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    Default Japanese School Teacher

    The chronicles of a black man teaching english to Japanese middle-schoolers.
    It doesn't hurt that he's from the same place as me.
    Hilarity ensues.l

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    Have you heard of "JET Program"? The JET program sends many US college
    graduates to Japan to assist the English education in middle & high schools.
    If you are interested, please read the following.



    Thank you for your interest in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET)

    For basic information about the program, read the summary appended below and
    check our JET FAQ at Much
    more information can also be obtained by searching online via Google or
    other search engine. (Search for "JET Program")

    Also, please note the NEW DOCUMENT SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT (for proof of
    citizenship) and NEW AGE LIMIT (under 42) below.


    Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

    ** Seeking New Recruits for 2006 **


    About the JET Program

    Established in 1987 for the purpose of promoting internationalization and
    language education at the grassroots level, the Japan Exchange and Teaching
    (JET) Program invites college graduates and young professionals from over 40
    countries to share their language and culture with Japanese youth. Billed as
    "one of the largest educational programs in the history of mankind," more
    than 20,000 foreigners have visited over 16,000 Japanese public schools
    since the program began.

    JETs participate in the program in one of three ways: as Assistant Language
    Teachers (ALTs), who team-up with Japanese colleagues to teach English in
    primary or secondary schools; as Coordinators of International Relations
    (CIRs), who perform various international and intercultural related
    functions in local government offices; or as Sports Exchange Advisors
    (SEAs), who engage in internationalization activities through the
    instruction of specific sports (the SEA position has a separate application
    process, and very few Americans participate as SEAs).

    Because participants become an important part of their Japanese community,
    the JET Program is an excellent way for students and alumni OF ANY MAJOR to
    experience another culture firsthand. As such, the JET experience develops
    one's cultural adaptability, cultivates one's professionalism and confidence
    in dealing with new situations, and improves one's ability to see problems
    from different perspectives.

    The JET Personality

    The JET Program is looking for people who are friendly, creative, adaptable,
    knowledgeable about American culture, willing to learn, and interested in
    Japan. Teaching experience and Japanese language skills are by no means
    required for the alt position. Although teaching English is what most JETs
    do, teaching English is only a means for cultural exchange - a JET is not
    expected to have professional teaching skills.


    . Satisfying work: the work that JETs do has a direct affect on the
    lives and futures of many Japanese children, educators and community members

    . Good working conditions: most JETs teach 2-4 classes per day, 5
    days a week (35 hours per week)

    . 3.6 million yen/year, tax free

    . National health insurance (including some dental care)

    . Round-trip airfare

    . Travel and accident insurance

    . Up to 20 days paid leave per year

    . 15 national holidays

    . International network of JET alumni

    . Exposure to unique opportunities: host your own TV/radio spot;
    create school/office webpages or newsletters; perform on a regional or
    national stage; learn the art of sword-drawing . . . .

    . Change your life: leave behind prior expectations and become the
    person you want to be

    If the JET Program interests you:

    More information can be obtained by searching online via Google or other
    search engine. (Search for "JET Program")

    I. Obtaining an Application

    Online applications and hardcopy applications should become available in
    late September or early October. To get a 2006 application, please go to the
    Embassy of Japan website ( - look for the JET Program"
    link). Complete the online application according to instruction given on the
    Embassy website. If you have problems completing the application from the
    Embassy website, please request an application from me via email.

    Prior to late September, you should check application requirements at the
    Embassy website so that you can get an early start on your application!

    II. Qualifications

    a. Bachelor's degree by July 1, 2006

    b. U.S. citizenship (if applying through a Japanese consulate or the
    Japanese Embassy in the U.S.)

    c. Under 42 years of age [INCREASED from 39 starting in 2006]

    d. Interest in Japan

    the CIR position, excellent Japanese language ability is required - see for more details.

    The minimum contract is for one year, and is renewable up to a total of
    three or, in special cases, four or five years.

    III. Application materials (not a complete list - see Embassy website for
    complete list)

    a. Statement of Purpose - A two-page, double-spaced essay stating your
    reasons for wanting to join the JET Program, what you would bring to the
    program and what you would get out of it. (This is the single most important
    part of the application.) (1 original and 2 photocopies)

    b. Two Letters of Recommendation - If you have not graduated, one must
    be from someone related to your university or college and must refer to your
    expected date of graduation. Recommenders should make two photocopies of
    their recommendation and put the original and copies into a sealed, signed
    envelope. A form will be provided in the application packet. (This is the
    second most important part of the application.)

    c. Official Transcripts from all post-high school colleges and
    universities, including study abroad - these must include course names,
    dates, and grades. You may open original to make copies. (1 original and 2
    photocopies) If your U.S. school transcript includes transfer credits from
    other schools but not the course names and grades, you must get this
    information elsewhere. (For example, your study abroad office may be able to
    write a letter stating the necessary information, or your original school
    may provide transcripts or a letter.)

    d. Certification of Graduation/Enrollment - Three (3) photocopies of
    diploma or an official letter from your Registrar (1 original and 2
    photocopies). Transcripts do not count as certification unless the date of
    graduation is stated! (1 original and 2 photocopies)

    e. Proof of Citizenship: THIS IS A NEW REQUIREMENT. You need to submit
    three (3) copies of your birth certificate OR three copies of the main pages
    of your passport (photo, expiration date, etc.).

    Please see the official application for a complete list of necessary

    IV. Timeline

    September - October 2005: Applications become available online and in


    . Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed! Please begin
    gathering transcripts and finding people to write letters of recommendation

    Mid-late February 2006 (usually the third week of February): Interviews

    . Applicants must interview at the interview consulate that they indicate
    on the application. Those who cannot make the interviews during the
    designated time will not be considered for the JET Program, so please plan
    accordingly. (E.g. Do not plan to travel abroad in February!)

    Early April 2006: Notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance

    April to June 2006: Document submission

    . Reply Form, Certificate of Health, Proof of Graduation, Photocopy
    of Passport

    July 29, 2006: Departure for Japan

    . Do not plan to travel abroad in mid-late July! Avoid setting your
    wedding date during this time period.

    V. Improving your chances of being selected as a JET Program Participant

    Roughly speaking, about 30-40% of qualified JET Program Assistant
    Language Teacher (ALT) applicants are eventually selected to become
    participants on the JET Program. You can improve your prospects in the
    following ways:

    1. Get some teaching experience: If you have no experience working with
    children, try to get some. Teaching, coaching, tutoring, counseling, etc. -
    anything that shows that you can interact with children and educators.

    2. Study Japanese: If you have no Japan-related study or Japanese
    language skills, get some if possible. Language study with an accredited
    instructor is best, but even self-study can significantly improve your
    chances of being selected for the JET Program; further, language study will
    enhance your experience in Japan if you are selected. Studying Japanese
    history, culture, politics, economy, etc. is also helpful.

    3. Consider cross-cultural issues: Be proactive in thinking about issues
    that may come up if you participate on the JET Program. For example,
    research about the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Japan;
    think about how you might help make English more interesting and
    communicative, and how you might inform Japanese students, teachers and
    communities about the United States and its sub-cultures; think about how
    you would deal with culture shock; etc. Doing this will help you on both
    your statement of purpose and in the interview (if granted).

    4. Be professional: Prepare in advance; follow directions on the
    application; get your application in on time and complete. Imagine yourself
    as a Japanese student and/or Japanese colleague, and ask yourself what kind
    of person you would want to have as an English teacher/assistant teacher -
    in terms of skills, experience, and character - then work to become that
    kind of person.

    If you have questions, please see our JET FAQ at If your questions are not
    answered there, please feel free to contact me (see below).


    We also invite students, faculty, and career center/study abroad staff to
    attend one of our annual JET PROGRAM INFORMATION SESSIONS to be held on
    Wednesday, October 26, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm AND on Saturday, November 5, from
    2:00 - 5:00 pm at the Japan Information Center in Chicago (address below;
    RSVP to requested). Or, if you would like to have a
    former JET Program participant represent JET in a career fair or information
    session at your college or university, please contact me and I would be
    happy to try to arrange it.

    Thank you very much for your support of the JET Program! If you have any
    questions, or would like to be removed from this email list, please contact
    me at or (312) 280-0434.


    Douglas S. Bell


    That's an e-mail I recieved on the JET program. I'm about to apply for it this coming year, the fall of 06. I should have my history Bachelors by then, plus I'll have at the very least finished up 4 semesters of Japanese... possibily 6.


    This e-mail was forwarded by Suga Sensei the head of the UWM (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) Japanese department.
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    Wow! You're lucky! I wish I could go, then I'd be able to work with Jeff/Az.

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    Well just enter into college and work for a degree, you don't need anything in particular just a degree to apply. Although there is no garuantee that you'll be excepted. If your not old enough for college see if your highschool offers Japanese. In my forth semester Japanese class for college I have a highschool senior with me.

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    Ooooollllllllddddddddddd neeeeeewwwwwsssssssssss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishman
    Ooooollllllllddddddddddd neeeeeewwwwwsssssssssss
    word to that.

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    little late buddie

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    hey!!! go easy on the guy. he's new. and 'sides, old news was new once to you too..

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    To quote what a great man once said, "OLD".

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    That was a whole slew of unneccesary information! Referencing the website probably would have sufficed.

    But anyway, I've applied for that! I should hear back in the next couple of weeks if I've been accepted.... Yeah.


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