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    Quote Originally Posted by Gammon029 View Post
    Has anyone considered the fact that Riful may want an "Eye" claymore so that she can give the poor Claymore to Dauf to use as some sort of "Dragonball radar" to locate Beth while Alicia is in Awakened mode? Hence the whole "I don't need you to have arms and legs to be useful to me" deal?

    Assuming Riful is equal to Alicia in strength, the deciding factor would be finding and eliminating Beth. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't two extremely large youki energy users interfere with normal youki sensing? (ie.Clare and Galatea vs Dauf with only Galatea sensing Riful) If this were the case, Riful would not have the luxury of running around Alicia searching for Beth since Alicia would be in her face the entire time.

    There's also the added difficulty of Beth being a claymore specifically raised to NOT release youki energy and to actually suppress it. So, the only way to locate Beth would be to give Dauf a "claydar" and have the "claydar" locate Beth who will possibly only be sensed when she is suppressing Alicia's youki.
    I'm not quite sure about the "radar" thing. Though that'll certainly come in handy, I'm of the opinion, along some other people, that Riful intends to use an eye unit for the purpose of youki manipulation (ability that might come with it as well). The thing is, I don't see Riful wanting to get rid of Alicia, mainly because she wants to get rid of Isley and Priscila, and she would only be able to do that with a powerful ally alongside. And Duff is, you know, useless.

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    i was shaking while i was reading that chapther.. god i love this manga..
    i look forward to read the next one.. it has been a while sine i got so interested in a story..
    (do you know if the author made any other manga?)
    about the style.. yes.. i think it changed a little bit.. i cant really tell..but clare looks somehow more attractive dont u think?

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    Author also did Angel Densetsu, it's an old school comedy manga. The art starts off really rough and pretty bad, but by the end of it you'll see it get drastically better to the point where it looks like Claymore (one of the characters even looks like Claire). It's a good read though, very funny.


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