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    Lindy's sneak plan did work. However, she soon detected another Yoma.


    "The comrade of the other three?

    Oh, its the one that I have injured earlier."
    Lindy thought to herself

    Lindy noticed that the lone Yoma was limping and walking around probably searching for it's comrade. Lindy decided to go with another sneak attack. She crept up silently to that lone injured Yoma. It was confused and was shouting verbal insults, probably the result of the shock and injury that Lindy had performed earlier before she split up to go different ways with SIsteena.

    Suddenly, Lindy jumped out from her hiding place and did a diagonal down-up slash towards the back of that one lone Yoma when it had it's back turned.....

    "Hope that Sisteena is still safe"

    "I'll trace her after disposing this Yoma."


    OOC: Sorry for the mis-read and slow post. I will hurry and run all the way to the meeting point in my last next post.
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    Pain..Pain..Pain !!

    Jacob roared with pleasure, no - it wasn't Jacob anymore, it was the Yoma
    YoU pAthEtic bEing, EXisTing oNly tO bE a mEaT, kNow yOur PlAce - wE arE nOt To bE sToPped - tHe pReViouS oWner diSaPpeAred iN pAin, nOw iT's oNly US !

    With great force of his muscular legs Jacob kicked the being in the perineum, making it lose the pressure on his chest- he used the claymore on his back as the slippery field to slip under her legs behind her.

    Now they changed presence again, giggling little to themselves
    Now he went to sleep after the adrenaline went off, you poor thing - Shadow with me.

    And he didn't existed in this area any more - not for any eyes at least, only confusing odour which like always spread all over arena.

    Yet Jacob still haven't returned..well, that's good - he will take control while other is burning up.

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    Cecily ~’{@

    Cecily looked unto the horizon toothed with the forest's canopy. The sun had set and only a faint glow of red outlined forest top, but then a precarious cloud of black guided a path to the east. “A fire had broken out for some time now,” Cecily stated. There was no time left for storytelling and the hour of rendezvous was nearing. Although the wildfire would have been a direct path to the final destination it stood out too much that it may have attracted packs of yoma.

    “We are quite a distance from the north eastern cliffs. If we move now we may get there before midnight and arrive just in time for the final assembly. However, we must avoid the monstrous bonfire hindering our direct path to the meeting point,” Cecily stated to her comrade who seemed unusually quiet. “We should also avoid walking along the stream and the main trade route passage itself. These are obvious areas where we can be easily ambushed.”

    “I came from the woods over there,” Cecily said as she pointed to the direction she came from downstream. She remembered only running straight ahead from her starting point which was a few bounds south from the morning briefing location. “If we take the same course back to the mission briefing area and head north from there we should have little to no hostile encounters,” she continued to discuss.

    Cecily looked at her battle-worn attire for a moment while waiting for her fellow trainee to respond. It had numerous tears that it could nearly out-stripe a tiger and her cape was too short to be even called one. Then it came to mind that she still did not know the name of her ally, but felt it was up to her companion to identify herself as it wasn’t an obligation. With nothing else to think of Cecily asked, “What do you think?”

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    "Arc. Lead on. I'll watch your back this time." Deimon whispered behind Arc thought Deimon may have not relized he heard. Then Arc started walking south around the fire with Deimon behind. Deimon seem tense and nervous to Arc. Probly do to the fact his Yoma sense are not working. "Okay safer, long route it is. We should try to meet up with another claymore in the saftey zone since my own sense are sporatic at best. At the moment I can only detect level with deteration over distance, type and direction. Well I guess I will check again. To the south no Yoma's there only some half breed yoki in that general direction. A few dots of various yoki to the west but judging by the level they are fair distance away. To the north a solid yoma yoki mass. To the east some yoki of half-breed with some of awaken being and Yoma as well. I guess I should inform Deimon further on the situation." After that thought Arc spoke, "Looks like my yoki sense are starting to blur again so I am going to rest them until the estimated time we will need them. I pick this route because the yoma's yoki is pretty much non exsistant on this route for the first stage and we have good chance of running into fellow half-breed who were not injure that baddly and haven't awakened this way too. We will also be able to rest in that area for a bit. After the bit of rest I can properly analysis the situation again and see better weather to follow the stream or go for the road from there. Thought it going to have to be short rest giving how much time we have and how long the walk will be." After a long silence Arc then check again with his sense in area that had hollow tree and a lot of twigs to warn them of anything aproaching by foot and a bed of leave to soften grown in the hollow. Found only half-breed yoki in the area that seem to be getting stronger. Also the fire was a fair distance away now. Arc then pointed at tree hollow and said, "Here is a good place to rest for a bit. Let rest here while waiting for the half-breeds comming this way."
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    .: Deimos :.

    "Here is a good place to rest for a bit. Let rest here while waiting for the half-breeds comming this way."

    Deimos nodded. He couldn't do anything else to reply, too busy trying to concentrate and force his meager ability to read yoki come up to the surface. Perhaps that was part of the problem--there was such a thing as trying too hard, after all.

    He didn't enter the hollow. Deimos stuck the point of his claymore into the ground at the hideyhole's edge, sat down, and leaned his back against it.

    Woodsmoke clung to his uniform. Scratches from branches and leaves tattered the cloth. Splatters of yoma blood patched it. Mud daubed his uniform in places where he'd stumbled only to get up again, and with a faint realization Deimos understood he was a little tired from it all. He'd had enough of yoma today.

    I wonder how they'll judge me...?

    Deimos stared up at the treetops, lost in thought.

    EDIT: Got erased.
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    Hearing the crashing sound of the falling tree. What the?! What is going on there? Goes to the area where the crashing sound came from. Readies his bow and arrow hmm it seem that there is something going on there better to check it out since I'm a little bored.

    OOC: Goes to Lindy's area.

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    Arc goes to the other side of the hollow tree and stick the point of his newly acquired claymore into the ground, leaned against it and just let his mind wander. "Seem by the fact the sun's is setting we can afford two hours rest however that doesn't give anytime much extra time to waste along the way at a cautious walking pace. Deimon seem to need a bit of rest. So we should rest at least a half an hour then set out even if we don't meet up with any comrades. Beside if they don't come to meet us within this time then they probally just passed us by. Well just let mind and body recover a bit. This seem to be the best course given are time. We should both be as prepared as we can be before heading to the meeting point. I wounder how many are going to survive this?" Arc began to let his mind wander over the event of today and yesterday, also even poundering his future as he finally let himself rest.

    OCC: well I am heading to bed for a bit if anyone wants to meet up with me and deimon please have them run into our character before I wake up in about 6 hours. Pretty much what Arc will do is wake up as soon as something comes within 20 meters of where they are resting and go with the simple line "Hello!! who might you be?" then your character respond.

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    "What do you think," Cecily asked. She was a surprisingly peppy trainee, especially after the all-too-exhilerating afternoon that Farleen was far from doubting that she had. Still, despite any negatives that the quiet blonde could think of to describe her new traveling buddy, she was talking enough for the both of them. This in itself was a lot for Farleen, because during any other part of training, she hadn't had a conversation of more than four words.

    At this point in their careers as trainees, Farleen could see no reason to make attempts at alienating someone who she would probably never see again. She turned her gaze onto the sky for a moment before beginning, "Dusk is already on us. If the Yoma are smart enough to stay in controlled groups, they'll be smart enough to follow the roads that other smart people would follow. Right, Cecily?"

    "Hm? How'd you know my name?" The question would have implied shock, but curiousity and amusement were far more obvious across her features.

    Farleen decided to ignore the question. "If we head northeast straight through the fire, there shouldn't be any more Yoma than we'd run into taking detours and backroutes. And if you're pathetic enough to let the heat bother you, just use some yoki to get through."

    She shifted her left shoulderplate, trying to find a position for it that kept from agitating her wound. "What's your name, then?" The question cut into Farleen's drifting thoughts like Death's scythe.

    The trainee took a few steps toward the meeting point before stopping. She didn't move, but instead spoke, "I guess you can call me Farleen."

    "Oh, well then, Farleen, can you tell me how you knew my name?" Cecily's voice was still cheery.

    Farleen ignored that question, too.

    If you want me to change anything, qbs, just PM me with it.
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    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
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    Sisteena calmly let go of the tension in her arm as she re-examined her current situation. What in the world just happened she asked herself, at any given moment the awakened being could have ripped her to shreds and Sisteena herself was ready to defend herself if she had to rely on her powers yet again. Instead the power rushed out of her arm returning its cellular activites back to her normal bodily routine. It was either she still sensed the wicked aura or she was greatly relieved by her safety regardless of who spared her. Strength drained out of her for moments as she couldn't help but wonder at why the awakened being Nyskrte decided she would not kill her unlike the rest of the trainees whom she made the connections to be Nyskrte's doing. It was the fact that she was left alone without a scratch that bothered her immensely but no matter, this was one experience she never expected to live to tell the tale. First direct encounter with the awakened ranks.

    As much as she wanted to rest and soak in the reality that just took place, it was nearing nightfall. Almost the designated time for the re-grouping. How many fell just with today? Knowing each generation and their productivity, roughly 200 trainees would have been killed leaving at most a dozen or less who passed off as the survivors. Or at least thats what her studies of it have shown. This was the harsh world however, those who was never up to harsh realities were never meant to be Claymores. A cold fact. Organization's method sickened her but she had to admit, it was probably the most effective way to filter out the weak from the strong. Was she strong? The very thought did not linger in her mind for very long as she started to try and move her weakened limbs a footstep after another. Prolonged battle had taken its tolls on her it seemed. Anymore excessive or reckless usage of her Yoki and she could be asking for trouble.

    A long hike awaited her as her walk brought her nearer and nearer to the mountain where the handler's would be waiting. Regardless of the lack of strength, Sisteena continued to hold her claymore firmly with one hand like a dignified warrior. She had survived the trial of death and carnage worthy of a title Claymore she hoped.

    OCC: Sisteena will be taken out now that she's nearing the mountain unless Elcura has other plans. If not she'll continue once everyone has posted their last post and are at the meeting place. Btw is anyone still fighting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hynavian View Post
    You do realize you killed 3 of them with the trunk right? Is the last one attack the single Yoma or one in a group? Because the group isn't there anymore lol. You might wanna amend your post to that effect.

    "Uhh, she's...pretty...heavy..." Kaiserin said over a span of ten seconds, gasping for air as she dragged the now unconscious trainee with her. It was getting dark, the sun caressed the horizon as it faded away. It seemed like she was on the outskirts of the forest, over looking a rough mountain area. "The black suits said the rendezvous point the north? She looked at the sky, trying to discern the direction from the sky and stars. East and west was obvious, but north and south proved to be tricky. Eventually she decided to just carry on the direction she was going, anything was better than going over her own tracks.

    The injured trainee's breathing was getting shallow, Kaiserin decide it would be best to give the girl even more of her stamina and energy to help give her lungs the power to breathe better. They trekked on ahead, getting closer and closer to the rendezvous point, Kaiserin's legs felt like lead, she dragged them heavily across the floor, sweat poured down the side of her face as even her breathing became shallow and short.

    "Just a little more" She thought to herself, mustering all the will she could to drag both bodies to safety. The mountain where the black cloaks had gathered was in sight, it wouldn't be long now before it was all over...

    OOC: Kaiserin is out until the meeting


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