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    Default My Manga Ideas

    Need a name. Shoujo, Romance, Comedy. Yume Maeko was a girl who loved to dream, she would get bad grades because she was always daydreaming. Her older sister Keiko thinks she should'nt give up her dreams but she should try to concentrate more in school. Yume thinks about this one night and decides to keep dreaming and never give them up. Her new dream is to have a prince charming of her own, luck has it that she was about to get hurt then, all of a sudden a dark haired boy came and helped her. After that she fell indstantly in love with him, turns out his name is Keitaro Ken'ichi. He goes to her school and it turns out he fell in love with her too! But, things get messed up after a new girl and boy go to their school, the girl falls in love with Keitaro and the boy falls in love with Yume. Follow them through funny and weird happenings with Yume and Keitaro trying to be together.

    Midnight Visitor
    Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy. A girl, with hopes of a boyfriend, a boyfriend there to protect and love her. Unfortunately, her parents don't approve of such boyfriends, they'd rather choose one themselves. As she heard this her eyes became teary and she escaped quickly to her beloved room. Set in darkness a figure appears. This figure wraps itself around the cold girl, as warmth is floating around her. This mere figure tells her to not give up just yet, his voice ring in her ear, with the most beautiful sound. As she is soon to close her eyes he tells her that he'll from now on, always protect her.They then made a promise, that each midnight he'll come back and visit her when she's feeling down or needs him in any way. As of another day, the girl finds out that her midnight visitor is a prince in her very village. She's very shocked, yet happy since he was so kind to her. Suddenly he visits her house by day time and grabs her, asking her parents if he could marry her. The answer is, yes. Follow this short-story of love, dreams, midnight visitors and a dearly handsome prince!. Thanks Fuu, for the help!!

    I know they sound messed up but, I thought about them in the middle of the night! So, I was really tired when I thought about these stories.

    Need's a name
    Romance, Comedy, Shoujo. Naoko Usagi is a 13 1/2 year old girl who is a shy and happy kind of girl. Usagi Nyoko's life was not perfect after all her father are gone and she's not sure if he is dead or alive. She lives with her Mother andlittle sister Koneko, her mother loves her daughter's alot and always trys to help them when they are sad and lonely. Usagi also has two best friends named Mio and Mia who try and comfort her and help her in any way. At school Usagi has a crush on Mashiro Kioshi, but he doesn't really talk to anyone since most people think he's mean or cold. But, she likes him anyway because he was the first person she talked to when she first started going to her school. One day when she's walking down the street to her house, a man sees her and thinks she's the perfect bride for his son, he saw her go inside her house so he went up to it and knocked on the door, Naoko's mother answers the door and is surprised to see Hiroshi Ken a rich man and her old time friend. She hugs him when she sees him, he asked her if she remebered the promise they made about Naoko her daughter marrying his son. She remebers and says yes, Hiroshi asks if they should let their kids meet at school she said yes. The next day, a new student named Toshio Ken arrives and he sees Naoko and falls in love with her nowing that she would be his bride when they grew up, when he told her how he felt she said she was sorry and that she likes Mashiro kun, angered he tells Mashiro that Naoko would soon be his but, Mashiro says he has the same feelings for her as well. Naoko was surprised to hear that Mashiro kun liked her back, she smiled and hugged him. Later in the story, Toshio and his father try and figure out how to brake up Naoko and Mashiro's love for each other. Let's just hope that Naoko and Mashiro are up to the challenge.

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    Interesting, I would say it was a good (and brave) attempt.

    I think you need to work more on these, as I read them I thought "it sounds like typical shoujo", I think you should be more creative and take more and bigger risks, it would also help if we got more insight into the characters and support characters personality.

    basically I think you got a solid base and you could probably make a manga from those ideas, I just think you should go a bit more above and beyond. I like it, I hope you share more ideas.




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