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    Default "The Journey" Essay

    When I was in English class a few years back, I was sitting in class and we read a few poems in class, and I was sitting in my desk, and I zoned out, and when I came to, I noticed that I wrote this. The essay some ppl say is deep, and this essay happens to be a revision from my original, because of the grammer errors, anyway, I wanted to let you guys read it and tell me what you think.

    If it doesn't make sense, I have a good excuse, so there. lol

    Life spans across eons at a time, and to some, life is a journey that leads one to a new path or an exit. Although, we sit at school or at home, we don't see it, but our lives aren't portrayed as a normal routine, there are conflicts to overcome and paths to cross. Overtime, as we mature, we begin to convey a sense of what our futures hold for us, however, we don't understand the complications involved in a simple turn of a corner. Beyond that point, transcending doubt becomes yet another obstacle in our lives, and this is seen no differently than a change in plans or a purpose left unmet, but we are not alone, everyone seeks help. To listen to it and relate it to our lives, and noticing that can truly impact a person's perspective of the desired path they wish to walk. Reaching your hand out and seeking help is one true way of transcending doubt, however, the wrong direction or decision can undoubtably become a burden that you must bear alone. The human life should never be seen as a normal routine, foundations are built upon the decisions made by you, on your own accord, and in doing so shall determine that ever changing fate that all living beings in existance are bound to. If you take the time and look, as well as listen a decision made and a word heard can set your destiny in motion, but inevitably, the only one who can truly help you is yourself. Be that as it may, listening to others isn't always a burden, expecially coming from the ones who have walked along your desired path already, and inevertably accepting the advice, without doubt, can bring you closer to the desired end that you seek, however, your voice is your choice to make a difference. Whether its on your own accord or already predetermined, it is still a choice, that if chosen correctly can lead you down the right path. Hence, the path you choose shall determine if you are led through the journey called life or that fear you call an exit.

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    Isn't that a personally written take on the already obvious? Or at least to me so it seems. Does the fact that you were studying poetry at the moment have any certain relevance to what you have written?
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