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    Default Patlabor: A Movie Revisited

    It has come to my attention that a special edition of the first Patlabor movie is being released. Again to show how old I am Patlabor was one of the first anime series and movies that I bought. It came state side early 90's. A very underrated series that does not get nearly the credit it deserves. If you have not seen the series I strongly suggest you check it out. You can start with the movie, it's not necessary to have seen the series before seeing the movie.

    For those of you who don't know Patlabor revolves around a police outfit that deals in labor crimes. A labor being a giant mech built to... well... build. Over the life span of labor though labor crimes had begun to develop so police units were made to deal with such crimes. Enter Special Vehicles Unit 2 and it's cast. The show and movie's stories don't revolve around giant mech fighting instead they move around the characters, character interaction and a growing Neo-Tokyo and the issues of change within it. So for those of you who love Gundam mech battles their are not many in this series although when battles do happen they are incredibly entertaining to watch. With a gripping story line, doses of comedy and sprinkle of giant mech fighting the first Patlabor movie is well worth the money dished out to own it. I own an original Central Park Media VHS copy and I'm still going to buy the Special Edition that's coming out.

    I would recommend this series with my highest credentials... If I had any valid ones. Still check out this series one way or another.


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    I saw it on stars edge about six months ago-- Pretty nice wide screen edition. The series wasn't nearly as good as the movie.

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    Oh I remember this anime! I could never remember the name though, it was the second anime movie I ever watched (right after galaxy express 999). From what I can remember of the movie it was pretty damn good, although I'm going to have to watch it again, because there is a lot I can't remember. I haven't seen the series but im definitly going to now

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    I watched the Patlabor movie years ago and it was one of the best movies out there. I love the thousands of labor bots part. They have to fight the virus/preprograming while the tower breaks off piece by piece with even the newer Patlabor of the police getting the virus due to the typhoon and the two patlabors have to fight too. It was nice.

    Giant mechs+virus+thousands of labors+typhoon+buildings breaking=
    good watching
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