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Hmm so after viewing this chapter, can we say that both Riful and Priscilla have tentacles-look-alike attack skills. Priscilla used that skill and tore Isley up.

Hmm, does that also mean that she is to some extent like Riful, un-killable if you did not damage the vital spots?

Riful <===== Chop her vertically and she lives!
Priscilla <=== Kiddo attacks like tearing off her hands and punching a hole around her body here and there won't get her killed.
I'm unsure whether to call Priscilla's assault an actual attack or a reaction. According to Rigald who was watching from the sidelines, it wasn't instant regeneration but rather the yoki that was built inside just leaked through the wounds rapidly. As for Riful I get the feeling its her ability kicking in since she can freely harden her skin against Claymores and choose to be cut if she felt like it, splinting her body in two or infinitely more pieces.