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    Default Claymore RPG Character check-up/approval thread

    Basically a way of seeing who's still around to do the RPG. Take this time, before posting your characters up again, to change and tweak anything that's been suggested in the other thread.

    Me and Tetnubis will give your characters the all clear. We're working on the map now and the first mission will be posted in a day or two.

    I will edit this post again later and list the people who have been given the all clear.

    Kolox - Jacob (Approved)
    Saikudoh - Deimos (Approved)
    Phantom Miria - Sisteena (Approved)
    qbsenuef - Cecily (Approved
    Hynavian - Lindy (Approved)
    Ferozban - Lydia (Approved)
    Lizard - Beatrix (Approved, but away till further notice)
    xxsaznpride - Farleen (Approved)
    Nyskrte - Nyskrte (Approved)
    Kenjmg - Arc (Approved)
    TheGambit - Stella (Approved)
    Kaiserkreuz - Alerian (Approved)


    Name: Kaiserin

    Gender: Female

    Rank: --

    Race: Yoma (1/4 human)

    Type: Defensive

    Alignment: Good

    Likes: Family, friends, Tanit, hard workers and good people. Likes to goof around and play jokes on people.

    Dislikes: Yoma and stressful people. Hates being pushed around, hates not being able to retaliate and her craving for human flesh and blood.

    Personality: Easy going, and quite slow paced. Is kind and generally helps everyone who needs it, is determined despite her demeanor and uses her opponents underestimation of her to her advantage. Easy to get along with. Her blood lust when using her Yoki is a problem. She's a bit of a coward, but eventually gathers the courage and will to fight.


    Special Skill: Drain and Aspir.

    Drain: Through close contact with the target Yoma, Kaiserin can drain the opponents stamina and uses it to increase her own stamina. Opponents feel tired and their endurance goes down greatly. Drain can also be used in reverse, giving an ally some of Kaiserin's stamina, or by using Kaiserin as a catalyst, transfer stamina from one Claymore to another.

    Aspir: Again, close contact with the target.
    VS Yoma and Awakened Beings: Kaiserin drains the target of Yoki, lowering their defense, offense, speed and intelligence while raising her own. Using this her power releases according to the amount drained, it's easy to go up to 80% and over just by draining a small amount from Awakened Beings. Must be used with great care against strong opponents.

    VS Claymores: If the opponent Claymore is using 10%, 30%, 50% etc of their power, Kaiserin Aspirs that much of their yoki, returning them to 0%. At the same time, that amount of power is instantly added to Kaiserin. Who can't quickly disperse of the power.

    History: Kaiserin was originally a full blooded Yoma, having been confused and alone, she questioned her existance. One night she had an encounter with a human couple. Intrigued by their kindness (or stupidity) of this one couple and their daughter, she began to live with them, learning about human ways and customs. She was amazed at their bravery, and showed no fear even though they knew what she was. She slowly felt love towards the family, and the love was reciprocated. The days she spent with them were golden. She had always had the craving for human flesh and blood, the couple, understanding of her dilemma helped her to use that hunger and craving for a better purpose. To hunt and kill human criminals, that was the only way Kaiserin could eat and survive without feeling guilty. Eventually this became normality, she even began to enjoy her sessions, favouring the hunt and not the prize. No matter how involved she got, the family was always there to ground her, giving her perspective and not letting her run amok. Kaiserin dearly loved her little sister, Brea, they weren't often seen apart, and it was because of her that Kaiserin managed to feel human. The couple often said to Kaiserin, who on some days said she was a monster, that "Monsters aren't born, they are created".

    During one of her hunts ran into an injured handler, he had been wounded while coming to collect a fee that a Claymore was owed. She rescued him and took him back to her family and nursed him back to health. The man, grateful made a promise to return the favour at some time. The man called himself Tanit, he bowed to Kaiserin and her family, before walking off.

    The city one night, was rampaged by a huge monster. It stood taller than most buildings and had the force to completely destroy them in one swipe. The night was over quickly, however, for those who survived. It was the longest night of their lives. Kaiserin stood above the body of her beloved sister, who laid there, lifeless, looking up at her. Tanit approached her from behind, laid his hand on her shoulder and gave her his condolences. Without hesitation, she picked up her lifeless sister and turned around towards Tanit.

    "I know how Claymores are made...humans are infused with yoma flesh and blood." she paused, as Tanit stared at her confused "But... I am not human. So, if you were to put this girl's flesh and blood in me...would the result be the same?"

    Tanit had a look of bewilderment on him, "You're not human...what do you mean by that?"

    Kaiserin slowly released her power, showing her true form, Tanit was taken back, but he was not worried. "I see..." he said looking down at the ground. He raised his head and said " could be done. But I have no idea how this will end..." he trailed off "I did say I owed you a favour though, we will certainly try, I owe you that much at least. However, this will be a secret. The organisation can't know about this, nor your fellow comrades." Kaiserin nodded, and walked slowly behind Tanit, who was leading, with her sister grasped tightly in her hands.

    Misc: Although Kaiserin is considered a Claymore, because of her odd body and blood fusion she still has to eat humans to survive. She uses a shorter than normal Claymore that's half the weight of standard issue Claymores. This is so she can handle the Claymore better in one hand and makes parrying attacks easier, with that it makes it slightly easier to close in on her opponent to use her skills.
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    I will bold the changes

    Name: Jacob

    Gender: Male

    Rank: None - outsider of yoma society, never cared about teaming up with them

    Race: Yoma

    Type: Defensive

    Alignment: Evil

    Likes: Money,Alcohol, Expensive stuff, Pretending he is human,Cash, Deceiving, Gold,Being unnoticed, Gambling, Flesh

    Dislikes: Being deceived, non-alcoholic cocktails, vegetables, people who can't take a joke

    Personality: Split of personality - one of chaotic monster and another of lustful human - sometimes he says about himself in terms of "we". He thinks he is human with Yoma inside him - doesn't really understand how Yoma works himself.

    Special Skill:

    Sacrament of Masks : Just a little nicer way of a skill which steals someone else face by ripping it of from previous owner and using it as his own - it's hard to tell how long a face can last - a hour or a week. This way he can use his yoma powers, but still look like a human (normaly he would need to reveal his yoma self). This ability is completely useless against claymores and mostly used against humans.

    Shadow Works : Through creating some mysterious presence around him (smell maybe ? He doesn't understand it himself) he can make himself...uninteresting. Human's or Claymore's mind just doesn't record his presence in their memory. The flaw of this technique is, that it stops works if Jacob becomes agitated (in other words, experience 'Adrenaline Rush'), so this technique's is for sneaking and fleeing only.

    Heartbeat awareness : A skill inferior to that of claymores to detect yoma's power - Jacob can detect heartbeat if he can concentrate. The ability gets better after more training - presently he can detect heartbeats from distance of 100 meters (if there is more than 10 creatures around his sense might get confused). The technique can also tell him about the size of the enemy or the state : scared, calm or agitated, but can't really tell whatever it's yoma, claymore or human - but he can tell if it's animal (since animals have different heartbeat than humans). [b]He uses it also to detect enemies (their hearts in particularly) and stab them with great efficiency.

    The problem is, Jacob doesn't remember much of his life - from the very beginning he was Yoma but actually felt a little disgusted with his friends. He never felt motivation to fight with humans - he always said there is too many of them to actually trying to fight them. The interesting thing is he has a split of personality - he tends to talk to himself and conspire by himself. He has human side and yoma side and those both sides... both sides tends to thing the same way.

    He was never interested in revealing his own past...

    He actually enjoys being with humans but because of his nature ('I need human flesh') he tries not to get too close with them.

    He likes to collect things, rare things (probably some complex) and he wants more, more and more !! he takes various jobs to obtain them or get money to afford them. Assassinations, burglaries, mugging, raping and.... gambling.

    Mostly he wears completely black suit and black robes and a face of human he stole before (sometimes he have few faces with him just in case). Although he has his "Shadow Works" he tries to be extra careful every time he performs his job.He is quite proud of his ability to maintain undetected, but he never dared to use it near Claymore

    He met with Claymores and very efficiently... avoided any contact. He is quite aware that Black Order is knows him, but since no one pays money for his head, it might be the reason why he doesn't have 10 silver-haired beauties running with big swords after him.

    Appearance :

    Doesn't let anyone see his real face - this is his agenda. If he somehow became recognizable, it could surely be troublesome, but the coat he is wearing makes him recognizable for some people who ask for his services

    Misc: Sometimes he can't control his split-personality - he tries to hide this, but when his yoma side gets irritated (mostly because it didn't have any 'action' lately) he becomes aggressive and talks like lunatic (with 'we want it' way of speaking - like Golumm). He tries to maintain some norms while dealing with humans, but it seems it's getting harder and harder every year.
    Because of his split-personality, his yoma side tends to be weaker - at least when it comes to strength in arms and jaw, but still can jump high or run really fast. He also can control his lust and his need to kill human easily, but if he won't eat for more than a week his yoma side starts to show himself. Sometimes, if he wants to prevent himself from eating humans, he attacks animals and eats it's guts.
    He is well trained in all thievery skills: Lock picking, sneaking, pickpocketing, trap removing - stuff like that.

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    Name: Deimos
    Gender: Male
    Rank: To be determined by GM
    Race: Claymore
    Type: Offensive
    Alignment: Neutral
    Likes: Fire
    Dislikes: Beer, wine, vodka, anything to do with alcohol

    Personality: Narrow-minded to the point of being a fanatic yet conceals his arrogance with a calm demeanor. Is quiet. Believes in nothing but his own abilities, which slows down his inevitable awakening. For now. A consequence of this a tendency to abandon his team-mates during battle and push almost to his limits. He doesn't make friends easily among his comrades. Resents humans. Contrary to his personality, he is lonely.

    Special Skill: Ignition of Ankh. The exhalation of a highly oxyginated mixture. Three conditions should be met for this skill to be optimal. First, the enemy must have a tough enough skin that sparks are possible. Second, he must cut his open his palm. (Internal wounds don't meet this condition since the skin isn't broken.) Third, Deimos needs to use all the air in one of his lungs.

    Using his yoma energy to channel his breath down his bloodstream, it escapes as an expansive mist from the open wound, an inflammable compound instilled with his yoma energy. This gaseous mixture wreathes his blade for a short period of time before dissipating. A typical move is to stick the blade in and cause an explosion.

    Two disadvantages to using this skill is a need to strike at once before the mixture becomes impotent, a need to attack at close range, and the number of times--two--this skill can be used. Aftereffects of using this skill include oxygen deprivation and a temporary loss of motor control.

    In other words, Deimos becomes extremely weakened and easy to attack.

    The number of times the skill can be used may increase up to nine at the peak/maximum level. If Deimos goes over the current limit of his skill, he's in danger of awakening.



    His appearance is whatever male claymores were supposed to look like. (I'm assuming white-bleached hair and silver eyes, slim in uniform, armor, and claymore over his shoulder.) A distinguishing trait is his hair and a fondness for heavy winter cloaks dyed the sick purple color of yoma blood.

    History: Deimos hates alcohol. His father was a wine merchant, killed by a yoma at a tavern in a town beyond Pieta while promoting the latest products of his distillery. Then a fire razed his town to the ground. To make matters worse, his mother became so traumatized by the death of her husband that she chose to sever Deimos from her. Torn by his mother's grief, Deimos did an unusual thing by selling himself to a slaver in order to ensure that she lived for a while longer.

    Apparently there was a conspiracy of a rival wine merchant's guild that didn't want his father to prosper. Deimos' home produced some of the best ice wine of the country. In order to eliminate this threat to their wealth, the guild called on a yoma lurking up North to kill his father. Then they burned the distillery and winepresses in his hometown.

    The organization picked him up out of the slave pens being sold North. Deimos was nine then. Now he is sixteen.

    He buried himself in fanatical training for the single purpose of all claymores: kill yoma. All else is useless mental baggage, such as the past. (Or so he thinks.) The recent decision of the organization to begin using female claymores, however, and the awakening of male claymores, has put Deimos in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation. Suspicion and mistrust have increased for the male warriors. Sensing that the transition years will not go well, he is determined to hold himself back from the inevitable awakening to fulfill his intended purpose, to prove that male claymores are not inferior to the new female types.

    Deimos is yet undecided whether he will try to continue living when he awakens or send his black card.

    Misc: any person to offer him beer will end up headfirst through the lid of a winecask. He will use anything that comes to hand during a battle, be it a bottle of beer or a rock other than just using his sword.

    ~Past Story Excerpt~

    Seventh Year

    Deimos snuck into the kitchen in the cold hours of morning. A flicker of dawn lit the gloom. Bedraggled, but not the least bit sleepy, he warmed his hands by the ember glow of the stone oven. The gleam in his blue eyes reflected thoughts of forts, armies, and snowballs.

    Winter was a season for war.

    He startled in his nightclothes when a loud splat bounced off the tiny kitchen window. A muffled voice came through the frosted glass, and he recognized its owner from the childish malice lurking under the words.

    "Out you pop, yellow hedgehog!"

    Bloody hell. It's that damned Iapto!

    Deimos ran up the stairs to his small bedroom without a second's thought for his mother's much needed sleep. The planking creaked underfoot. He threw off his nightclothes and randomly put on boots, faded trousers, and a warm tunic over his long underwear. He itched, but his skin had long grown used to wool. To cap it off he wrapped on a thick scarf in his favorite red-and-black checker pattern.

    He paused in his rush by the kitchen on the way downstairs. After a moment's hesitation, he grabbed a cold sausage from yesterday's leftovers on the table. Deimos broke his fast, all the while unlatching the door and muttering between mouthfuls, "My warrior name is Demon! Why the blazes does he keep calling me hedgehog?!"

    "Hedgehog!" Iapto cried, loud enough to wake the town. "Hedgehooog! Come out and play, pricklypuss!"

    Deimos devoured the sausage.

    Opening the door to the chill winds, he shouted: "Don't make fun of my hair, you--"


    Something mushy yet frozen as ice smacked against his face.

    Fury and shame seized his muscles. Deimos fell flat on his butt. Victorious laughter reddened his ears.

    Death and buggery! That Iapto got him cold!

    Yes, winter is a season for war.

    Ninth Year

    War games were fine to while away the passage of time, as were such things like school and helping out in the family shop, but Deimos could no longer hold off his impatience.

    Two years and not a word apart from infrequent letters. Why?

    "Father's been gone too long." He shook his mother's knee, looked up at an angelic face strained by the years, framed with blond curls tied back in a ponytail. They huddled in the kitchen, the oven doubling as a fireplace. " he even coming back, mother?"

    "He's coming back."

    Deimos shook his head. "When?"

    "When he's brokered a deal for someone to expand the distillery. He's further up North now, past Pieta." She closed her eyes then pinched the bridge of her nose. "We can't live on stocking the taverns and inns for long. We're almost out of yeast and malt, and there aren't any supplies coming in from the south."

    He didn't appreciate her frank truthfulness. "When?!"

    "Deimos." His mother opened her eyes. "Your father is trying his best. Learn to give him a bit more time. We all need a little more time. The yoma--"

    She cut herself off.

    Deimos understood that there are some things adults will not talk about. He knew a little of trade. And bandits. And ambushes. People talked over children's heads, but often under the assumption they paid only the slightest of attention to such boring doings. If he kept quiet, someone at some point would run through the rumors.

    Yoma. Horrible monsters. Creatures so ancient that nobody knew where they came from or why they liked to murder people and eat them.

    The thought that surfaced in his head caused an electric shiver down his arms. What if--

    No. He wouldn't think of that. Deimos studied his mother's face and saw the worry there.

    He wouldn't think of that at all.

    * * *

    The message came on a cold morning day. Just like the day he buried Iapto under his own fort.

    His mother accepted the fact with a calmness that proved she'd gone into shock. From his vantage point behind his mother's skirt, the messenger at the door looked grim himself, bloodied and bruised in torn armor.

    A yoma massacred tavern-goers one night. The northern town's militia overwhelmed the beast, but not before suffering casualities on the border of attrition.

    Fifty guardia dead. None of the people inside the tavern survived. And one of them had been Deimos' father.

    * * *

    The fire happened after he cried himself to sleep.

    Deimos awoke. The smell of smoke wracked his lungs with pain.

    His first thoughts leapt to the wellbeing of his surviving kin.


    He tumbled out of bed. Strange. His mind was clear, almost empty but for the one purpose foremost in his head.

    Smoke clouded up from under the windowsill and from gaps in the walls. Deimos coughed until his eyes blurred and he couldn't make out the wood grains of the floor any longer. Got to get out of here. Get mother.

    The fire. Where? He heard the flames crackling and the growing roar of a blaze. The sound froze him. Purpose escaped him. The beginnings of panic set in.

    Not the kitchen. It can't be the stove. Even in grief he'd automatically banked the charcoal from marked habit.

    Deimos flinched when he heard a rafter give way somewhere. Below? Or the cellars, where the alcohol was kept?

    The alcohol--


    His mother pounded on the bedroom door. "Deimos!"

    * * *

    By the time they escaped outside, half-blind and lungs pierced with coughs, the entire front and side of the house lit the night, a fiery inferno that licked up any flammable material, melted the snow, and dulled the stones black with cinders and ash.

    Theirs wasn't the only house afire.

    Townsfolk gathered in the square nearby, a clustered mass of confusion and bewilderment. They shirked at the kiss of the flames, the heat, the loss of all their belongings and livelihood.

    Both of them joined the people, drawn in by the instinctive reaction common to many in a time of disaster. Hunker down or flee.

    Deimos clutched his mother around the waist and buried his head in her nightgown. He took comfort in the fact she still had the strength to stand. He blinked back tears. Father's gone, but mother's here. He'd be lying if he thought he didn't need father, but now, right now--

    Murmured voices conversed all around him, silhouettes cast in hellish light.

    "How did it spread so fast?"

    "Smell that? That's oil. And look at the smoke, it's too dark and thick. T'aint a natural fire."


    Silence. Then, an old, weary voice:

    "First we get word Harald is murdered during his trade mission. Then this fire. With all this, it's obvious we can no longer hold the title for producing the best ice wine of the country. We lost."

    Deimos clung tighter to his mother

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    Claymore RPG Profile: Deimos

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    Default Sisteena



    Yet to be decided





    .: Likes :.
    The scent of Chamomille and Jasmine. Night time hours gazing at the brightly lit moon.

    .: Dislikes :.
    Yoma and Awakened Beings. Arrogant cocky humans with a lust for Claymores thanks to the law and the decree Claymores must never harm human beings. Male Claymores and even worse a Male Awakened Being

    Loyal, independant and reserved, Sisteena may act coldly at times but she's actually suppressing her emotions in order to focus on her given mission. Sisteena could best be described as a lone wolf, relying very little on outside help to accomplish her goals even during team missions. Though she is trained to adapt to her surroundings and act if neccessary to her advantage she tries to minimise this adaptation to her surroundings if possible and prefers a front assault compared to cunning tactics unless required to.


    Click here for little fan service lol

    .:Special Skill:.
    Schweizersäbel: Sisteena stay calm and with a very strong spirit she initiates an awakening on her right arm carefully fighting her yoma so herself isn't pulled into losing herself to the fully awakened arm. By releasing her yoma energy into one arm alone she is able to transform her arm into a gigantic demonic arm coated in very thick armour plating much like awakened beings which can be used as a shield against blades and various weapons whilst acting also as a makeshift claw/gauntlet type weapon that can slash against an enemy with a monstrous force. As much as she has good control at maintaining this awakened arm without affecting the rest of her body her limit cannot go past anymore than 5~7minutes as the strain continues to break down the control rapidly should she go over the limit which eventually lead to her full awakening and she won't be able to return back into a human. But until her limit of 5~7minutes have exceeded she can fight calmly maintaining her human appearance without any distortion, however should she go past her limit she begins to distort very rapidly. Sisteena's specialty is her manipulation of her right arm's flow of yoki and its awakening. With this dramatic change in one arm she developed her own style of combat using the deadly potentials of her arm. What she lacks in speed she makes up for with strength and finesse.

    Sisteena was one of the many casualties of the north Vieena civil wars. Fleeing with her parents and sisters they travelled with other refugees leaving behind their native homelands towards the southern borders where they were promised food and shelter as well as means of survival in new lands. Despite living a nomads life from her young age she was a happy girl who had 3 older sisters who looked after her and parents whom adored her. Through the nomadic life they've encountered horrible bandits countless times but these bandits never left such horrible nightmares on one encounter where the refugees encountered a hungry dying man who looked like he was being hunted down from yomas. The same man travelled with the refugee and slowly recovered but mysteriously one by one refugees started to disappear in numbers. On one evening of full moon, Sisteena saw the same man enter her oldest sister Cecila's tent to exit with his hand drenched with crimson liquid. The girl informed her parents and the refugees surrounded the man questioning the whereabouts of Cecilia, torches and weapons drawn towards him. All Sisteena remembered seeing was the colour red as her surroundings soon smeared all over with blood and guts human remains among them her parents and other sisters lying motionless as a monster dug its colossal jaws into each living humans ripping their organs from their bodies. Shocked and traumatized little Sisteena watched the whole massacre happening right before her very eyes, her eyes try as she might could not close them as she fixed her gaze at the monster while her throat felt dry unable to scream or shout. Without remembering much other than the blood and gore spilt before her she passed out until she was awakened by a group of tall women dressed in uniform armors with swords as tall as they. A man in the black took her by her shoulders and that was the last scene etched into the back of her mind a nightmare that would haunt her forever. The place she arrived was a city, most of it buried under the earth with houses built on small caves dug around the rocky cliffs. Here she was trained to forget and lose her human heart for she will one day be rebirthed into the same warrior women who saved her and she would serve this organization as a Claymore.

    Because her family was massacred in the Northern parts of the world where a male awakened being had slaughtered them, Sisteena has been sent on missions around this area rich with snow almost throughout all years. Hence her choice of attire is slightly different and she wears a long cloak to blend in with the locals if she must. Sisteena continues the search for the Male Awakened who has barely escaped the Claymore organization last time when Sisteena was saved. Ah yes and lastly I know the pic I produced has the girl having black hair but I'm hoping you guys would have enough common sense to ignore that minor detail lol.

    .:Past Story:.

    The earth shook under the constant beatings it took under the steady drumming of hooves, warcries of twisted men and the screams of their victims screached against the town walls. Will of the wisps came to life and flew across the plains and onto the rooftops of many houses travelling in many arrows shot from the darkness outside. Local soldiers ran towards their comrades screams sounding loud horns while more fell on the opposite side of the town. Fires engulfed the town, its walls now painted in disgusting red colours, fires eating through the thick liquid the girl was pulled abruptly. Her own home met its end as a watchtower crumbled flinging heavy pile of bricks onto the building. They ran as swiftly and as quickly as their human feet could take them.
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    Default Sisteena continued

    "Run towards the river bank! We must hurry!" The girl's father shouted as he lifted his daughter and cradled her into his arm. Sweat rained down onto his chin, his once fine moustache grazed against the girl's cheek leaving painful sensation, nontheless she found no effort to cry or resist in the shock of the events that happened all within less than an hour. One of the local guards led the way, he wore the insignia of their lord Cardinal Revalhad of the Rabona order. Coincidentally the first to flee the city. The civil war mattered no more for the once opposing church guards and the peasants whom rebelled. Under heavy confusion everyone was interested in one goal, their own salvation and survival. Hauberk in his hands and light armour made of hard leather hung from the guard as he made his way through the narrow passages taking his shortcut towards the river bank. She wondered why everything had to change so quickly even the air she once thought fresh felt heavy and tasted like a mixture of smoke and blood.

    "There we're almost there!" exclaimed the guard and just as things looked brighter sounds of horses drew nearer accompanied by arrows whistling past narrowly missing their marks. Feeling that it was in his best interest the guard ran past the family, making his way towards the river bank where horses were stationed, he continued running until he stopped abruptly falling to his side with a piece of metal exiting through his mouth while toring open a fine hole through the back of his neck. The body trembled as if in disbelief before steadily coming to a halt laying still. While the attention diverted to the guard the family escaped through the walls one by one climbing over, covered by the building and the narrow passage they came from. The village and the inner cities now blazed in fires of purgatory as if great god Rabona himself placed punishment on the sinful city of residents whom rebelled and killed more of their own kinds. The girl stared back at her once home town, but smiled. She still had her family.

    Day 12
    Other refugees from Vieena were found and the family did not hesitate to join the refugees heading South where they were promised fresh lands and a new start on their life under the rule of a fairer lord who recently claimed fiefdom in Vouskcany a Southern port town.

    Day 27
    A lone man was encountered with serious injuries of which looked to be giant blade wounds. Dressed in nothing but a flimsy traveller's cloak and simple jerkins and pants the refugees have taken pity on the survivor of a tragic chase and took him to the camp. Embers glowed eerily as he was laid in the father's tent tending to his wounds were the girl's sisters Cecila and Claudine. Miraculously the man recovered exponentially leaving no trace of the wounds the refugees have originally discovered.

    Day 29
    Something is strange, slowly one by one people have become missing and tonight something awful has happened....

    The moon was full, its brilliance gazed down upon Sisteena as she watched the fireflies dancing in the night sky. Crickets sang and she lay next to her father tending the firewood and their dinner. A glimmer of speed caught her eyes but there was nothing there as if it had past by them without ever making a sound or existence, speed so quick that had it not been the reed flute in her hands bending with the wind Sisteena would never have noticed. A man stood behind Cecilia's tent slowly opening the entrance and sweapt past. Curiosity was strong in this one, the girl made her way towards the tent but slowly not to wake her sister or to alert the man inside. Her small figure hid behind the carrage next to the horses and trying not to make any sound she crept inside the carrage and tried to listen to the sound inside. Only she didn't hear any noise except for a plunge, the sort one would make falling a boots into thick mud almost and silence. What exit the tent was the same man licking the thick liquid of colour on his hand but that was the least scary when compared to the distorted eyes she bare witness. The man made his way towards the carrage slowly. While she remained still and quiet trembling in fear and knowing what came towards her was not man but something far sinister she dared not move a muscle nor scream for help. Fear of this creature constricted her heart and her very soul so much it hurt her yet she could not move.

    "SOMEONE! ANYONE!! HELP!!!" a voice cried out in a loud shout behind the monster standing barely 10meters away from the carriage. The girl's father baring an axe in his two sturdy hands ran across the hill, his form and the cry from earlier alerted the other refugees as they came towards the scene of Sisteena's father and his arms quickly being severed from the father's body. Scaly fingers retracted back to the hands of the creature that was once man but in its place stood a monster of a being that frightened all.

    "Its a Yoma!!! Run!!!" cried a refugee but before he could say anymore let alone his deathcry the iron hands ripped apart the boys vocal chords and his head fell back barely staying attached to the neck. Soon Sisteena witnessed horrors she thought she'd never see. Even the scene of bandits couldn't scare the girl so much as internal organs were ripped out from bodies after bodies from victims who cried and pleaded to be spared. What was wrong with this world? had she and the refugees really been sent to hell? The girl lay unconsious and motionless after seeing the scene before here, falled corpses and rotting organs surrounded before her with earth feeding on countless blood that sprayed across it. It was hopeless, she was going to die....

    The place she awakened was not the place she last remembered as she came to. 4 women their hair uniformly matched each other's blonde colours while their eyes glinted silver, they wore unfamiliar armours and held swords taller then Sisteena in one hand as simple as if one would hold a twig.

    "You're awake" Said a man. Sisteena looked behind her and noticed a man dressed in black, his eyes hidden behind the dark glasses while his bald head was covered by the matching coloured hat.

    "You're awake" the man repeated and this time he gave her a slight and calm smile towards her. "It was a close call but if it had not been these women standing behind you, you would have also joined the rest of the refugees."

    Thats right... she thought thinking back to the nightmares earlier. Dried up eyes suddenly swelled up and the girl burst into tears, her voice finally returned to her as well providing the girl with the ability to cry.

    "Tsk tsk what a strange girl you are. Crying won't help you in anyway right now hmm... or would you rather follow your friends to their grave?" The shortest one amongst them lifted Sisteena off her feet and gazed into her hazel eyes. Only slightly taller than Sisteena but she towered over her with just her gaze from her cheerful silver eyes.

    "Now now, theres no need to scare her." The man in the black casually cautioned the shortest warrior among the four and she smiled then patted Sisteena before taking a step back for the man to kneel before her.

    "Little one, the girls before you have all gone through the similar pains and experiences you witnessed last night. They are what humans call Claymores, warriors designed to hunt monsters you've seen last night. If you'd like would you like to come with us?"

    PS:I editted the name of the skill from Devil's Right Arm to Schweizersäbel and added few more pictures I really wanted to add but couldnt add because of the four pictures only per post rule.
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    Ocean floor...


    Name: Cecily
    Gender: Female
    Rank: n/a
    Race: Claymore
    Type: Defensive
    Alignment: Good/Neutral

    Silk and velvet cloth, Street performances (dancing, juggling, card tricks, fire breathing)

    Interruptions, Smell of alcohol, Long-tongued yomas, Traveling alone

    Cecily has a sort of split personality. Normally Cecily has light and bubbly personality. She is open to her fellow claymores even if they are oblivious of her. She is childlike when it comes to street performances such as magic tricks and traveling jesters. When its time to take things serious she becomes a totally different person. Her speech pattern changes with a cold and unforgiving tone. Either way, she is a very cooperative team player and resourceful fighter.



    Take a guess where I got this... it fits my 80% of my criteria as to what my character looks like so I used it.

    Special Skills:
    ~Yoki Skills~
    Masquerade *
    Cecily is capable of copying yoki signatures that are well within her capacity. She is capable of making her yoki near-flat to the point that her eyes turn to normal, as well as make it appear that she is a yoma. She uses this as deception as her aggressors can mistake her as a yoma or a helpless human within the vicinity.

    The skill is still strenuous to Cecily as she has not yet mastered it. She can maintain her false yoki for as long as 6 minutes and can do it at most three times a day before experiencing fatigue.

    She can still be detected by efficient yoki readers (Clare, any 'Eye'). She can't copy yoki signatures beyond her current limits, meaning she can't copy extremely high yoki patterns from superior-ranked claymores as well as Awakened Ones as of the moment.

    ~Dagger Skills~
    Blind Grace *
    Being more efficient with handling small weapons especially daggers, Cecily employs a critical strike to her victim currently unaware of her presence (due to Masquerade or other effects).

    She has a habit of going for the eyes... literally blinding the victim.

    ~ Before becoming a Claymore ~
    Cecily's family and friends was a band of traveling performers. She was the youngest member of the group. Cecily was a knife gypsy in training, one who would juggle daggers while dancing to the rhythm of musical instruments. The band would travel from place to place to brighten the spirits of the townsfolk, especially during these dark times.

    On their way to their next destination, the traveling performers ran into a caravan headed south to the next city. Being a friendly group of entertainers, the band decided to accompany the caravan on their way. One night, camping in the outskirts of a nearby town, the band was attacked by several caravan members who turned out to be yoma. To escape the ambush the band scattered from the campsite and into the woods, hoping that the yoma wouldn't be able to take them all. Unfortunately there were enough yoma to track down each member. One was assigned to follow Cecily and her father. After a while, Cecily's father placed his guard down, assuming they were no longer followed. Suddenly, Cecily's father chest blew up sending guts and all flying. The yoma was able to catch up to them. When the yoma was about to strike Cecily, its arm was suddenly cut off, and before the two was a claymore, with human intestines for a scarf.

    "I don't think using intestines as a scarf is a good idea," the claymore joked as she started cutting the monster into pieces. Shortly after the yoma was killed a man in black came to see what was happening. He too was covered with blood.

    "Now that you've gotten rid of the interruption, let's go back and continue discussing your next mission," said the man.

    "What do we do about the little girl?" asked the claymore.

    The man rubbed his chin. Cecily was shaking in fear while covering her ears. Screams could be heard throughout the woods.

    "It seems there are more," said the claymore.

    "...your mission is to find a caravan said to be carrying yoma with them, make sure you get to it after you rid of those. I'll take care of this lost child," the man said.

    ~ As a Claymore ~
    Cecily is a prodigy in controlling her own yoki. She was already capable of fluctuating her yoki during her first year as a claymore. However she ended up having bed rest for a week after her first try. She is known to be able to reduce her yoki to minute levels making her almost undetectable, even to the point that her eyes change back to their normal color. She is naturally nimble as she was training as a gypsy. Her sword skills are below average, this maybe due to the fact that a large claymore isn't the right blade to dance with. However, she is deadly-accurate when it comes to hurling daggers; hence the organization has allowed her to carry such weapons. She is also resourceful and will use practically anything as a weapon; from amputated limbs to broken glass.

    Aside from daggers, Cecily also carries a deck of cards which she uses to do magic tricks to entertain children in towns (assuming the parents of the children don't mind), but most of time she uses it to entertain herself during her free time.

    Cecily hums a song when it rains. She claims to have heard it hummed by someone during a rainy day. She also remembers hearing the tune during her training as a claymore.

    She has the childish habit of closing her ears when irritated during a conversation. This habit stuck to her ever since the yoma attack when she was young.
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    Dasher Lindy






    Though Claymores do not need to eat much, Lindy eats more and enjoys eating more than the average Claymore. Her favourite dishes are roasted chicken and roasted duck meat. It's of utmost importance for her to keep her hair styled and her attire to be neat at all times. Lindy also likes the colour blue and loves her blue handle Claymore the most.

    Lindy dislikes impolite and inconsiderate characters. She also stays away from characters who smokes or drinks excessively. Characters that dress shaggily will leave a bad impression on her as Lindy dresses neatly and expect the others to dress neatly too.

    Lindy is a polite character who will be friendly to even strangers. Once she has determined a character to be her friend, she will be willing to go all out for that character. She is more of a follower than a leader and is always willing to obey an order and to co-operate with others in the team.


    Pretty character so as to be able to charm the townfolks Take note of the sweet blue handle, its her favourite.


    Special Skill:
    Lindy-Dash - Holding onto her Claymore and not letting go, Lindy can perform a dash at high acceleration. Lindy-Dash can be performed in two different situations.

    Situation One: (From afar) Dashing from afar at high acceleration, Lindy smashes into the object with high impact, breaking even the thickest walls. However this is only applicable if Lindy is able to have a clear path of at least 50m to accelerate before hitting the target.

    Situation Two: (From near) Lindy moves the objects along with her Claymore in the direction that she is dashing. Not as destructive as the fully accelerated dash but such a move allows her to at least pierce thick armours. Lindy is able to perform such an act as long as her Claymore is in contact with the target. She will be able to thrust the Claymore into the armour of the target after pushing the target with her Claymore for some distance. After piercing into the target, the damage will increase drastically as time passes for as long as the Claymore is in contact with the target. The longer the Claymore stays pierced into the target, the higher the damage.

    The only memories that Lindy had was that of her already in the organization. She did find out that the organization is a place that took in orphans and thus did not probe into her past as she realized that it would not change her present situation anyway.

    Lindy was given a “special” Claymore training where she was isolated and brought to a rock granary that was located somewhere near the organisation so as to practise her skill "Lindy-Dash" relentlessly. She survived the tough Claymore trainings without the support of the other Claymores. Hence, she came out of the organization without knowing anyone except for her handler. She thus hopes to interact more with others as she did not had the chance to do so during the tough trainings. She also hopes to find a friend who she can pass her black card to if she ever reaches her limit.

    Due to her politeness and the way she treat others with respect, Lindy is highly favoured by her handler and is always chosen for missions that involve interaction with humans in towns. Though relying on yoki suppression pills in towns during covert missions, Lindy has no qualms over it as she views all missions as a chance to get to know more people/Claymores and a chance to try out more food in towns. Though continuously undergoing covert missions in towns, the much experience in handling human inter-relations are still not that polished as she does get herself into trouble now and then.

    Old Woman: Please, have pity on me. I have not eaten for days.
    Lindy: Ok. Here you go (Lindy passes all her money to the Old Woman)

    *Lindy has to hunt for food in the forest for the next few days.*
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    Click *Here* to view #40 Lindy Claymore RP profile

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    Name ~~

    Nickname ~~
    Bullwhip Lydia

    Symbol ~~

    Race ~~

    Picture ~~

    Rank ~~
    up to the gm

    Ability ~~
    ~Chain Claymore: She uses a specially forged Claymore that functions like the one the thief boss used. Every swing extends it and it pulls itself back together by pulling it back. It can be used like a whip (just way more fatal)
    ~Increased Dexterity, like an acrobat.

    Alignment ~~

    Combat Type ~~

    Personality ~~
    Good hearted. Tries to be friends with everyone. Helps humans whenever she can but totally obeys to the orders and rules of the organisation and considers them reasonable.

    - The Organisation
    - Claymores
    - Humans
    - Animals

    - Yoma
    - Wicked People (but she would never kill a humans, because it would shed bad light on the orangisation)

    History ~~
    First she was an orphan then she was an slave girl in the east. There is nothing known about her parents. But she is gratefull to the orangisation for getting her out of there and making her strong even though the training was horrible, thanks to the oraganisation she can do good now.
    She had a Claymore friend (Yuria) that awakend cuz she wasnt fast enough to kill her after she recieved the black card. Now she tries to deliver her from her horrible exsistence. She feels responsable for beeing to late.
    Furthermore we was together with a human (a warrior named Derrick) who tried to save her because he didnt know anything about Claymores. He thought a girl is in danger and needs help, so he jumped in and got hurt. They traveld together for some time (even through her front torso is ugly they loved each other from time to time). Then he got injured badly while Lydia was fighting with some Yoma. He asked her to end his life cuz beeing a warrior was everything to him and never beeing able to walk or use his hands would be a lifelong nightmare. He told her how glad he was meeting her before she ended his suffering heavy hearted. She was well aware that she broke the rules (but she did it for her lover) and she still regrets it but never told anyone about it and the organisation never found out.

    My new signature to celebrate my 1000th post!!! (My waifu Yuno)

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    Name: Beatrix

    Nickname: Bea

    Gender: Female

    Rank: Yet to be decided

    Race: Claymore

    Type: Defensive

    Agliment: Good

    Likes: Food, wine, and generally a feeling that she is alive

    Dislikes: Death. It doesn’t matter if it it is a human or fellow claymore, she always try her best to protect the life of everyone nearby,. She does not trust Male Claymores and thinks they are incompetent. She is never relaxed when there is one nearby.

    Bea is fiercelly loyal to her comrades, doing her best to protect them. She gladly obeys commands or advices from organisation or other claymores. However there is a feeling inside her, that although she would often do everything to save lives around her, it is only her life, that truly matters, and her personal abilities, or her position as Eye/covert ops and supportive warrior instead of one of those offensive front-line fighters mirror that. She constantly tries to fight and beat that feeling, often fighting without regard to her own life or health. Ironically, that makes her often more aggressive or reckless than pure offensive warriors.


    Just imagine her with silver hair and claymore uniform, it is the best picture I could find.



    Bea invented this skill when she was still a trainee. Thanks to this skill, organisation discovered her great talent in manipulating and sensing Yoma energy. They immidietly interrupted their usuall claymore training to train her for position of an "Eye" and "Covert Ops". Thanks to this her swordmanship is quite lacking, however her ability to sense yoma energy and her ability to hide her own yoma energy is far better than that of regular Claymore of her rank.

    With this technique Bea begins to emit a special, altered yoma energy filled with a very strong sensation of “nothingness”. If someone senses this special yoma energy, it will trick his/her mind into believing that he didn’t sense anything, instead of sensing yoma energy inprinted with sensation of “nothingness”. The technique is so strong, that when the enemy senses this yoma energy, it will trick all his senses in believing that Beatrix had simply vanished, making Beatrix completely invisible and undetectable for any other sense(like smell, hearing, or touch). Unfortunetly the confusion lasts only for 3-10 seconds, then, Beatrix will “reappear” to her opponent senses if she is still in its range. (The time of invisibility depends on opponents willpower, experience or how skilled is he in sensing yoma energy). There is no real limit to how much times she can use this skill, becouse basically, it isnt nothing else than emitting a little bit of yoma energy, but to use this skill more than once per fight, her oponent must be greatly unconcentrated and disturbed so that his mind doesnt realize it is being tricked again. (Simmiliar like Galatea skills - if she use this skill for second time against oponent concentrated on her, or if her oponent is highly concetrated and focused her skill will fail. If her oponent is in doubts, has his mind clouded or disturbed by something else, and most importatnly, he ignore her, her skill will succed again)

    Beatrix was born and raised as an aristocrat in a one of the most noble families in the city of Rabona. As a child she was quite unruly and adventurous behaving more like a boy then a young aristocrat lady, however becouse of her youth, and her not-very-important position of youngest child her family tolerated it to an extent. She often ran away from home, wandering around city, talking to travelers, sightseeing the city or simply daydreaming. One of those “escapes” made her witness a catastrophe. An inexperienced male claymore had to dispatch a few yomas that were lurking in the city, and making nobility uneasy. Unfortunetly it was a bigger pack of yomas then the organisation has expected and the young claymore, desperate and hopelessly overpowered has awakened. In the end of his rampage, the half of city was reduced into bloody ruins, and most of the inhabittans, including the nobility living in the city was slayed. Beatrix was one of the few lucky that survived and was traveling aimlessly through the South for almost a month, wandering from town to town, until she didn’t met a man in black one day….
    As a claymore, she showed remarkable talents in sensing and manipulating yoma energy, making the organisation to train her as a support warrior and back-up “Eye”..

    She deveploped an annoying peronal quirk in her unhumanly calm and polite behavior. She never raise her voice or swear,refers to every male as “mister” and every woman as “lady”, and behaves very reserved and respectfully toward anyone she mets as if he was a well-known noble.
    She also posess a long silken ribbon, her only possesion from a long-gone friend that she uses to tie her hair into a pony-tail, when she begins to be serious.

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    Name ~~

    Race ~~

    Rank ~~
    Top 5 if I can help it... =) lol.

    Ability ~~
    ~ Precision Youki reading (Same as wit Clare and Teresa) [Saved for higher levels, if ever]
    ~ Youki Buff/Empowerment: by pushing enormous amounts of youki into some random limbs, Farleen can greatly increase whatever it is she's trying to do with those body parts. With higher level comes more power from the buff, but the use is limited to 20 times per fight (at highest levels) and 5 per fight (basic??).

    Alignment ~~
    "Neutral Evil" - whatever that means.

    Combat Type ~~

    Appearace ~~

    ~~For Face//Hair Only ~~

    Among the many habits carved into her during the incident directly prior to her being in the Organization would be one in which Farleen refuses to change her clothing. For the sake of her survival in her youth, she held onto the clothes already on her back, deciding not to trust others for fear that taking others' clothes would result in the end of her luck (or at least, what limited luck she had). As a result, Farleen's Claymore uniform is ripped in many, many, many areas: breast; thigh; stomach; shoulder; back; legs... Though, she puts somewhat half-hearted effort into sewing the holes shut (if for nothing else, so that she looks slightly more presentable among others).
    - Note: The brownish tufts coming down on either side of her head were clumps of hair cut from her before she started her transformation into being a warrio for the Organization, existing only to serve as a memento of her past.

    Personality ~~
    A sadist, raised but not born. During yoma hunts (the one-woman missions), Farleen refuses to just finish the job. She stubbornly, and even sometimes at the risk of civilian casualties, will rip the limbs off any yoma pitting themselves against her... (weak or) strong as she is.
    ~ Farleen is somewhat known for caring more about killing Yoma than protecting the lives of humans... She ignores regular humans more often than not, only answering questions about who to pay and when taking lodging.
    ~ Doesn't tend to show how she really feels on the outside and can be rather adept at alienating her peers: she refuses to let more people get close to her because they keep dying.

    - Kill/Torturing Yoma -- Her sister was tortured to an extent, and the Claymore that saved her took her time with the yoma.
    - Standing on the sidelines and watching Yoma feast before killing them. Why -- She was forced to watch bandit hunters, her elder sister, AND a Claymore desecrated by yoma, damaging her to the point that the behavior was something she needs/needed to do herself.
    - Reading up on the historic members of the organization. This represents her only voluntary interactino with others called Claymores.

    - Black-and-whites who would keep her from enjoying missions (who don't let her torture Yoma)
    - The organization's standard issue Claymore outfit (the rags she wore from the massacre were imprinted into her as well).

    History [Bullet Version] ~~
    Into the New World
    - Farleen (9) family lived in a small village in the West. The village is attacked by multiple bandits, resulting in the murder of her father and rape/murder of her mother. Farleen was hidden under a bed with her older sister and could do nothing but keep silent as the bandits did their deeds; her mind scarred from the incident.
    - Four days later, she and her sister are found roaming dirt roads, bone thin with nothing but torn rags on their backs. They were saved by a band of bounty hunters after collapsing before their camp at night. The bounty hunters (essentially bandit hunters) kept the girls around, and their second in command taught Farleen how to hold onto a sword.
    - The group heads into a town further west from Farleen's home village and stay for a time. Three weeks later, a Yoma duo attacks the town, killing and maiming everyone in their sight. Farleen's group (she and her sister, then the 2-man-and-a-woman bandit hunting group), hide inside a building toward the town's center. A Claymore appears, and appears too weak to fight against both Yoma, and is killed.
    - While one feasts on its prize's guts, Farleen gazes intently out a window; it was the same sort of thing that happened with her parents. The other, however, notices the presence of potential morsels, and moves in for the kill. Farleen is thrown under another bed. The bandit hunters and her older sister (19) arm themselves, ready to fight to the death. The yoma dispatches of the males quickly, their blood spraying into the eyes of the female hunter. Blinded, she tries to attack, but fails, only to be impaled on its arm.
    - The female tossed aside, dead, the yoma moves onto Farleen's sister, who can only stand firm and appear brave for the sake of her sibling. The yoma slams her into a wall, strips her with brutal slashes all across her body, and begins torturing her. Farleen is, once again, only able to watch as the yoma steadily works its way toward more violent assaults on her sister's flesh, eventually cutting chunks off from her limbs.
    - Blood sprays through the air, staining the floor as it continues to pour. The yoma stops... another Claymore stood outside, visible from its perspective, with the head of the monster's partner balanced lazily on the edge of her blade. The yoma drops Farleen's sister, blood still pouring from the numerous wounds on her flesh, and attacks. The warrior's claymore flashes and the yoma's legs fly into the distance. Another slash and its left arm is ripped apart. With the damage caused by the yoma's dash at this new combatant, Farleen can see everything: from the first mad dash to the Claymore's turn at torture...
    - Days later, a man in black from the organization appears to ask for pay from any survivors. Farleen appears before him, mentally broken by her sister's eventual death and the simultaneous loss of the new parent-figures in her life. "Hm? What might you want, little girl," The man in black asked, his voice almost completely uninterested, his eyes steadily soaking in the carnage.
    - Farleen... she couldn't respond... after everything that had happened... everything she was forced through the last few days...
    - The girl's body was weak; her clothes were nothing but rags hanging loosely from her flesh; cuts adorned her youthful figure, caused by her attempts at climbing trees for fruit only to fall and try again; and on top of all that, she was far from holding her remorse inside any longer. The man in black continued his scan of the surrounding environment as Farleen collapsed before him unconscious... tears streaming down her face despite this. "Well, I guess she'll do for now." He was speaking to himself, obviously...

    ~Farleen has never recieved a black card, a fact that she appears to not care about on the outside, but is mildly saddened by on the inside.
    ~ Sadly, because of her constant alienation of others, Farleen is hardly acknowledged by her peers. She yearns for the day that her abilities are recognized, but does so only within the bottom-most recesses of her soul... so deep in fact that she remains to be clueless of this yearning.
    ~ Her ability, the Youki Buff... it allows for split-second bursts in youki so she can push/swing/whatever with more power. So, for instance, running wouldn't really be running... Farleen would lunge like Hajime Saitou using his Gatotsu (from RK) more than anything. With the lunge, you can compare it to Clare's awakened form... though a LOT slower... (until levels near the highest are reached, maybe).
    ~ The yoma eating the claymore... let's go with "he's found an acquired taste for hybrids' flesh."
    ~ Despite who she (somewhat) resembles, Farleen is not all too similar to Ophelia. The former hates Yoma in general, hardly acknowledges the existence of humans at all, and tortures yoma. Ophelia, on the other hand, kills humans and yoma, doesn't do anything really of help for anyone, kills humans (for emphasis), and only truly hates the Awakened beings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarST
    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
    Farleen // Number 42


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