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    Default Claymore Chapter 79

    Low quality raw found at
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Can anyone translate some of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cali View Post

    Apparantly,this is not raw..this is chinese scan.
    Btw,thanks for the link

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    can someone paste this file on rapidshare or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo1031 View Post
    can someone paste this file on rapidshare or something?
    FILES -->.. Claymore/Claymore Vol 013/..<--ONLINE ACCESS

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    Epsilonium @ MangaHelpers posted a translated summary:

    SENCE79 東の深意
    The Truth of the East (indicating the organization?)

    Clarice tries to fight Galatea. Galatea says she is done with everything and asks Clarice to kill her
    Clarice bursts crying that she can't slash if Galatea says that. Miria invites Clarice to the team
    Clarice is worried that no one will be able to kill Yoma if Organization was crushed

    Miria says that there is no problem since Yoma was created by the organization. Galatea asks for the source of the information.
    Miria raises the Claymore(Sword) as the proof, which does not show any crack even after slashing so many Awakened beings
    From the fact that the Claymore(Sword) is made of what is not from the land
    Miria draws a theory

    There is another continent where humans are still in warring state
    そして、そこには覇権争いをする二大勢力が有り片側が強固な外皮を持つ異種族を見方につけ戦いの趨勢(すう せい)を握った
    There are two stronger powers, and one of them has allied with some creatures with hard skins, being dominant over the fight

    To comfront, the other power starts to experiment on humans
    The method, however, will be also risking their own side
    Which means...yes...

    "This land is the experimental field for awakened beings"

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    Kinda saw something like that coming though. Same old story. Evil group of people secretly creates an enemy, then reveals itself with a solution and proceeds to get rich from it.

    Does this mean that Claymore has entered its final story arc? Once the organization is gone, there isn't much left to do.

    I always hoped it would last longer.

    Is there a scanlation group planning on doing this chapter.

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    10sigh translates Claymore, but he stated he actually enjoyed the break since the last chapter, whatever that implies.

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    blind @ Chaos Forums has posted an English translation of the Chinese scans:

    Page 1:

    Claymore, Scene 79: Truths in the east.

    Going against destiny and paving a new path with their Claymores.

    For their comrades, for themselves.

    Page 2:

    Side text: The awakened being Agatha was wiped out in an instant! After saving their true potential, Clare and the Warriors in the North have returned....

    They did it...?

    What happened

    It happened so fast...

    Who are those people...?

    Even though they carried Claymores, their outfits..

    They wouldn't be new enemies, right....

    Don't worry


    They aren't enemies, they're....



    The rain has stopped

    Page 3:

    Seven people..

    With Claymores, unknown warriors...


    Are they the ones who were thought to be...

    lost in the battle in the north...?


    Even though the cut was deep, it should be alright

    Since the wrists were just cut, it should be able to be regenerated.

    Oh...using yoki to help me recover and regenerate...

    But it's too bad, I'm a defensive type...I can regenerate on my own

    It'll be faster with two people

    Let me help you

    Page 4:

    How are your eyes?

    Can those regenerater?

    That's a wound from a long time ago...

    I can only enhance her healing and regenerating abilities...


    Healing and regenerating depends largely on one's memory...

    After so long, it might not be able to regenerate to old form

    I got hurt because I wanted to live in secrecy in this town

    If I wanted to heal it, it would have happened long ago

    You seem to...

    Not regret it...

    What should I regret for?

    To me, this is a place that is more important than light

    Page 5:




    What's wrong...

    You want to fight, kid?


    Her mission is to kill me


    Page 6:



    I'm sorry about before

    But since I've done what I've set up to do

    My life is your's to take



    What is this...

    What is this...

    Why do you say that...

    Can't you be at least a bit terrible....

    How can I kill you after hearing all that....

    Orders from the organization should be followed....

    And the one I'm supposed to kill is right in front of me...

    Tell me, what should I do...

    Page 7:


    Just don't return to the organization...


    Of course, if you don't kill Galatea here and return to the organization

    That's disobeying the organization's orders, also seen as'll probably be killed on the spot

    If you said you couldn't find Galatea or that she got away...the organization will never believe those words

    Then there's one parth left, and that's to not return to the organization...

    Page 8:


    If we do that...we'll..


    At that moment, you'll become traitors

    And they'll come after you.

    If we stay here, the organization won't come after us...

    When it's all said and done, this is still the Saint Capitals...

    It's widely known that this town discriminates us Claymores...

    It's a temporary solution

    If the organization wishes to kill us, they'll even completely destroy this town

    I think so too

    But even if it's just temporary, we have to stay...


    Page 9:


    Page 10:

    are here to topple the organization

    Page 11:


    Are you serious?

    If you are, then I've got to say you're too foolish and reckless...

    To defeat the enemies of the Warriors of the norht...

    You'll fight the warriors from the current organization?

    It's not like that

    Our target is only the organization...

    We will not fight with the warriors

    Page 12:

    That's one thing

    To fight against the organization, the current warriors will be sent out...

    A pointless battle between the original warriors and current warriors will ensue...

    Original No. 6...

    Phantom Mira shouldn't have overseen this point....

    And what are you going to do about yoma?

    Even though we're hated and despised by human, the purpose of our existence is to hunt down yoma...

    If there is no Organization, humans will be defenseless like before, and will be wiped out by yoma

    Even though what the organization has done is unforgiveable...

    But the humans of this world depends on our existence

    Page 13:

    Oh, I get it now

    If there was no organization, humans would suffer?

    I never thought of that

    Hey, Deneve



    Miria faces a dilemma in her path for revenge...

    If she disregarded all humans, it would be fine, but Miria isn't that kind of person

    I didn't ask her because I was afraid it was bother our movements, but what exactly is Miria thinking?


    Page 14:


    This is a good chance for me to tell you all everything I know



    There's more...

    to know...

    Page 15:

    I swore I'll take revenge on the organization after losing a friend

    But I immediately stped into the dilemma that Galatea just brought up

    So after that, I started an investigation on the organization while I completed my missions

    Since at that time, I had no material to judge the organization on...

    So I snuck into the organization's archives...

    And went to the edge of this vast land to collect all the information that I can

    The most suspicious is that there is a report of a village southwest of the organization headquarters...

    People within this well hidden village has said that...

    Page 16:

    Those villagers had a shocked look on their faces when they saw us. It is as if they didn't know that yoma existed

    Yoma has been existing on this land since forever...this is and old saying, but it's their first time hearing about it...




    So a theory drifted into my head...

    Page 17:


    Page 18:

    Are created from within the organzation....

    Page 19:

    Page 20:

    Hey, what are they talking about...

    I don't know, it's too far away

    Looks like they're really tense...

    We can't approach them right now...

    Huh? Yoma...?


    That's crazy...

    What are you talking about...

    Those things...

    Page 21:

    No, we all must have thought about this at some point in time

    We've always had questions about Yoma

    This can all be explain in one sentence...

    Ever since a long time ago, the human eating Yoma, in other words an upper class predator...

    But who came up with that?

    It's actually the yoma themselves, also the organization

    The first people who had these doubts, after a while...

    As people who haven't seen yoma slowly dies away, this legend slowly became the truth...

    Page 22:

    How pointless...that is just something that you want to hear, a hypothesis based on nothing

    Plus you have no evidence

    I do have evidence

    It's actually...

    something that everyone here has...




    It can't be...

    Page 23:

    This claymore...

    If it's just for killing yoma, isn't it a little too solid and sturdy?

    Page 24:



    This claymore has never broken in all the battles that I've been through...

    Not even a dent

    It's as if from the beginning

    It's made to be used on awakened beings or others...

    Awakened beings....

    Or others....what does that mean?

    Page 25:

    I've traveled all over this land, but I still haven't found any minerals that are even close to this

    I've also looked within the organization, but could find where these were made

    So I came to my conclusion, ths Claymore...

    isn't made from anything on this might not even be made here

    Hey hey, Miria, what are you talking about...

    You mean these aren't from this world?

    Page 26:

    Right, that's also how the organization handles their intel...

    They make us believe that this world only consist of this land

    There are numerous ships that have left ports in search for a new land, but they've all come back emptyhanded

    That's how they've come to a conclusion that there is no other land outside of this one on this world

    However, that isn't the case...

    There is an even greater land outside of this one on this world


    But those lands...

    are definitely not in a state of peace...

    Page 27:

    There are neverending battles going on between different countries and people, all for territorial reasons...

    One side can be considered as the dragon's kins. They're said to have non-human comrades that have extremely tough skin

    And they quickly took control of the battle

    Page 28:

    About a hundred years ago, the war split into two sides, and began the battle for supremacy

    The other side quickly tried to invent new weapons

    To fight against their enemies

    Soon after, the research gave birth

    to a new weapon

    And that is...

    Page 29:

    A weapon that allows a human to turn into a monster

    Page 30:

    But because these weapons are too powerful, they often wiped out their own army...

    So the research has been left on a small island away from the greater land


    You're kidding...

    You're saying...

    That's right...

    Page 31:


    Page 32:

    Is the laboratory for awakened beings

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    Taratatam final arc begins. Later we see clare slaying mechas in her dbz awakened 3rd state .

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    zanks for the chinese scan and the translate.


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