(Sorry if my spelling is crap)
okay i have only seen the music video and i don't know the titel or the group.
but it from like...2001-2003 and was show a lot on Mtv.
The song is called something like "save me" or "Rescue me",or something like that i think.It is a woman sing it all the lyric and there is a lot of "aaah" in a nice way after the songs name.
okay here it goes.
i will now try to tell what is going on in the video. at the start of the song you hear "Outer Space" by Bernard Herrmannhow did the music for the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.then this guy goes in to a comic store and he is reading a comic and is having 3-D glasses on.
He see thes girls in like 50-60's science fiction costume whit big, plastic helmets.There is a girl sitting in/on a martini glass and is trying to get away from a tentecal(?) monster. a African -American woman is looking at him from the counter and the guy is looking a bit irritated or somthing like that at here and he starts to chew a chewing gum that came with the comic. he blows
a bubbel and he gets a big pink, plastic globe that it is transparent soo you see the guys face all the time that is over his head and he is frighten *and starts to run (*this im not sure of)Then at the end there is a big crowd of men and women with pink plastic globe over ther heads and you see thes giant girls in 50-60's science fiction costume and then it end. soo does anybody know what im talkig about? please i love this song and i would like too hear it again.