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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Miria View Post
    I don't recall seeing this. When did Teresa battle a Abyssal One? Unless your refferring to the former number 1 before Teresa then I want to say that she looked more or less an average awakened being to me. Its unclear how they categorize awakened beings and abyssal ones but generally I'd imagine they have to be as strong as Teresa or have about as much potential as Priscilla in order to become an Abyssal One. Rosemary just didn't appear like one. I'd say if I have to compare her I'd compare her with the level of Duph or maybe Rigald in their respective Awakened form being Ex-number 2 and 3's.
    It were explained in chapters when Clare and Galatea met Riful. Abyssal one is a former number 1 Claymore that awakened. Nothing more. Remeber if you are number one, it is pretty much clear that your power are far above every other Claymore in organisation.(at least for time you stay there....). Also a Claymore that awakened but wasnt a number one is called just Awakened being, no matter how high her power is (Priscilla is still called a "very strong Awakened being" although it is clear that her power is pretty much above Abyssal ones).
    If you ask me Rosemarys form looked "cooler" and more powerful than Luciellas and I think that she certainly looked stronger that average Awakened being. Although she was replaced by Teresa as number one, I think that EVERY claymore (including Isley, Riful and Luciella) would be replaced if Teresa was around.

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    I was attending my lectures just now and a thought on the extra scenes just came up. I'll try to explain what I have thought up during my lectures.

    As Teresa is re-lated to Clare and a cause for Clare's fighting, the mangaka maybe devoted Extra Scene 1 to Teresa. (Clare's story)

    2nd Extra Scene on Miria as she's one of the main leads (Miria)

    So we're left with Helen and Deneve (The other 2 main leads)

    Maybe Extra scene 3 will be on Helen and scene 4 will be on Deneve (vice versa)
    Im just making a guess though

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    The thing about Teresa was more when she wasn't #1. She (I assume) didn't get there instantly, so seeing her interactions with other members when she was ranked lower was mainly my point.

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    id like to see the past of all the top 1s and how they got that rank


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