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Thread: Translate help

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    The problem with Kanji is that it isn't a original Japanese alphabet, it's chinese. Where you run into problems with Kanji is that their are Kun'yomi and On'yomi meanings to the Kanji.

    Kun'yomi being the Japanese version of the kanji.

    On'yomi bieng the Chinese version.

    With the On'yomi and Kun'yomi a kanji might have up to five different hiragana/katakana meanings.

    An example.

    The kanji for Main or Lord has three different ways of being stated:
    On'yomi (Chinese) Shu
    Kun'yomi (Japanese) Omo and Nushi

    Omoni = Mainly: This word uses the kanji for Main or Lord along with the hiragana character for Ni
    Goshujin = Husband: Starting with the Hiragana character Go + Kanji for Main or Lord + the kanji for hito(Person)
    Mochinushi = Owner: This starts with the kanji for To carry + the hiragana character chi + the kanji for Main or Lord

    This is the most difficult part of kanji the fact that while you might see the kanji used it may not always have the same sound to it or the same hiragana or katakana characters.

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    There is really no way around just memorizing what the character means. At least in Japanese you have other forms such as hiragana to help phoneticize the words. For us Chinese people, we have no choice but to memorize thousands upon thousands of characters. There about 50,000 characters in Chinese, though the average person can get by fairly well by just knowing around 3,000.

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    You always have to take things in context. There aren't any spaces between words in Japanese, so unless you have an idea of what you're talking about, you won't get it. Anyway, the readings are all basically similar, or they have hiragana at the end to tell you how to pronounce it (if you don't have furigana, which basically makes everything okay).

    Not ALL kanji are Chinese. Many are, but some are unique to Japan.

    I bet Mandarin is the language of Satan. Much harder than Japanese.

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    Arrg, ive got four years before im done with my major in college, and thats when i need to move to japan (for my job). :/ its been about a year since i started,but in kanji, ive only gotten about twenty done! (and thats first grade *cries*) curse my brain for not being mushy enough for memorization! and my fifty year old uncle has it memorized, and he did that in a year ive noticed sound effects are commonly in katakana, so why dont they just keep it that way? fine, fine, ill stop being a wimp, just have to ask two things of you translaters out there, one:
    how long did it take you to learn
    and two: poniyushi? <-most screwed up boob sound effect ever...(of course, I could be mistaken on the spelling)


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