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    Quote Originally Posted by Elcura
    Yeah, it would be hard for most to dodge those strikes, but if Galatea saw them coming she could no doubt circumvent the majority of the damage, but Agatha would be crazy to do that, since light strikes like that wouldn't really work on someone who is focused on you.
    Of course, if Agatha was to go after Galathea instead, she would put much more yoki in her strikes, so that they would be faster and stronger, and to make Galathea unable of dodging them like she did in battle with Duff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elcura
    Miata wouldn't care because she grew used to the pain and she has a one track mind so even if something else was attacking her she wouldn't stop. God Miata pisses me off, her and Clarice are the worst duo EVER. Frankly whoever thought it would be a good idea to put them together was either crazy or wanted them both dead.
    Hmm, from chapter 76 it did seem that Miata didn't care about Agatha's attacks, but rather that she didn't notice those strikes and only felt uncomfortable as the pain grew stronger and stronger (hence her "Mama it hurts" phrases).

    I have to agree, this two are hard to tolerate. I can only see purpose in creating them if Miata awakens and Clarice starts controlling her (like Beth does with Alicia) but it will hardly happen. For now, just as you said, they can simply die with story not changing much.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elcura
    Also to answer your earlier question, no such thing as Teresa fanboyism, since it's pretty much all justified lol
    Hence no such rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by reinard-fox View Post
    But still. How could Galathea with her perfect yoki reading ability not notice Agatha's attacks?
    I've been wondering that myself, really. Elcura's right that she's being kinda distracted at the moment, although she did say that her blindness only helps her see the youki flows. Maybe Agatha is very fast when she wants to be, or she just attacked from behind Miata?

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    Well 4uk4ata, both of thoes are good ideas. Personally I think that it would be the latter. After all that would be like trying to see someone behind a tree for us. Since the tree is opaque and all.
    Here is my question to all of you though, just when was Agatha no.2? By my personal reckoning, she should either be the #2 before Teresa became a full Claymore, or one of the former remaining "single didgits" that were after Teresa and before Clair and co. could be formed. If you argue that it was before the 7 year gap, it would have to be before Clair, and almost certainly after Teresa for Galathea to know about her. Yet if it was during the gap, she would of had to be somewhere near Galathea in streangth to begin with. But we know the other single digits (exept Alica and Beth) died in that time frame. Unless Agatha was the "new generations eye" that the Orginization was talking about, I don't know who she could of been from that time frame. Which would make Mita a rushed out replacement for Agatha... Yet by how Galathea talks it seems that she has been "to ground" for years... Anyways, your thoughts?

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    Galathea was cutted from organisation for few years so Agatha couldn't been after her, thats what i think.

    If we look back we dont know how many claymores died/awakened between Teresa death and begining of manga when Clare is already a claymore and we dont know how much time it was (or maybe only I dont know :P ) ,so agatha could be no.2 then. I dont think Galathea was already a claymore when Teresa died, and yet she know Agatha name...

    and yet the past tense Galathea are using naming Agatha may as well be used to talk about "before Teresa". And Galathea simply know Agatha name from organizations records :P


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