Iwoke up just now. The light has entered my room. I felt like I just ressurected from the dead. Maybe I did. I had to force myself to open my eyelids. The clock is 11:42. I shouldn't sleep this long. It's really not that long. But if I hadn't gotten up now I woudn't be able to get up tomorrow.

THe light outside tries to pierce my room with its illuminecens. It doesn't quite get the hang of it. My room never get to be fully lighted. I don't know why. It is not becouse of my drapes. They are not drawn shut.. except some. But the 2 windows of my room pointing sounth and has not drawn its drapes shut. Its a mystery. A mystery I won't indulge in. I feel sleepy I can see my bed callling. Its there.. half a meter away. I look away and see a book written by R.A. Salvatore. Hmmm. he is a good writer..