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    Default Trial of Essen Chant Chapter 1 almost completed needs feedback

    This is alittle long but if for an animated Series Im working on for animation school please tell me what you think of it anything would be of great help. Am not allowed to draw anything other than character designs right now so there are not any pictures yet other than the characters. This is my first screen play so could use any suggestions or comments you have anything at this point helps. This is the first chapter in what is to be an 8 part mini series and will lead into a bigger series call Legend of the Forest Guardian (name still being worked on).

    Well here it is Hope you enjoy it:

    Trial of Essen Chant Chapter 1- Child Hood Final Days

    Story and Character Created by: Kenneth Casteel Jr copyright 2007

    Seen 1-

    Chapter 1- Child Hoods Final Days

    Hania- Ayasha! Why are you doing this!?
    Ayasha- What! Why do you ask suck a stupid question. You killed mother, father, and the rest of the herd!
    Hania- Me? You have been tricked Ayasha can’t you see that!
    Ayasha- No it is you that don’t see! First you leave father in the village to died, than you leave me there during the attack! What kind of brother would just leave his little sister and family to die!?

    Know with an arrow pointed at her brother Yamka steps into to reason with Ayasha

    Yamka- Ayasha! Hania was not even near the village when it was attacked. He was on his way to save me from Tohopka.
    Ayasha- Get out of the way Yamka this is for all that where abandoned and left to die at his hands!
    Yamka- If you fire you will have to kill me to!
    Ayasha- Why do you protect him like this! Did the herd mean nothing to you!
    Yamka- What!?
    Ayasha- He destroyed everything and everyone that had every loved you or shown you the least bit of kindness.
    Yamka- Hania could not do anything so terrible his spirit and kindness would never allow it!
    Ayasha- This is your last chance Yamka! Get out of the way! I will have to kill you to don’t move!
    Hania- I love you sis don’t do this there must be someway to explain this all to you.
    Ayasha- I have heard enough! I will not let you poison my mind any longer!
    Yamka- Please Ayasha don’t do this you will never be able to live with your self if you kill your own brother.
    Ayasha- I’m sorry I never wanted you to get hurt Yamka. I can still remember when you gave me this doll (grabbing the doll out of a small pack on her side). You know Yamka you gave me the only thing that still connects me to my family and I will never forget you or my family.

    After taking one last long look at the little doll (made to resemble her mother) and with a flood of memories from good time past she throws it to the ground as if to say now that everything in my life that I had ever known is gone. I can now do what must be done.
    Ayasha- There is no room in this world for the likes of you!
    Yamka- Ayasha please he is your brother. (Starting to cry)
    Ayasha- That is true Yamka. Hania I will miss you. (saying it with a tear in her eye)
    Hania- Ayasha….
    Ayasha- To take revenge for the herd lost that day, to bring there spirits to peace, the one I once called brother die!
    Hania- Ayasha Noooooo…..

    After a moment of soul searching she turned her head away from here brother not wanting to see the hit and fired the arrow at Hania. Yamka attempts to get in the way of the arrow to save her friend.
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    Default seen-2

    Seen 2-

    Mysteries voice- Han…
    Hania- Yamka! Get out of the way!
    Mysteries voice- Hani…
    Hania- Ayasha!....
    Mysteries voice- Hania…
    Hania- who…! Who are you!?
    Mysteries voice- wake up Hania. It’s me your mother. (Starting the laugh a little)
    Hania- Mo… Mother?
    Mitena- Yes it’s me are you ok son you where shouting in your sleep?
    Hania- Wha… What happened? I was just on a cliff over looking Topanqa, Ayasha was there pointing an arrow at me. Ayas… Ayasha wh… where is she? Is Yamka ok?
    Mitena- Relax Hania it was just a bad dream.
    Hania- Wha… where is Ayasha?
    Mitena- Your sister is asleep in her bed. (saying with a look of concern on her face). Now come my son I will fix you a nice cool drink to help you clear your mind.
    Hania- O… Ok
    Mitena- how about I make you your favorite a nice strawberry smoothie sound good?
    Hania- Yes mother, thank you (he said with a hint of happiness in his voice)
    Mitena- I will be picking in the garden so I can make you that drink. Try not to wake your sister ok it is still early.

    (Mitena love’s her offspring with all her being and will do anything to make there troubles fade away, even if it means starting the morning picking strawberries)

    Hania gets out of bed and slowly makes his may to the bathroom to get ready for the day, but before he gets to the bathroom, He passes Ayasha’s bedroom door. With the dream about him and her sister still fresh in his mind he opens the door to his younger sister as quietly as he could trying not to wake her.

    Hania- Are you awake yet sis? (He said very softly)

    Knowing now that his sister was in bed the entire time it started to put his mind to rest. He walked over to her bed a gently sat down next to her.

    Hania (thinking to himself) - She looks so peaceful laying here next to me, It was just a dream Hania. Just let it go.
    Hania- I can’t see how you could be brought to do something to hurt me. After all we are brother and sister.

    After his fears are brushed aside he slowly gets up and starts to walk out of the room. Ayasha lets out a small yawn wail turning over, dropping the small stuffed toy that was held in her arms. The toy was made by Yamka (Hania’s best friend) it closely resembled Ayasha’s mother so it gave her great comfort at night. Hania bends down and picks up the toy.

    Hania- I can’t believe you kept this after all these years. Yamka is sure good. It looks just like mother.

    With alittle smile on his face and mind filling with good memories of his friend he placed the toy back into the empty arms of his little sister. With a small pat to his sisters head he made his way quietly out of the room. With one last look at his sleeping sibling he softly closed the door.

    Hania made his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.

    Hello my name is Hania Dyani, I’m 16 years old. I live in a small village called Topanqa, where the mountain meets the sea. I live here with my mother father and little sister and the rest of the herd. My father is going to take me on a trip today. He has not said where we are going but sounds like it s going to be a lot of fun father never takes me anywhere. .

    Mitena- I have finished your smoothie! Want to come down and help me drink it?

    Hania was still in the bathroom trying to make sense of his dream.

    Hania- Coming mother just give me a minute

    After a quick change of close he rushed off to the kitchen downstairs. The loud sound of hooves against stairs was enough to weak up his sister Ayasha.

    Mitena- Not so loud Hania your father and sister are still asleep.
    Hania- Sorry mother
    Mitena- Here you are son one ice cold strawberry smoothie (handing the cup to Hanaia)

    Hania sat down at the small table in the center of the room where he and his friend Yamka often sat talking after a hard day at play.

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    Default Seen-3

    Seen 3-

    Hania- Wow this is great mother. Thank you so much
    Mitena- I’m glade you like it Hania, are you still afraid from your little dream?
    Hania- No mother I’m ok
    Mysterious voice- Afraid of what Hania
    Mitena- Ayasha did you brother wake up?
    Ayasha- No mother I smelt strawberries and knew you where making something special.
    Mitena- Here you are dear I made one for you to. (also placing a bowl of fruit on the table for breakfast)

    That is my little sister Ayasha, Dyani; she is 13 years old and a thorn in my side like most little sisters I guess. She’s a kind and caring creature at times but is but enjoys talking and getting me into trouble.

    Ayasha- Hania? Did you come into my room this morning?
    Hania- N… No I was in bed sis.
    Ayasha- O
    Hania- Why do you ask?
    Ayasha- Well I heard someone speaking next to me, and felt pat me on the head. I thought it might be you because it sounded like a male’s voice.
    Hania- I… I was in bed sis it must have just been a dream.
    Ayasha- Well Hania I hear you and mother talking about a dream you had?
    Hania- Yes we where
    Ayasha- Well can you tell me what it was about?
    Hania- sorry Ayasha I really don’t want to talk about it right now
    Ayasha- O… Was it about me big brother (she said with a playful voice)
    Hania- N… No It was not! I don’t want to talk about it ok.
    Ayasha- So it is true (she said laughing)
    Hania- I said I don’t want to talk about it Ayasha drop it already!
    Ayasha- It must be true for you to get this upset over it (still laughing).
    Mitena- That’s more than enough Ayasha, stop upsetting your brother already. (saying with a little smile on her face)
    Ayasha- Ok… O mother?
    Mitena- Yes dear
    Ayasha- Father told me that he is taking Hania on a trip can I go to?
    Mitena- Sorry dear you can’t they are not going there to play. See you brother is about to leave us for a few weeks.
    Hania- What! This is the first I have heard if it. Where am I going?
    Mitena- You have reached the age where you will be tested by the spirits. If you complete the tasks they lay out for you, than you will become an adult in the eyes of the spirits and the herd.

    As Mitena was trying to explain to him what was about to happen she remembered that she had left some tools out when she was picking berries this morning.

    Mitena- We will speak of this again later Hania, I need to run back to the garden I think I left something out.
    Hania- O…Ok mother (he said with a puzzling look on his face)
    Mitena- I will be back in a minute watch after your sister for me.
    Hania- ok, ok
    Ayasha- So Hania what do you think these tests could be?
    Hania- I don’t really know sis. I’ve heard other males in the village speak of there Trials, from what I could tell they are unique for each of them. I don’t Understand it. I wish father would have told me about this. He never tells me anything.

    They heard hove steps up stairs and the closing of a door

    Ayasha- Well it looks like father is up. I wonder what he would think about your little dream? (saying with a mischievous smile on her face)
    Hania- Please sis don’t tell father about this please I will do anything.
    Hania (thinking to himself)- Father would feed me to disown me if he finds out that I was dreaming about Ayasha.
    Ayasha- (giggle) Ok Hania I promise you. But you need to take me on one of your little adventures with Yamka.
    Hania- But… But
    Ayasha- You said anything right?
    Hania- O… Ok I will take you next time (saying with a small sigh of relief)

    Soon after there father walks into the kitchen. Takes a quick look around the room and walks over to the table where his children are discussing the weeks events.

    Enupay Dyani, age 26 father to both Hania, Ayasha, and Mitena’s loving husband. With his mate Mitena he tries to teach his offspring to the true meaning of kindness, honesty, and to strive for best life has to offer. He is Hania’s father but above all his hero in everything.

    Ayasha/Hania- Morning father
    Enupay- Good morning little ones, How are you this morning.
    Ayasha- Mother made us some strawberry smoothies want one father?

    Enupay walked over to except the smoothie his daughter had placed on the table for him. But before he could even sit down to enjoy the drink his mate had made for him he got one of his antlers caught on the small lamp that hung over the center of the table. After a quick struggle he lost his balance and crashes onto the floor hitting the table on the way down taking the fruit bowl and drink with him. With a look of embarrassment and some new coloring on his face Enupay picks him self off the floor. Hania is the one to break the silence after seeing a large piece of grapefruit sticking out of one of his antlers.

    Hania- Father you I think you have made a new friend. (starting to laugh breaking the tension in the room)
    Enupay- O hi there. What’s your name? (talking to the peace of fruit in his antler)

    Soon the room bursts into laughter both Hania, and Ayasha had never seen there proud father like this trying to burn an image of this moment in there minds. After a few minutes of giggling and laughing Enupay notices his mate standing in the doorway with a strange little smile on her face.

    Enupay- How long have you been standing there Mitena? (saying with a hit of embarrassment in his voice)

    Not saying a word she walks up to Enupay and takes a pear that was still sticking out of antlers.

    Mitena- O… you made me breakfast how sweet. (giggling a little and giving him a small kiss on the cheek.
    Enupay- Anything for you dear
    Mitena- O… now get your self upstairs to get cleaned up.

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    Default Seen-4

    Seen 4-

    Enupay- Ok dear, Now Hania get your self ready to go. You may not be back for a few days so make pack enough clothing to last.
    Hania- A few days? Mother told me I would have to complete some kind of test?
    Enupay- You will find out soon my son. No go get ready.
    Hania- Ok father I will be ready soon.

    Hania rushed upstairs to his bedroom, took a large backpack his mother made for him, pulled open his dresser drawer and through a few days worth of close into the pack.

    Hania (thinking to himself)- Where is father taking me, and why are these tests so important? What if that dream has something to do with this? Mother did say the test was for the spirits.

    At the age of 16 Hania is about to under go the greatest challenge of his life. The Trials of Essen chant where designed by the spirits to test young males and ready them for the challenges there lie ahead of the in life.

    A few minutes later..

    Enupay- Are you ready to go Hania!?
    Hania- Yes father I am ready. Where are we going?
    Enupay- We I think I can tell you that at least. We are going to a place called Algoma (Valley of Flowers) there lays the ancient training ground our ancestors used to train for there trials.
    Hania-What are these trials father?
    Enupay- The trials you will take will be different than mine or any other.
    Hania- What?
    Enupay- Each male is given 7 trials or test he must complete before he can be seen as an adult in the eyes of the spirits and the herd. For every male the tests are different, they are made to reflect your own spirit, strengths, and weaknesses.
    Hania- Will this be hard father?
    Enupay- That will all depend on you my son. Say good bye to your mother, and sister for you may not see them for a few weeks.
    Hania- I will.

    Hania runs over to his mother still sitting in the kitchen.

    Hania- Good bye mother I will try to make you proud of me (hugging his mother tightly)
    Mitena- Dear you have made me proud sense the day you where born, you don’t have to prove anything to me.
    Hania- Father told me that I maybe gone for the few weeks I hope to see you soon mother.
    Mitena- Yes my son and when you return to us you will be an adult with countless paths and advancers ahead of you.
    Ayasha- Are you leaving now Hania?
    Hania- Yes, you stay out of trouble until I get back ok or the deal is off.
    Enupay- Deal?
    Hania/Ayasha- This nothing father
    Enupay- Ok Hania lets get going. We have alone trip ahead of us and need to get going.
    Hania- Yes father, O father we are going to Algoma right?
    Enupay- Yes son we are why do you ask? (Saying with a puzzling look on his face)
    Hania- Could I bring Yamka along she has wanted to go there.
    Enupay- I can’t think of a better time, no telling when we can go back where
    Hania- Thank you father I will go get her
    Enupay- Make it fast Hania, I will meet you at the gate ok
    Hania- Ok father I will not be long

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    Default Seen-5

    Seen 5-

    As Hania waved one final good bye to his mother and sister he could feel something in him telling him to take one last look at his family and remember the way they looked for he may not see them again. After a long pause he opens the door and rushed to get his friend Yamka.

    Knock Knock Knock

    Hania- Are you home Yamka it’s me Hania!

    With a small creak of the door it opened with Yamka standing on the other side

    Yamka- Morning Hania. I’m happy to see you have come to visit me again (giggling a bit) Wow you can see the ocean so clearly today, and the smell it’s overwhelming.

    Hania- What?
    Yamka- You need to take time to enjoy life just look at what this place is offering you.

    Hania turns around and looks out over Yamka’s porch. Being her house was at top a hill at the edge of Topanga, she had an unbelievable view of the village and the ocean that lies next to it. From this view he could see most of the homes and building that are scattered, and the great blue ocean that they all come to love. Inhaling deeply he could smell the pleasant salty like smell of the ocean that brought back many memories of playing happily with Yamka down by the water. Trying to take in everything he could.

    (Yamka age 14 an orphan rescued along with 13 others by Enupay and his friend Tyion after an unknown evil destroyed her village killing her mother and father. She was only a year old at the time of the attack so she has only clouded memories of her former family and life. She was taken in by the herd and now has the home and family she needs to be happy in this world. Yamka and Hania have been friends ever since she was brought into the herd. They share a bond with each other that is closer to family than friendship.)

    Yamka- This place is so pretty I’m so glad your father let me stay here.
    Hania- I’m glad you are here Yam, O… You have told me for along time now that you would like to go to Algoma right?
    Yamka- Yes I would love to go there someday. (saying with a little sigh)
    Hania- Well how about to day Yam? My father is taking me there would you like to come with us?
    Yamka- Would you, can you, I would love to go with you Hania
    Hania- of course you can I told you that I would take you someday Yamka and that day is today.
    Yamka- O thank you. Thank you. Thank you Hania I will never forget this.
    Hania- Ok Yam get ready to go my father is waiting for us next the gate.
    Yamka- Ok I will be out in a moment

    Yamka changes her close and gather some stuff in her pack. Rushing out the door Hania notices that she is wearing the dress that he made her.

    Hania- You still have that dress?
    Yamka- Of course I kept it. I will always treasure this because you made it Hania.
    Hania- That means a lot to me Yamka
    Yamka- It was the lease I could do Hania, going to Algoma is very special to me and I hope that this will make this trip special to you as well. I will never for forget this (saying softly, kissing him on the cheek).
    Enupay- Hania are you ready!? O… Hello Yamka are you coming alot to?
    Yamka- Yes Mr. Dyani if that is ok
    Enupay- Of course you can. My son has often told me of your wish to see Algoma and now seems as good a time as any.
    Yamka- thank you for letting me come along Mr. Dyani I will not forget this.
    Enupay-Lets get going young ones we have along journey ahead of us.
    Hania- Lets go Yamka

    Yamka was so exited as she and Hania started to run she lost her footing and fell into a small bush. Hania had seen Yamka fell and rushed back to see it she was ok (she did this often so he knew she was ok). As he approached the bush he could not help but laugh at the sight before him. All that could be seen of Yamka was her head sticking out of the bush.

    Hania- Are you ok there Yam? (still laughing a little)
    Yamka- I’m ok (letting out a short sigh and blushed as she noticed Hania looking at her)

    Hania helps her out of the bust and helps her get cleaned up before heading over to Makya

    As they left Topanqa Hania hear the voice inside him speak again

    Strange Voice- Hania your journey of life will soon begin. Follow the path before you and do not stray for. Look to the future with great excitement but never forget where you come from and the ones in your life that care about you. You will need they strength in the coming days

    Hania- Did you hear that Father?
    Makya- No son hear what?
    Yamka- We did not hear anything Hania are you ok?
    Hania- I’m fine must have imagined it.

    As Hania, Yamka, and his father begin to make there way down the trail that lead to Algoma noticed that it was a path, and started to understand what the voice was trying to say. He can see that the path he now travels had many turns, curves, rough points, dead ends and straight easy to follow sections.

    Hania (thinking to himself)- What is the right path? How will I get there? What did the voice mean when it said did it mean by “Never forget where you come from and the ones in your life that care about me”. I could never forget about mother, father, Ayasha, and Yamka they are the biggest part of my life and will be with me for many years to come.

    With Hania starring at the ground he did not see that Yamka had stopped to pick a flower off the ground. (Bump, grunt, crash) he fell over her hitting the ground hard. As he got to his hooves Hania was greeted by Yamka’s innocent smile.

    Yamka- So do you like the flower I picked for you? (giggling as she said it)
    Hania- O… Yam… Yamka are you hurt? Are… are you hurt?
    Yamka- I’m alright Hania it take more than that to hurt me.
    Hania (thinking to himself)- Thank the spirits she would never forgive me and father would leave me here in the woods if she got hurt.
    Yamka- Are you ok Hania? (She said in a kind caring voice) You look like your troubled by something.
    Hania- No I’m ok Yamka it’s nothing… Really
    Yamka- Ok… But if you feel like talking I’m here for you.
    Hania- Thanks Yamka but I’m ok really

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    Default Seen-6

    Seen 6-

    Mean While back in Topanqa Ayasha and Mitena where out in the garden picking fruits and Vegetables. With Hania and Makya gone she needed Ayasha to help out more than ever.

    Ayasha- Mother, why are we still picking we have more than enough for dinner?
    Mitena- Well we are not picking just for dinner Ayasha, See your brother will be under taking a journey and we will not see him for along time.
    Ayasha- Will I have to take a journey like him mother?
    Mitena- No dear only males need to undergo the journey to please the spirits, so that they will grant there wisdom
    Ayasha- Wisdom but why Hania seems smart enough to me.
    Mitena- Your brother will face challenges in his live that you and I will never have to worry about. He will need help from the spirits to push through them.
    Ayasha- Will Hania be ok this journey sounds dangerous to me?
    Mitena- I might be. The journey is created for each male by there spirits to break his fears and reinforce the strengths he possesses. It will be hard for him but we will do all we can do to help him along the way.
    Ayasha- If he is gone how can we help him mother?
    Mitena- Well to help him we need to offer the spirits our prayers and offer them food so that they can be strong to guild Hania down the right path.
    Ayasha- Ok mother. I will help Hania anyway I can.
    Mitena- Ok why don’t you start by taking these offerings to the temple for me. What do you say?
    Ayasha- Yes mother I can do that

    Ayasha sets off to the temple with the basket full of goods that they spent all afternoon picking. As she gets closer to the temple she can see a small crowed gathering near enter the entrance.

    Ayasha (thinking to herself)- There are no rituals being preformed today. I wonder what is going on?

    She got close to a small table and quickly got on top of it so she could see what was going on. From the top of the table she could see a deer about Hania’s age kneeling in before herd elder Dasan. The kneeling buck had a great scare across his face and looks like he was on his own for a great deal of time.

    Dasan- And with your trials completed and the spirits please! With wish to become an adult you left us! With the guidance of your friends, family, and above all the great spirits you have returned to us. Now with the eyes of the spirits, your family, you friends and the elders upon you rise now as an adult in the herd and are granted all the rights and privileges that go with that honor.

    Dasan- Let it be known through out the village!

    And with those words the young deer rose as a buck in their herd. The gathered crowed cheered his name loud and as he walked off with the rest of his family.

    After hearing the herd elder speak she ran off in a rage into the temple through the offering on the alter and run back to her home.

    Ayasha- Mother! How can you stand by and let Hania get hurt like that other buck!? Don’t you even care about him!?
    Mitena- What are you taking about dear? What other buck?
    Ayasha- I when to the temple like you asked me to. But when I got there Dasan was performing a ritual for another buck. He had scares all over his body, and looked like he was just left in the woods somewhere. How is leaving him in the woods to get hurt going to help Hania become an adult.
    Mitena- It is a right that all males must do. I can’t tell you why because I’m not a male. Now I don’t want Hania to get hurt anymore than you do he is my son after all I would be right there to help him I it was allowed.
    Ayasha- But it just doesn’t make any sense to do that to someone so kind hearted.
    Mitena- I agree with you. But there is nothing we can do. If he doesn’t complete his trail he will never become a true adult and will be shamed by the herd elders.

    With a bad feeling in her heart at the thought of Hania getting hurt or not returning Ayasha walks you to her room closing the door to her room. She could not believe that her own mother could do such a thing to her own son. She picked up the doll the resembled her mother off the floor and started to pray for the safety of her brother. She would never it to his face but she loved Hania deeply like she did her mother and father.

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    Default Seen-7

    Seen 7-

    Continuing on there journey to Algoma Hania starts to wonder what is in store for him in the trials. He had seen only one other leave and come back from his trail a transformed buck.

    Hania (thinking to himself)- I don’t want to change. I like who I am. I wonder why father did not tell me about any of this until know?

    Yamka (thinking to herself)- I wonder why he did not tell me what was bothering him. He knows I will not tell anyone. What could be wrong with him?

    Enupay- Well everyone there is Algoma in all its wonder.
    Yamka- Wow Hania have you ever seen anything this it’s so pretty! (saying happily)

    Hania was to distracted by his thoughts to see Yamka and Makya stop or hear Yamka’s voice. He walked right in-between them. It was only Yamka pulling on his shirt that he stopped and snapped out of his trance.

    Hania- Yamka what did you do that for?
    Yamka- Look Hania we made it
    Hania- Made it where?
    Yamka- To Algoma (starting to laugh) it’s so pretty there are flowers everywhere.

    Yamka loved flowers almost as much as she did her friend. She loves flowers because it is one of the only things she can remember about her mother. Every time she smells one she can remember her warmth, her face, and her smile.

    Enupay- Stop day dreaming son we are finally here! This place brings me back to the first time I laid my eyes on it when my father took me here for the first time so many years ago.

    Lifting his head and snapping him self out of his trance he could see why Yamka was wanting to see Algoma. This must be Yamka vision of heaven. The smell of flowers and pine trees in the wind, the rolling hills of endless color, the rich cool mist coming off the small stream near them.

    Hania- This must be the most peaceful place I have ever seen (with a look of amazement on his face)
    Yamka- there looks like a small cabin over there near the trees. Someone lives here Mr. Dyani.
    Enupay- No one lives there young one that is the ancient training ground of my ancestors. Hania that is where you will train for the trials as well. Just as my father and I did so many years ago.

    As they started to walk over a small bridge that lead to the training grounds they could hear a voice in the air.

    Voice- Welcome young one

    Enupay was remembering all the hard work and fun he had here with his father. Suddenly he began to fell a strange felling in his body. As they get closer to the cabin Enupay can feel a spirit enter his body it seems familiar and close. With out warning Yamka collapse onto the ground. Hania hearing a large thump looks back to his father now lying on the ground.
    Hania- Father? Father are you ok?
    Yamka- Mr. Dyani are you hurt?
    Hania- Father… Father are you ok… Fath…

    (Vision start)

    Familiar Voice- Enu… Enupay… Enupay my son can you here me?
    Enupay- Fa… Father? Is that you?

    Enupay awoke to an unfamiliar site it was a forest covered in darkness and shadows.

    Enupay- Whe… Where am I? Are the young ones alright? What happened? Is it really you father?
    Sani- Yes son it’s me
    Enupay- But you died along time ago I felt you leave this world.
    Sani- I’m sorry I did not want to leave you and your mother alone so suddenly. But it was my time to rejoin the spirits.
    Enupay- How did you die? Mother never told me what happened.
    Sani- Leotie always did have a bad habit of keep secrets to long (laughing as he said it), but in this case my son she made to right decision. We wanted you and you family to live your lives with out fear. But it looks like we have failed. I’m afraid the Dyani family will soon be no more than a faded memory.
    Enupay- But can you tell me how I must save Mitena and Ayasha? Don’t I have a right to know for the sake of my mate and the young ones please tell me they mean for to me than anything. (Saying with a tear in his eye)
    Sani- You know I would do anything to protected you and your family but there are things I can not reveal to you. Not now. You will know all you need to know to save your family very soon. The time is almost at hand.
    Enupay- Please help me? You can’t let anything happen to these little ones they have not even had the chance to grow up.
    Sani- All I can tell you is to train your young son. His heart is pure; his spirit is kind and must take the most difficult challenge in his life. Train him well for he will be put the most difficult kind of test. You must prepare him for the journey ahead. He will need the love of his father now more than ever.
    Leotie- My son it is good to see you again
    Enupay- Moth… Mother is that you? I missed you mother.
    Leotie- I have been with you and will continue to stay with you until the end
    Enupay- The end?
    Leotie- Please tell Hania his grand mother says hello, I know that his little friend Yamka will help him make it through the coming days. Well my son we will see you soon. Please try not to be after when the time comes. We will be there with you.
    Enupay- I love you mother, good bye father, I will do all I can to make Hania ready for what ever is to come.
    Sani- Good bye son we will talk again soon…

    (Vision finish)

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    Default Seen-8

    Seen 8-

    Hania- Fat… fath… father… are you ok father!
    Yamka- Mr. Dyani please get up!
    Enupay- O… Hania my son is that you?
    Hania- What happened are you ok father?
    Enupay-I’m… I’m ok son I think I was just greeted by my mother and father.
    Hania- We where looking at the scenery, turned around and you where on the ground. I’m so glad to see you are ok I think of a life with out you father (he said with a tear in his eye)

    With all the emotion in the air Hania rapped his arms around his beloved father holding him as tightly as he could.

    Yamka- Hania its ok your father is still here and so I’m I.
    Enupay- It’s ok son I’m not going anywhere, my place is at your side, I will never leave you again. (Saying with a tear in his eye knowing what was to come)
    Enupay (thinking to himself)- I swear I will never leave you son. I fear what is to come but will still stay at your side. Try not to be afraid my son it looks as if the spirits have another fate in mind for you.

    After shedding one last tear for his beloved son in his arms. He finally rose to his hooves. With the vision of things still fresh in his mind. He knows what he must do.

    Yamka (thinking to herself)- was that how my father felt for me? I can’t even remember his face. I hope someday to find someone that will love me as much as Hania and his father love each other right now.

    Enupay- Ok lets go son the cabin is not far.
    Yamka- Will you be ok Mr. Dyani are you certain you will be ok?
    Enupay- Yes young one, my son will need you now more than ever… It’s nice to see that he will have someone to guild him when I am gone (trying not to let her hear him).
    Yamka- What do you mean? When you are gone?

    Enupay walks up to the small cabin with Yamka and Hania fallowing closely behind him.

    Enupay- This is the training grounds our ancestors used to trail for the trials, you can feel their presents all around us. My father, my grandfather, I can fell there spirits all around us.
    Hania- Father are you aright? Do you need to sit down?
    Enupay- I’m fine son. Just fine. It’s just the last time I set eyes on this place I was a young buck like your self, coming here to train with my friend.
    Hania- Your friend but father you told me once that only a father and son where aloud to train here?
    Enupay- Well you see son my father did not have the fortune of living to see me begin my trials. I lost him when I was about your age. My friend Tyion from another village agreed to help me train in my fathers place. With his help I completed my trials and have been friends ever since that first day we meet hear.
    Hania- Tyion you never told me about him? What is he like?
    Enupay- Why don’t you find out for your self son He will be joining us soon.

    Enupay walks up to the door of the small cabin and opens it (crack).

    Enupay- Well son what do you think?
    Hania- Father is this where we are going to sleep? (saying with a hint of concern in his voice) There is only one bed and three of us?
    Enupay- This cabin is for your friend Yamka to use.
    Hania- Why???
    Enupay- This cabin has everything you will need Yamka
    Yamka- Thank you… But where are you and Hania going to sleep?
    Enupay- We are not going to sleep Yamka that is why there is only one bed in the cabin.
    Hania- Then I we are not going to sleep what will we be doing?
    Enupay- Well son we are at a training ground so we are going to get you ready for your trials
    Hania- All night?
    Enupay- All night don’t complain I had to go through this to, I made it and so will you.

    Enupay walks Yamka and Hania over the a large square field near the cabin.

    Enupay- Ok Yamka now would be a great time for you to take a look around there is a lot more here than just a training ground.
    Yamka- Ok Mr. Dyani ( her face starting to light up).

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    Default Seen-9

    Seen 9-

    Yamka had dreamed of seeing Algoma someday. She could not believe that she was finally there. She ran around every part Algoma, the wind in her hair, the sun over the flowers of every color and shade paving the landscape, and they combined scents rushing into her nose it was like nothing she had ever experienced. She was happier now than she had every been in her life and it was all because Hania let he come along.

    As Enupay set up the training ground Hania went over to sit on a large rock over looking Algoma this place was like nothing he had ever seen.

    Hania- Now I can see why she wanted to come here so badly.

    Looking out over Algoma he realized that this place was like nothing he had ever seen. The colors, the smells, and best of all he was there with his best friend. At that moment he noticed Yamka playing in the flowers by the stream. Hania could not take his eyes off her. The sun glimmering off her long tan hair, the way she was prancing around on the landscape of beauty that seem like only a reflection of her, and the way she laughed he had never seen her like is there was something different about her. He began to feel something in side of him that was never there before.

    Hania- what is wrong with me. It is just Yamka I have seen her happy before.
    Hania (thinking to himself)- I feel so happy, lightheaded, and why can’t I stop thinking about her?

    Yamka did not notice Hania starring at her until she was standing on a small rock next to the stream. She could now see how intently he was looking at her as if he was looking into her very soul.

    Yamka (thinking to herself)- Why is he looking at me like that?
    Enupay- Catch! (He yelled)

    Throwing a small spear to his son with a small thump it landed on his head.

    Hania- Ouch that hurt (now starting to come to his senses)
    Enupay- Son are you awake over there (he said starting to laugh a little bit)

    As Hania bent over to pick up the spear that his father kindly through to him. He noticed the Yamka was starring at him (still trying to figure out what Hania was starring at her for) All he could do was look back into her eyes. For the first time he could see her green glittering eyes, her light tan hair like silk waving in the breeze, the only thing he could do was put his hand up and wave.

    Yamka (thinking to herself) – O no he saw me! What do I do! What do I do!

    Startled by his sudden movement and her confusion Yamka lost her balance and fell (splash). She was now in the water. Hania seeing what just happened and started running to her aid. He ran faster than he ever though he could. As Hania got closer to the water he tripped over a small branch on the ground sending him tumbling into the water as well.

    Hania (thinking to himself) – I can’t believe that just happened.

    As Hania rose his head out of the water his fur was sagging and heavy from being wet. This filling Yamka will warm feelings and made her laugh. She had never seen Hania like this before.

    Yamka (thinking to herself)– Why do I feel like this? I feel strange but what could be causing it?

    Hania finally regain his balance in the water after several failed attempts to stand. Now standing straight out of the water he could hear Yamka still laughing a few yards down stream from him. Yamka started to feel that strange feeling return as Hania got closer. She could see his thick black hair now shinning in the sun light, the water dripping from his body, and the way his face with a little smile of embarrassment on his face the only thing she could think to do was start to giggle.

    Hania- What is so funny Yamka? (He said jokingly) How’s the water over there (he said joking again)
    Yamka- (she started to giggle) could… Could you please?
    Hania- O… So now you want to get out of the water do we? (He said jokingly)
    Yamka- Yes please…

    And with one quick pull Yamka was on her hooves again. But she was now face to face with Hania and the feeling inside of her was stranger than ever.

    Hania- Are you ok Yamka (He said with a kind caring voice)
    Yamka- Yes… I’m ok just a little wet (they both start to laugh again)
    Hania- Well I’m glad… very glad. I don’t know if I could live with my self if you got hurt Yamka.

    She could not respond. The only thing she could do was stare in to his black glowing eyes, she could not understand what was happening to her she knew this buck almost from birth but now he seemed so different to her. He starred back into her green sparkling eyes and felt a strange need to touch her. He raped his arms around her softy as not to startle her. He could now feel how soft her fur was and see now nice her hair looked up close for the first time. He could feel his heart racing. Hania did not know where to go from here all he could do was stand there with Yamka in his arms. With a small act of passion Yamka kissed Hania on the cheek. Startled by her kiss he let go of Yamka, slipped on the grass and fell back into the water. He felt like a spirit dancing on the clouds. If it where not for the water he would most likely fly away. This time it was Yamka to help her fallen friend out of the water. Quickly stepping away knowing what she had just done. Yamka stood on shore blushing so hard Hania could see it through her light brown fur. He walked back up to her still not knowing what just happened or why. But he did know it made him feel happy. Happier than he has ever been. He walked back up to her putting his soft hands on each side on her face now looking deep into her eyes. He moved his head closer to hers.

    Yamka (thinking to herself)– I don’t know why, but I want this, I always have (closing her eyes slowly as Hania move’s his face closer)

    But before Hania could finish what he was doing he was interrupted by a deep voice in the distance

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    Default Seen-10

    Seen 10-

    Enupay- Hania it’s time to begin son.

    Enupay had noticed Hania and Yamka down by the stream for sometime now but chose not to say anything. He new to get through the pain that lie ahead he would need a friend as close and caring as Yamka at his side.

    With one last look into Yamka’s eyes he grabbed the spear that was sticking out of the ground a few yards stream and ran to his father’s side. With a new found determination he knew he was ready to prove to his father that he could complete the trails.

    Enupay- are you ready my son?
    Hania- Yes father I am ready
    Enupay- Very well your training will now begin

    With the strange felling in her body gone she rushes over to a small log over looking the training square.

    Enupay- Now Hania I need you to take your spear and head to the other side of the square.
    Enupay- Well my son you are finally growing up. I have been waiting for this moment since the day you where brought into this world. In the coming weeks you will under take a great journey. On this journey you will be tested in ways you never thought you could be tested. These test are not just mental and physical but spiritual as well. You have a strong spirit son and are one of the most intelligent creatures I have encountered. But you lack the skill to defend you self and it is my job to make you ready for the journey of life that you have only just started.

    Enupay- Now prepare to defend your self. Don’t be afraid to strike back son I have been in battles many times you can’t hurt me.

    Enupay puts his weapon into the ground and kneels down before Hania and picks up a small handful of sand that Line the training square and started to say a small prayer to himself.

    Enupay- Mother, Father, all the great spirits from times past grant my son your strength in the coming days his heart is pure and spirit strong. I also ask you to guide and protect my son through the trials.

    With the pray completed Enupay picks him self off the ground and grabs his weapon.

    Hania- I will try to make you proud of me father! (standing there with the look of innocents still on his face)
    Enupay- Now defend your self!

    Enupay is the first to charge at Hania. With one powerful thrust to Hania’s stomach and a loud grunt was brought down.
    Hania- Fa (cough)… Father (cough) why are you trying to hurt me.

    Yamka rushes over from her seat.

    Yamka- Are you ok? Your not hurt are you Hania? (She said with the sound of concern and anger in her voice)
    Hania- I’m (cough)… I’m ok Yamka
    Enupay- Get up Hania! You must learn to protect your self when someone wants to do you harm. Outside of Topanqa there are wonders greater than you can imagine, and terrors that would chill your spirit. I want you ready for both. Now get to your hooves Hania! Get up!

    As Hania starts to get up he hear the sound of hooves rapidly approaching him. As he razes his head he can see his father charging him once more. But this time he acts, razing his spear into the air with both hands and with a large crake the two spear bases collided sending a great force of energy down onto Hania knocking him back onto the ground. Enupay razes his spear for one more strike…

    Yamka- Stop!!! (she cries out) Just stop already! (starting to cry)
    Enupay- Yamka get out of the way!
    Yamka- No I will not! Can’t you see he’s hurt! How can you take joy out of harming you own son like this!
    Enupay- Yamka get out of the way! Now! (Angry at her interference)
    Yamka- I will not! My place is in between you and Hania!
    Hania- Yamka please move away from me (still trying to catch his breath)
    Yamka- But… but Hania you are hurt. You need to rest.
    Hania- Your concern is very kind but please understand I must do this.
    Yamka- O… ok Hania please be careful I don’t want to see you get hurt again.

    Yamka rushes back to her stump. Hania picks his spear up off the ground. Raising to his hooves Hania stares into his fathers eyes. Enupay could see the look of anger in his eyes filling his soul.

    Hania (thinking to himself)– I know he is just trying to prepare me for my journey, but do you need to take such joy out of harming your own flesh and blood?

    This time it was Hania to make the first move spinning his spear into the air, catching it and bringing it into an attack stance with a fast crash of his hove on the ground.

    Enupay (thinking to himself) – What is that strange glow around Hania, it’s like he is getting help from someone.


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