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    Yet to be decided




    Chaotic - Neutral

    The full moon set against the backdrop of a cloudless summer night, the chilling cold of a winter’s morning; a quiet place of tranquil, to - think.

    Acting without what seems a rational thought, Despair and cocky creatures – whether it be; Human, Yoma or Claymore.

    To sum his personality up in a single word; eccentric. Hathes’s outward personality can be expressed with no better word. His incomprehensible habits are neither logical nor illogical and seem to serve a higher purpose that he himself is only privy to. His actions, sometimes seemingly originating from a form of thought so strange and disturbing that he seems not to care for the conforms of his societal norms. In his innocent pride and genius he is truly ‘a fish out of water’.


    Special Skill:
    lol editing.

    Born in some obscure place of the world on Christmas Eve to a father that neither cared nor acknowledged his existence Hathes grew to resent his childhood. Growing up under the strong influence of his mother, who through her sickly son grew overtly more and more obsessed with all forms of disease and germs, he felt the need to break from this sickening over-protectiveness.

    Hathes, from his father inherited his great love of music. Although shunned by his prideful father due to his sickly nature Hathes endured the cold stares of his father and protectiveness of his mother to grow up listening to the melodies of stringed instruments that played on his fathers worn and beaten record player. He discovered that vibration or frequency created sound at the age of 11 while listening to wind pass through blades of grass. At age 12 Hathes was able to create a frequency high enough using metal blades to send the beasts of his village into a wild bloodshot craze. He was indifferent to the rest of the world, solely interested in the properties of sound.

    At age 14, his mother after listening to the village shaman purchased a concoction that was said to be able to cure Hathes sickly nature. However, the concoction also ruptured his ears effectively rendering him deaf. Overcome with guilt she hung herself in the village barn the next day only to have Hathes stumble across her body. His father overcome with rage blamed Hathes for her death, beat and almost killed him before leaving him to the wild beasts of the nearby forest.

    Beaten, worn and hungry, 14 year old Hathes stumbled around in the vast forest before passing out near a stream. Waking up to blinking lights in a tacky shed Hathes came to know the old hermit lady who inhabited the place. Here he lived a life of silence lost in the melodies of his mind while learning to survive in an environment as bountiful as spring and devoid as winter together with the old hermit.

    In the summer of his 19th year Hathes was involved in another near fatal accident while living with the old hermit. A rogue Yoma attacked the hermit and Hathes in the dead of the night. Out of desperation Hathes threw the old woman towards the Yoma while fleeing into the night. Perhaps due to his deafness and inevitable increase in the ability of his other senses he managed to avoid being detected by the Yoma. However, the bloody sight of the hermits spilled guts and his cowardly act of forcing her life up shocked him into a state of nervousness.

    His musically gifted mind, now together bound with the unnerving edge of always staying alert eventually collapsed on upon itself and he blacked out a few days later, eventually waking up to see the smiling face of a man robed in black…
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    To be determined by the GM



    Neutral Good

    .: Likes :.
    Training to refine combat techniques ("An efficient method to slay yoma.") and skill, Resting in tranquil places ("When I can put down my sword and relax to enjoy the beautiful scenery."), and Reading Books. "A tolerant person who can accept all of me unconditionally."

    .: Dislikes :.
    Yoma, Indecisiveness, Alcohol and Vulgar Persons and Pitch-black darkness

    Other think that Alerian is a snob or a person you can’t get along with because he’s serious, silent, reserved and emits a don’t bother me presence but in reality he’s a nice, kind person, and always analyze things first before action. Path he follows "Once I stain my hands with blood, I fight till the end..."

    Eye Color: Purple(When still human), Hair Color: Lightblond to Silverywhite(When still human), Height 5’ 11”, Slender Built than average person, Weight 125 pounds, Possess innate beauty and easy gracefulness, viewed as both wondrous and haughty by other, Has a long Hair that is waist level and tied in the neck area and waist area and the left bangs cover the left face and tied in the chest area.


    .:Special Skill:.
    Discern Yoki: enables you to perceive opponent/opponents yoki and analyze them allowing you to learn if they are defensive or offensive type, you also can see the locations of opponent/opponents susceptible parts and can attack it with dire precision dealing critical or deadly damage to your opponent and gauging opponent/opponents strength to know the missions success rate.

    Quote: “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you will come out of one hundred battles with one hundred victories.”

    Alerian: Since male claymores are more susceptible in awakening, Then I must not misuse my yoki and attack my opponent with wit.

    Swallow Slash (Refraction Phenomenon): Not effective in dark areas. An attack causes a Refraction Phenomenon, which consists of three swift simultaneous strikes from different directions. Looks like three slices because of the suns/lights reflection + his speed, but really its 1 high powered slash that has some feign in it.

    Renard and Sophia lived in a small town near the boundaries southern and eastern lands there Renard worked as a captain of the local guard and swordsman with great skill while Sophia is an assistant of the local lore master. In their years of being together they are blessed with twins (fraternal) the boy was named Alerian and the girl was Ellisime which are only treasure they in the world. Alerian and Ellisime grew up like other children in the town but their parents saw great potential in them since they are quite skilled than the other children. Since parents tend to give the best to their children they taught the twins all that they know like swordplay, archery, reading and writing so that they will not grow up to be stupid and ignorant. They lived a simple and happy life until when a yoma killed their parents when they are only nine years old they luckily survived because their mother had hidden them inside a closet. The last word their mother told to them was to take care of each other. The town’s elder asks for a claymore to eliminate the yoma that is terrorizing the town and the claymore came and eliminated the yoma. Since there is no one to take care of the twins a merchant to them in but in reality the merchant was a slaver and sold them to the organization since they pay a hefty price for young children. Since they are being trained separately Alerian only sees his sister very seldom.

    Alerian always carry two secondary weapon which he uses instead of his claymore a Schweizersäbel and a custom made Composite Longbow that only Claymores can use. Ambidextrous, prefers to fight using finesse rather than brute strength and acrobatics to do maneuvers to gain terrain advantage, to evade attacks and to move through obstacles and also a light sleeper. Kills yoma quick and painless as possible and when he detects one that is near his area kills it first no questions ask. He only uses his claymore when needed.
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    thankies ^^

    i made my own char but I suck in making profiles T_T anyway I dont have a scanner so I didn't have the opton for an original appearance I'd probably change it later here's my char profile

    Name: rena

    Gender: Female

    Rank: Yet to be decided (still in training)

    Race: Claymore

    Type: Offensive

    Alignment: Organization (still to change)

    Likes: Loves to go undercover and feels very comfortable in a disguise. Anything cute.

    Dislikes: Doesn’t feel comfortable fighting in high places. She doesn’t freak out when in high places but prefers staying on a flat ground.
    She also dislikes the sword claymore because she thinks it would cause her to grow unwanted muscles. She hates this type of sword to the point that she chose to wield a sakabatou she found in her burning house when she was still a child.

    Personality: Very cheerful and very social causing other claymores to actually hate and pick on her. She’s not very good with aerial combat but jumps very high, because of this she sometimes fall on her face after jumping due to her sudden fear of heights. She’s clumsy yet very athletic. She’s very good with the aspect of yoma energy. Her ability to sense and control yoma energy enables her to manipulate her own yoki and use her original skill the Indignation.

    Appearance: I’m thinking of drawing one but my scanner’s broken

    Symbol: still thinking...

    Special Skills

    Hair Change: Rena can change her hair colour unlike other claymores. Her original hair colour is still colourless though. She uses this skill usually to hide and try escape the training facility she was abducted into but never succeeded for being too clumsy.

    Indignation: Rena needs to do this move starting from a batto style position (sakabatou in its sheath while Rena’s in striking position). She then draws her sakabatou while releasing huge amount of yoma energy that she directs at the tip of her sword. The speed of the draw and the strike causes a very powerful centrifugal force that she creates a vortex that makes her target feels heavier upon contact and lasts about 4 seconds after strike. The yoma energy she used cuts the air and materializes into waves of razor sharp gusts that cuts almost anything especially cashmere, the range of this move is about 6 meters ranging from 120-160 degrees of area of effect.
    Usually after the first strike she unleashes a series of strikes and slashes while continuously releasing yoma energy and successively creating waves of gust that obliterates everything in a blinding storm. She can continue this move for about five minutes then she jumps back to avoid getting caught in the vortex of wind and gravity.

    Blink: (Only usable during day time) Rena uses her sword to reflect the sunlight which serves as her cover while she dashes in semi blinding speed making her look like a flash of light blinking its way from one place to another.

    Her fighting style usually involves the complete usage of Indignation and Blink as a 2 part combo. She moves in with Blink then uses Indignation which she prefers to use at point blank. At night she prefers to avoid encounters because of the unavailability of her Blink.


    As a child about 12 years old her village was ravaged by yomas. Nobody from her family was slain but she was almost killed by a yoma. If not for a group of claymores that happened to pass by she wouldn’t have survived. She didn’t leave unscathed though she was covered in bruises that she received by being dragged along by a yoma. Yoma blood also drenched her clothing.

    When her parents saw her bruised and soaked in yoma blood they became afraid of her and abandoned her. Her brother pitied her but wasn’t strong enough to take her in, instead she gave her a sakabatou saying “I know this isn’t anything but maybe you can protect yourself with that.” A villager took pity on her and left along with her in a journey for a village that would accept them. He took very good care of Rena and likewise Rena felt affection for her saviour. The man adopted her as his daughter as they travelled for a new community. Rena kept the sword to remind her of her past life that she lost.

    Rena loved her new father and she was always cheerful around him. She would sometimes pick apples for him which he would accept with a smile. To Rena he was everything.

    However her new found happiness didn’t last long. They unfortunately entered a village which in that time was inhabited by a mass number of yomas. Her step dad didn’t survive but she did. She was thrown down a cliff by her step dad to save her from the jaws of the yomas that chased them. By sheer coincidence she was picked up by a slave trader that sold her to the organization.

    After 4 years she remained in the appearance of a fourteen years old. The yoma implanted in her was special, it allowed her to change her hair colour. This feature usually made her comrades jealous. She hides her suffering with a gentle smile that fitted her angelic face.

    Her suffering was ended when she met Gail, a trainee that trained along side her. They played together and became the closest of friends. Gail got her number after a few years leaving Rena alone again, but her last words to her was to always smile and be cheerful. Rena vowed that until she meets Gail again she wouldn’t allow herself to lose her smile and protect was she was given, a chance to live. She trained very hard to earn the right to be given a number and search for her friend.

    In a commencement exercise she and her other claymore comrades were tasked to hunt a yoma in a secluded forest. Since most of the other claymores were jealous of her hair changing abilities they called her useless and unskilful since the only thing she could do was change her hair colour. The result was that no one wanted to go with her and left her alone in the forest. She refused to be sad as she imagined Gail walking along beside her as she walked the path alone in the forest.

    A few hours later after her deployment she heard screams of pain and agony. It turned out that there was more than one yoma in the forest and ¾ of the trainees were all killed. A group of claymores bumped and knocked her down while desperately fleeing but didn’t bother to help her up and left her to die in the hands of 2 yomas. She sprung up to her feet to escape but it was too late the monsters already had her surrounded. She trembled in fear knowing death could be upon her in a matter of seconds. Then she remembered the promise she made to Gail, she grasped her sakabatou given to her by her brother then gave birth to Indignation. She managed to kill one yoma and scared off the other.

    A trainer was watching very intently at that time. He approached her and said that if she could maintain her pace and cheerful attitude towards her job she would be able to be given a number soon. Joy filled her heart that moment and promised herself that she would meet Gail no matter what.

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    Name: Siegfried

    Gender: Male

    Rank: Up to the GM's

    Insigniais it ok if i take a little more time on this?)

    Race: Claymore

    Type: Offensive

    Alignment: Neutral

    Likes: Training, Fighting, Reading, star gazing

    Dislikes: Seeing people get hurt, including his comrades.

    Personality: Quite and Reserved. Rarely talks to anyone, and if he does it usually is just a couple of words. Enjoys reading, a lot. Reads while walking, even on awakened being hunts. Very calm, but always amoung the first to charge into battle. He enjoys fighting as much as he does training or reading. Always put others before himself regardless of who they are. Even takes the time to bury Yoma's in decent graves after each mission. Awakened Beings as well.

    Appearance: Basically Siegfried from Soul Caliber III and that includes his sword (the big silver one which looks a lot like Gut's Dragon Slayer)

    Special Skill: Siegfried has no special skill uniquely his own. He is often made fun of for this fact. Only redeeming quality of Siegfried's is his tremendous strength. Though he has no special abilities to call his own, he is without a question one of the toughest warriors to date. He is able to fight for days without rest regardless of the number of yomas.

    History: Only thing Siegfried remembers from his time before becoming a claymore is a story his father once told him of a Knight.

    Siegfried: Story time! Yah!!!!

    Siegfried's father: Now listen well Siegfried (said while trying to keep the child from jumping around). This story is passed down from generation to generation of our family line. It is the story of your great, great, great, great grandfather.

    Siegfried: Wow he must be the greatest ever!

    Siegfried's father: Hahahaha! Yes he is great! Now listen well and don't interupt me, ok?

    Siegfried: Ok!

    Siegfried's father: Now where was I, ah yes your great, great, great, great grandfather was a well known Rabona Knight. Not because of he was the strongest, or the fastest, or the best, in fact he was only an average knight. The reason he became well known was because something great he did.

    Siegfried: What was it? Did he eat more earth worms than anybody else?

    Siegfried's father: hahaha! No, no he didn't. What he did actually inspired some of the codes the knights follow today.

    Siegfried: What is it?

    Siegfried's father: Well you keep quite i'll tell you.


    Siegfried's father: Excellent now if your mother can do the same all will be well with my world.


    Siegfried's father: Joke! It was just a Joke!

    Siegfried's mother: well it better be, or else you'll find that there are things far worst than a yoma.

    Siegfried's father: (under his breath) Like being married to you.

    Siegfried's mother: What was that?

    Siegfried's father: Nothing, nothing! Anyways back to the story. Your great, great, great, great grandfather was a noble knight of Rabona. His name was Gunther.

    Siegfried: Gunther? What is that some kind of disease?

    Siegfried's father: What did I tell you about being quite boy?

    Siegfried: Sorry.................

    Siegfried's father: That's ok, I said the same thing as my father did before me and so on. Anyway, There was one time when Gunther was assigned with five other knights to safe guard a monk who was travelling around preaching to the common folks. One day while on his pilgrimage, a Yoma attacked their convoy. The knights who stood no chance against the monster fled from the scene leaving the poor old monk behind to be devoured. All knights but one, Gunther. Gunther stayed behind so that he could destract the yoma to let the old monk run away. Though Gunther stood no chance against the monster he fought the beast head on because that is what a knight is suppose to do, protect those who cannot protect themselves. Well the old monk got away and returned to the city of Rabona safetly. The monk told the Arch bishop of his travels and of Gunther. If you go to the church in Rabona I believe there is a plaque for him somewhere. In honor of his loyalty to the church and upholding his duty as a knight.

    Siegfried: Why did he stay behind when everyone else fled?

    Siegfried's father: Well the monk says that Gunther strode valiantly, drew his sword and prepared to fight as he told the old monk to get away. If you ask me, he probably overslept and when he woke up everyone already ran off leaving him behind.

    Siegfried: Is that what really happened? Will you ever do something like Gunther?

    Siegfried's father: No, that's what I would do. And Yes I would stay behind to protect you and the yoma.

    Siegfried: The Yoma?

    Siegfried's father: Man or beast, nothing must share my dread of your mother.

    Siegfried's mother: What was that!?!

    Siegfried's father: Nothing, dear. hehehehe ( nervous laughter)

    Siegfried's father: see what I mean. No yoma is as scary as your mother.

    Siegfried: ... I'm scared of mom right now.

    Siegfried's fahter: Oh yea, just wait until you get married.

    Siegfried: I want to be like Gunther the brave knight.

    Siegfried's father: You go and do that boy, Be what ever you want but always remember be true to yourself and always listen to your heart, it will never lead you wrong. (while whispering to Siegfried) Except when dealing with girls, than know your heart is always wrong! Look where it got me. I think living in a town full of Yoma is considerably safer than your mother.

    Siegfried's mother: oh, really?

    Siegfried's father: ...Run for it!

    (Memory fades out with merciless beating of his father by his mother)

    This is the only memory he has pre-organization.

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    To all who it may concern:

    The location of the Claymore RP has been moved to a new separate forum. Click here to go to the new location.
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