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    story i started writing awhile ago

    Jacob Bourque was frustrated with his life. He was a senior in high school, somewhat athletic, relatively good-looking, intelligent, even talented, but had absolutely no luck with women. He had three gorgeous young sisters who had exactly the opposite problem: they always had men swarming around them, but according to rumor all were still virgins. Jake thought it bitterly ironic that he lived with three gorgeous women (four if he included his mother; she was nearing forty, but still very attractive) that were completely unattainable to him.
    Genny and Mickey were 15-year-old identical twins, with long, straight blond hair down to their thighs. They both had blazing green eyes, which Jake (and a lot of other guys) found sexy as hell, and exquisitely beautiful bodies. The only problem was, both of them were arrogant, convinced that beauty equaled superiority, and to date nobody had proven them wrong. As far back as Jake could remember no one had even tried.
    17-year old Courtney looked like the "mailman's kid." However Courtney wasn’t actually family, Jakes parents had adopted her at age 5 after her parents were murdered during a botched robbery. But even though she wasn’t family that didn’t stop us from acting like she was. she and Jake are best friends but no matter how much Jake wants it, it has never become something more. She has wavy, reddish hair, although it was more auburn than red. She was more beautiful than the twins', of which she was rather smug and they were intensely jealous. Jake's parents often had to break up the three due to malice-laden insults riddling the air. It never turned to blows, but it still reminded Jake of that saying "three cats in a burlap bag." Luckily, his parents made enough that they each had their own rooms.
    Still, Courtney was relatively easy to get along with, she was always relaxed (except when making cuts at the twins), with a kind of lazy seductive heat that she loved to use on men, even (or maybe especially) Jake. She was easy to get along with, but hardly easy to deal with. She didn't think she was superior, but she did know that she could get just about anything from just about any man with one of her "come hither" gazes. Jake knew that a lot of people thought she was a slut because of her apparent sensual knowledge, but to date nobody had admitted to getting to anything more than first base.
    Jake, on the other hand, had made it all the way through high school without ever even having a quasi-serious girlfriend. He had no idea what he was doing wrong, but it frustrated him to no end. He had beautiful girls around him all day long, and most were friendly, even warm, and yet each one seemed to consider him either completely harmless or "just a friend". It was absolutely maddening. He sometimes felt like he was casting some kind of mental field around himself, instructing all available girls, "This is not the guy for you!" He would not find out for a long time how close to the truth that was.

    A large blond man with a body like Atlas lay supine in the center of a round room. Around his form traced a circular design channeling matrices of psychic energy directly into his body. A circle of robed men and women stood silently, surrounding him at a radius of exactly seven paces, watching.
    Brent opened his eyes. The nimbus that had surrounded his body, visible only to the Adepts in the chamber, slowly faded away.
    The Circle waited patiently for Brent to regain his bearings. He was the most powerful Seer in the world, perhaps the most powerful ever, and deserved the respect due his rank. Still, several of the Circle had started to shift their feet impatiently as the minutes dragged on and no sound emerged from the blond man. Thus, several of them jumped when he abruptly broke his own silence with his announcement.
    "The Spirit of Ykir said that he had chosen his vessel before the end of the Second Age. He will not be dissuaded from his course. Ykir said that it is not our place to criticize his judgment, but to obey as we have always done. He was rather irritated," Brent continued slowly, "that we even tried to change his plans. He left no doubt in me that he would be angry should we try to alter things any more." As one, the Circle hissed its collective displeasure. This was not good news. Many of the Adepts had gained their power over centuries, and were not happy about the idea of a boy, barely whelped, suddenly invoking the Spirit of Ykir. It was undeserved. It was inappropriate. More so, it was unfair. But to deny Ykir was to deny the power he had given them, to betray him was to die an unimaginably horrible death. What choice did they have? Brent sighed and stood up. "Let us prepare for his arrival. He will have enemies before he can protect himself." As he walked out the door, he missed the suddenly speculative looks on several faces, almost as if he had suggested a possibility they had not previously considered.
    Jake was a pretty good student. He never failed to get straight A's and B's, he liked reading, and he normally got along with his teachers. Not all of them, though. Ms. Christina Hawson, for some inexplicable reason, had it out for Jake in a big way. The other students thought it was pretty funny, the way this normally nice teacher, only a few years older than Jake himself, and quite attractive in her own right, was an absolute bitch to exactly one person, without any apparent reason. Jake didn't think it was funny. Jake hated Calc class with her. She would pick him only for answers she was sure he did not know, and ridicule him for not giving it correctly. Almost daily, she exploded into a public tirade about teenage males and their immature behavior, always thinking with their "nether regions". All the while looking with burning blue eyes straight at Jake. He hated it, but there was nothing he could do about it-he needed the calculus class to get into Princeton. As far as he was concerned, she was just a neurotic woman that must have dated a guy that looked like him. Poor guy.
    This morning, a sunny Friday in May, as he walked into class, he almost didn't see her malevolent stare as he headed to his seat. His headache that had come on suddenly that morning was distracting him greatly. His whole head seemed filled with cotton, and it felt like there were hammers trying to escape the confines of his skull in all directions. Strangely enough, the pain managed to distract him from his dread of Ms. Hawson, which he considered a small but potent blessing.
    The bell rang, and Ms. Hawson stood up from her desk, instructing the class to pass up their homework. So far, so good, Jake thought. She hasn't yet started in on me. He knew that some of his friends took bets as to how long they would get in the period before Ms. Hawson exploded. Jake supposed that if her ire wasn't directed towards him, he might be betting himself, but as it was, he tried to avoid any sort of confrontation with her whatsoever.
    Alas, peace was not to last. As soon as Ms. Hawson started her lesson, Jake, out of habit, looked at the clock on the wall to see how much longer he would have to endure. Ms. Hawson caught his glance and immediately stopped in mid sentence. "Mr. Bourque, I see that I have already lost you. Or perhaps you think you already know today's lesson?" Jake sighed and settled down further into his seat as the other students’ suppressed giggles. Here we go again! "I am tired of you always glancing at the clock. I'm sure you have some hot date with a girl and can't wait to have your way with her, but it will wait until I am finished my class! I never have to speak to anyone else in this class but you! Why are you always trying to start trouble? This is a learning environment, and at least some of the students in this room want to better themselves. I know all you want to do is go around taking advantage of young women and using them for sex, but don't assume-" She cut off as several of the girls in the class gasped at this unusual behavior Ms. Hawson was showing and she tried to regain her composure.
    Composure was not in it for Jake. He had had enough. What was normally misery at the endless humiliation was, through his fuzzy thoughts, filtered into a towering rage. And yet, that rage only seemed to straighten out his thinking. One thought roared through his mind: This bitch was insolent, and she would learn to pay him respect. Slowly he stood up. The rage heated in Ms. Hawson's eyes as she saw him for the first time overtly challenge her. "Mister Bourque, what is that you think you are doi-"
    "Shut up." So quiet, so calm, yet inside he was an inferno. "You have annoyed me for the last time. You will treat me with the respect due me as your superior, or you will wish you had." The classroom was dead quiet. Nobody even breathed as the students and Ms. Hawson stared at him in shock. Smoothly, he glided up to her until she was looking directly up into his smoldering eyes. Looking down upon her, he realized, somewhat incidentally, that she was about three inches shorter than he was. She had always seemed so intimidating before, but now she was little more than an insect to be quashed as he saw fit. It seemed she had come to a similar realization herself, as the anger drained from her face and was replaced by fear and a peculiar dread.
    It only took a moment for her to drop her eyes and mumble an apology, with even a hint of a curtsy. She stepped back, with her eyes still lowered, waiting for him to break the silence. Still in his bubble of rage, he purposefully sat back down and instructed Ms. Hawson to continue. Her face nearly glowing red in humiliation, she turned back to the board and slowly began where she left off. It was several moments before the stunned students began to turn their attention back on their teacher.
    It took a bit for Jake to recover, too. His mind was reeling. What happened? He knew beyond the shadow of a doubt she would no longer trouble him. It was almost as if she had expected him to blow up like that, and was afraid of what might happen when he did. It was pretty obvious that she was still angry with him, but that anger was tempered with a healthy dose of fear. Jake rather liked that.
    That class was the quickest Calc class he ever experienced. Even though it felt good, he didn't feel right about humiliating her in front of her students like that. Being as Calc was the last class of the day, he decided to stay afterwards and apologize to her. The class was already into its homework when the end-of-day bell rang. The kids shot up out of their chairs and made a mad dash for the door to start their weekend. Jake lingered behind. He had driven to school since he got his car a few months back and wasn't too worried about being late getting back home. After all, wasn't like he had a date or anything. In less than 30 seconds, the classroom was empty except for the two of them.
    Ms. Hawson was looking in her lesson plan for the next week. She hadn't even noticed Jake's presence. Quietly Jake walked over to her and opened his mouth. Ms. Hawson jerked her head up in a startled gasp, her eyes wide with horror. She seemed desperate to speak but no words passed her lips. Concerned, Jake tried to calm her down with little "shushing" motions. He felt guilty for scaring her so badly.
    Finally Ms. Hawson regained her voice, but would not make eye contact with him. "S-Sir, I-I'm sorry. It wo-won't happen again. I swear to you! Never! Please." She actually started to sniffle! Now Jake felt horrible-what had he done to this woman? What was she afraid he was going to do?
    "Please calm down, Ms. Hawson! I'm only here to tell you something."
    "Yes, Lord?" She asked her voice barely audible, her eyes downcast. She abruptly looked. submissive. She stood, eyes still looking at his feet, the desk between them. Still holding her hand, he guided her around it and backed up until he was sitting at one of the student's desks. Without prompting, she knelt before him, a miserable, hopeless expression on her face. Letting go of her hand, he situated himself sideways on the chair, one arm propped up on the desk, and one on the back of the chair. Then he waited for her to make eye contact again. It took about ten seconds for her to get the courage to look in his eyes. When she did, he sat and let her stew for a bit. But finally said “Originally I was going to apologize, but you have disrespected me for far too long”.
    “I’m so very sorry my lord please forgive me! I’ll do anything!”
    “Anything hhhhmmmmm……”
    Now I know this was a wrong and evil thing to do but ill let your imagination think of what it was she had to do. Afterwards I sat and thought about it for a moment giving her just enough time to worry about her fate and then said “Very well, but if I ever find a slight bit of disrespectfulness or treachery in your tone….. YOU WILL REGRET IT! Understand?”
    “Yes my lord”
    “Very good you are dismissed Mrs. Haw- I mean Christina.”
    She promptly stood bowed and left. And with that I got in my car and went home.
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    am i insane?im not sure, i dont think im insane, but maybe i am.....

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    neway id aprieciate crits and/or editstheresabout 8 8 more pages i wrote and ill add them if ppl like the story
    am i insane?im not sure, i dont think im insane, but maybe i am.....




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