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    Default Native American Style Graphic Novel what do you think?

    Story Synopsis- Trials of Essen chant

    The story is about a young male deer named Hania Dyani age 16 that is about to under go a test of to become an adult. He along with his best friend Yamka Elu age 14 will face the hardships and Triumphs of the 7 trials of Essen chant. Along there Journey they discover that they share more that just a good friendship.

    Story Synopsis- Legend of the Forest Guardian

    A young deer named Hania Dyani sets out on a quest to bring down the great Canowicakte (hunters of the forest) with the help of his best friend Yamka Elu, and Ananda Tasunke to avenge the deaths of there families, friends, and villages lost to the hunters. Along the way Hania will discover that his friend ship with Yamka has grown into something greater and that only through his kindness and inner strength will he create a new world for his friends to live in.

    After the attack Yamka tries to bring some sense of comfort to Hania after his family is lost and from this point on she will be at side through the hard ships he must endure. Acting as his spirit guide and above all his best freind and his last connection to his family and his past at he treasures with all of his being.

    Devastated by the attack on his home village of Topanqa (where the mountain meets the sea) that kills his most of his family and forces him to search for a new start Hania Dyani and his best friend Yamka Elu that is his last connection to his child hood that was also taken from him in the attack will journey to discover who or what did these evil deeds to them and what happend to his younger sister that was unknowingly left behind in the attack. Through the hard ships that he faces he will learn the true meaning of friendship, the bold that he still shares with his lost family, and discover the true path that awaits down the journey of life.

    Here are a few character from the series (I will post pictures when im aloud to)-

    main character-

    Hania Dyani, age 16-

    Native American name meaning- Spirit Warrior, Deer

    A young deer from the village of Topanqa his life up to this point has been a good one with his Father Makya and mother Mitena that have inspired him to share the kindness, inner strength, and devotion to his family and friends that pushes him forward after there deaths at the hands of the Canowicakte the hunters of the forest that claimed the lives of his family, village and his life as he knew it.

    Second main character-

    Yamka Elu, age 14-

    Native American name meaning- Budding Flower, full of grace

    Yamka and Hania grow up together in the small village of Topanqa. She is Hania's best friend and spirit guide in times of great sadness and confusion. She is a young deer full of spirit, dreams of the future, and very courageous. She is shy around outsiders and is very Clumsy with brings alot of fun to any situation. Her mother and father where killed along ago in an attack by an unknown enemy so she lives by her self on a hill over looking the village by the sea Topanqa. She loves to sing, dance and just have a good time. She has a Crush on Hania that she trys to hide.

    Third Main Character-

    Ananda Tasunke, age 22-

    African Name meaning- Worthy of Love, Horse

    Tyion her husban is the 1 thing that makes Ananda's love worth living after his death she joins Hania to bring down the great Canowicakte (the hunters of the Forest) so that no one else will have to feel her pain again.

    Main sub character-

    Tyion Tasunka, Age 25-

    Africa Name Meaning- life's love, horse

    Tyion is warrior at heart, and a freind to Makya Hania's father. After seeing Hania's spirit crying out to him in a vision quest he rushes to aid the son of his good freind in the final trial of essen chant. Soom after he is killed in an attack by the great Canowicakte. Even after death he stays with Hania and Ananda in there dreams where he guides they down the right path.

    Second sub main character-

    Ayasha Dyani, age 13-

    Native American name meaning- Little one, Deer

    Ayasha is a young girl that gets her kicks out of tormenting her older brother Hania. She is unknowingly left behind after the attack on Topange(where the mountain meets the sea). After her family were killed in the attack she is told in a spirit that her brother was the one that attacked and destroyed the village. She now turns the a Canowicakte to learn the ways of the hunt witch is forbidden by her beleafs to track down and slay Hania, to put her familys spirits to rest. She is now a lost soul.

    sorry for the lenght and lack of information in the profiles but I did not want to make it to boring and give out to much of the story lines before they are completed.

    I will have chapter 1 of the 7 part series on this week I hope. The art work will not be done but the story will be ready for editing.

    Now I do have some basic questions for you-

    Could you fall in love with Animal characters?

    What do you think of the Native American style of the manga would it appeal to you?

    Anyone have any storyline suggestions or ideas for trials that would make for a more interesting coming of age type of story?

    I just started to write this graphic novel and Im coming to the point to put some action into the story but don't really know who to write action properly can anyone please help me. The seen im working on is a training fight between a father and son.

    Can anyone link me a good example of fight writing or anything on action writing please?

    How do I make the fight seen flow right and seem natural?

    Thanks for viewing my idea.

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    bambi get's his revenge?! haha...j/k.

    Anything is possible though, but it's a bit far fetched, so it's going to be a rough start from the get go. Just picturing a deer as the main character is a bit rough, it's hard to imagine, but i'm not saying it's impossible. Just keep it up and see where it goes from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestguardian004 View Post
    The story is about a young male deer named Hania Dyani age 16 that is about to under go a test of to become an adult. He along with his best friend Yamka Elu age 14 will face the hardships and Triumphs of the 7 trials of Essen chant. Along there Journey they discover that they share more that just a good friendship.

    BrokeBack Trials? ( I KNOW im going to be modded for this, but I really couldnt help it, that last line just stuck out to me, and I have a big mouth @_@)

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    Thanks for your comments everyone.

    The characters in this story are not bambi lol. Sorry most people see the word animal and think 4 leegs right away. I will get some pictures just as soon as im aloud to.

    They are more like animal/human mix. I just feel I can bring out the spirit and emotions of the characters out better if they are animals.

    I will have the basic 1st chapter completed and ready picking at sometime this week. Im still making changes and adding more the the story line.

    The trials is just a promotion for a larger series I'm working on. It is called at the moment Legend of the Forest Guardian kind of long I know but am working on the story before I go back and change the title.

    If anyone has any questions fill free to ask the only thing it could do is make the story better.





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