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    Default Raki's Armor (and other pertinent topics)

    Is Raki's armor special or something? He was able to deflect the yomi's fingers from his face, whereas Riful pierces through Rune's armor.

    Or is it just a technical aspect, as Raki's vambrace plates looked like they overlap one another when he deflected? Strangely enough, it's a standard vambrace when he stands still...

    Then again, perhaps it's just that stronger beings have stronger appendages and Claymores deflect regular yomi as well?

    Feel free to discuss or speculate anything else Raki may have gained the past 7 yrs. Hanging around with Isley sure did some good for his attitude.

    Edit: Currently skipping around earlier chapters, during the fight in the Church, Galk's armor was penetrated as well. Dunno if human armor is different from Claymore armor.
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    i said this before but anyway...

    Raki is more "cunning" now. You can tell hes part of a bigger scheme in wich he knows his part. How? You see when he told the claymore that if she crossed Claire she must told her that they will cross paths again. Normally Raki woud running towards claire but he seems more patient, as i said more cunning. More aware.

    And been a human, as it seems for now at least, not possesing yoma power he has only his cunningness and sword techniche to serve his purposes. I guess the last 7 years had been good to him.

    I hope this guy starts owning in the next chapters.

    n a second thought my real "prediction" is that Raki will become a "wolfwood" character. I mean a cool guy but severely depressed inside.

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    It's an interesting idea.

    As for the extremely strong armor......IT IS MITHRIL, FROM MIDDLE, EARTH.

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    I don't think we ever see a Claymore's armour go down to anything execpt AO's. So my thought would be that their armour and swords are made of simular materails, and that Raki's armour was simular (to me it looked like modified Claymore Armour). Otherwise, for all we know it could be made of the skin of Isley (tear off a chunk or arm while in AO form, and then smith it?), or something else entirely.

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    maybe he infused isley`s skin with claymore metal to create something very solid , far more better than normal claymore armors .

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    Wait what?

    As far as I've seen in this thread, someone actually compared a regular unAwakened yoma to Riful. Fucking RIFUL. Ain't shit gon' block Riful if she's out to kill you.

    Anyway, from how it looked, the scaled armor that Raki used to block the yoma's fingers came down from his upper arm. Not an impossible concept, but it doesn't seem like the most feasible to use in combat. On top of it being scaled, the way it was drawn made the attack seem to glance off the side of it, meaning that most of the force of the attack was deflected instead of being taken head on... or at least that's what I think.

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    Then again the yuma Raki fought was a very low level one so their attacks are probably relatively weak to start with. Isley might have given Raki the special armor and the sword to protect Priscilla.




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