I just thought this would be useful to alot of people. Especially people who watch alot of subbed anime, and dont speak japanese very well or at all.

http://www.mit.edu/~rei/Anime.html (click on "What's Lost in Translation?")

its basically a list of things that are useful to know about japanese language, that get lost in the translation to english, nothing important but it adds to the experience.

Here is one instance where it helped me:
In one of the Samurai Champloo episodes, Jin tells this young boy that "Kids should not wave around swords" The kids stutters and says "I... I... I..." and starts to cry.

To people that just speak english, the only significance that it has, is that he is stuttering. But in actuality, there's more to it. The acutal words the kid says are "Ore... Ore... Ore..." In japanese Ore is a very masculine way of saying "I", and so the reason he says "I" that way is to try to prove to Jin that hes not a kid.