ayasha finally understand the truth or will she complete her task? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in The Legend of the Forest Guardian.

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So what did you think? The story is just starting to catch fire and still needs work but I think it is off to a good start. If you would like to see some pictures or more information about the story or characters please let me know.

Thanks allot hope you enjoy