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    Phantom Miria is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Default Being an Awakened Being

    How hard can it be? You have the organization trying to kill you sending whoever is closest to your current location and possibly they send 4 woman team to eradicate you on the double. Well... thats if you get caught or get detected for humans to notice right? I don't know how long it takes for an awakened being to freely change forms from their awakened body to their human looking ones but provided you mastered the phase change, how well do you think you can cope without being detected? Hmm well I don't know about you lot but if I awakened I'd be pretty damn hungry at first yeah? But question is why must I eat human guts? Why not other living organisms' guts? Where does the idea of eating human guts come from anyway?

    I'm not sure if anyone else heard of the tale. So I looked into some backgrounds which tells a story about a 9 tailed fox. No not naruto actually this one is somewhat alot different than the chinese and japanese variation of the yokwe (Youkai..ultimately Youma? lol). Heres a link if you want to go read the article about it. Click ME!

    So I'm hungry and I want to eat some human livers since it contains the process of turning food into energy and since I was more or less closely tied to humans thats the only equivalent way for me to get some nutrition out of it. That might explain or shed light on why Awakened Beings don't eat yoma guts. Human guts or more specificly human livers contain the energy of a human, meaning that it processes the food and gives energy, thus making it the container of the working force/life of a human. You were more or less a human in your past life before becoming halfling and then full youma but im sure your body's fundamental structure is alot like a human meaning human body parts and its functions should be closer to how my awakened body reacts. Hence only a human guts will do and a yoma guts is like already using up the life force. It's like telling a vampire to go suck on blood of another vampire for nourishment. They need red blood cells not from a host whose already using up all their red blood cells in their body. Much the same with Yoma so hmm it'd mean I have to go into town to get me some human corpses. One or two people going missing should be fine I'd think. But even then, missing people generally have a way of alerting the rest of the population especially in a small town. Now that I'm an awakened being... how should i go about in not getting detected while being able to feed whenever I like without raising OHHH AHHHH KYAHHH from the audience when they find the remains which stupid yomas do leave behind out of grim amusements which would get them killed eventually when people send out for a claymore.

    After much thinking living in the mountains might not be a bad idea. Boring yes but still much safer than risking my neck for a feed. I'd feed on travellers and some outlaws living in the mountain side. But seriously speaking... living off rats wont make me full. Since outlaws tend to run out quickly and travellers stop using the same route when they keep hearing their buddies keep going missing. Back to square one and still the best source of food seriously seem like the most dangerous choice of all. A very big established city with alot of people. Actually I have a even better idea! I go to a big city and snuff out the most evil shady looking characters who owns the city night life and offer my service as a assassin or personal bodyguard for a price of one or two slave per day to be eaten up by me. Great bargain~! you kill one bird with a boulder! score! Kaiserin style.

    And I begin to wonder how many actually used their brains and did this? Probably none although I think Isley had the brains to co-exist with humans to a degree while eating them on regular basis. Who knows, maybe he buys all the slaves as food stock for he and his men.

    So as an awakened being. I should ideally try surviving in a big big town with alot of slaves being brought in. Use the slaves as a food source while keeping my hands off the normal residents so i dont raise an alarm. Perfect.

    Well then, how would you survive if you were and Awakened Being?

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    kenjmg is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    If I regain my senses as an Awaken Being I would try to figure out a way to survive on guts as little as possible. At first I would try not to live on human guts at all. When that doesn't work simply put I wouldn't want to die of starvation but, if I have to live by eating people try to only eat as much as I need out of fact I don't want to eat people and I don't want to draw attention. Pretty much just wandering around picking off the occassional bandit, traveller, villager or whatever person was avalliable at the time and then move on. Using the idenity of merchant, mercenary, adventure, refuge, or any person who would have an excuse to be just passing through. Though people will be wary of you, if you play it right even if they think you did it you will be long gone and if nessary with another identity.

    The worst locations to go to are ones that recently have reports of another yoma there. It maybe that yoma will get the blame for your meal/s, but a claymore will be there at anytime so avoid these places. Though locations with reports of only recent disapearences are the best since, they don't have a cause yet. That means that place won't send for a claymore if another person just happens to disappear. Don't stay to long for if they find a body of one of your meals it is time to go and the claymore maybe sent to track you in that case.
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    NoKnuckles is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    I probably wouldn't be smart and I'd go feasting and die to a group of claymores.

    Unless I have ubar powers and kill anyone that nears me. But then Riful would be like "O mah gawd, some ubar awakaned" and try to recruit me, and I'd agree cuz Riful is hot.

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    adonai is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Depends on how strong I am, if I can't kill everything that gets in my way, I'm going to have start learning how to run or play dead.

    If I am that strong though, I'm going to start eliminating the competition and try to establish myself as a god with humans being the only remaining sentient creatures.

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    diuness is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    If you awakened, you've awakened, might as well make the best of it!! Enjoy guts and abuse awakened powers to the max. Then go pick up Riful and enjoy hardcore awakened fun with her in her run down castle.

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    Tousen is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    On the other side of your screen. Come on over.


    I would learn to suppress my yoma energy to the point of becoming invisible. That way I could live wherever I want, do whatever I want, and not have to stress if a Claymore comes to town.

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    reinard-fox is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    In case I awakened I won't behave Jean-like (please kill me while I'm still human~~~~) and will try to live in my new form.

    I would probably find some small town hidden in mountaines with little connection with outside world and make it my own, eating townspeple time to time and at teh same time protectiong them from my rivals like bandits and such (this guys will make good food as well BTW).

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    Infinite Legend is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Straight to Rifulcos she is teh Sex. She is also recuiting so she would probably accept you (if you were strong enough) and if the organisation decided that they want you dead then you would have some protecting from Riful.

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    qbsenuef is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    I would farm...

    With some proper propaganda, a little bit of tolerance. Earn some cash, put up a library mansion somewhere in the mountains, make a small village, lease the houses, lure in prospective buyers. Leave a gold haystack... lure in bandits. Feed myself protect the town. Do odd jobs for the price of a book of the comedy genre. Control population eat some people claim they got some rare disease that catches on once a month. Create some kind of myth out of it.

    Its going to be hard to start that out... but it feels very promising. *rubs chin*

    As for the situation with the other Awakened Beings... I'll live in indifference. Oh yeah, its kind of conflicting but I certainly wouldn't want the town to be uber famous.

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    _Vincent_ is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    most ideas here are either people-farming or Riful-is-teh-hot... I'm more on the Riful-side

    but If I awakened. I like the idea of suppressing my yoma powers and perfecting my stealth ability. I'll try to live as a human as much as I can, I'll probably end up as a butcher, and for food. I'll go on hunting trips on faraway lands and come back with some reserve food.

    When I learned how to fully use my powers, reading yoma energy and stealth. Then I'll start thinking of doing fun stuff (list include beating Duph )


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