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Thread: Favorite Movies

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    ajamiro is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    favorite movies? so many of them, lats say:
    you got served
    my sassy girl
    house of fury
    final fantasy advent children
    coach carter
    white chicks
    lotr trilogy
    harry potter(all of it)
    and many more.................................

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    mangaguy is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Spirited Away Rules!

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    MojoMunkeez is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Spirited Away
    Spiderman 2
    The Longest Yard

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    coolerimmortal is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    1) Seven Samurai
    2) Infernal Affairs (trilogy)
    3) Fight Club
    4) Pulp Fiction
    5) Battle Royale
    6) Kill Bill (both volumes)
    7) Oldboy
    9) Wes Anderson's films-all of them
    10) Lost in Translation

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    Throne of Blood, I think, is better than Rashomon...

    "Let us cross over the river, and rest beneath the shade of the tree." - Last words of Stonewall Jackson

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    the fact that you put Lost in Translation on that list automatically generates a huge amount of respect Cooler.

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    Tevesh is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    I didn't like Lost in Translation because it conveyed boredom and loneliness too effectively, therefore, I was bored and lonely when I watched it.

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    Quiraikotsu is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    ajamiro.. dyou mean house of house of fury as in the chines eone? if so i love it too!!! plus i love all stephen chow movies, for anyone whos cantonese you crazy if you dont watch em

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    Chizabubble is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Spirited away! I forgot that!!!

    I love Steal! <3

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    Lost in Translation was an amazing movie. I couldn't list it as one of my favourites because, to my regrets, I've only seen it once.

    The ones I do remember...

    Special Mention: Spaceballs. I haven't seen many things by Mel Brooks, but this is a movie you can never get tired of watching and/or quoting.

    Oh, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. *giggles* Genius.

    1) Anything I've seen by Hayao Miyazaki (about four movies...)
    2) Princess Bride
    3) Monsters. Inc - which is incredibly funny in ways that children would not understand.
    4) Shrek - as above. I mean, Joan Rivers in the second one. That was hilarious.
    5) Kill Bill (volume 1 was better - but great movies)
    6) Ringu. Actually scary. And the little boy is really cute. XD
    7) Corpse Bride/Nightmare Before Christmas/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Beetlejuice - I don't know if I'd like all of Tim Burton's movies, but I loved these four.
    Lord of the Rings. Because they managed to be great movies while being decently true to the even more amazing books.
    9) Memento - wow, this was scary, in a way, but also really, really good.
    10) PoTC. I usually hate movies/books/etc that are really popular but aside from having Orlando Bloom in it this was really, really good. I wasn't a huge fan of pirates before, but I would definitely go see the second movie (and I started to enjoy One Piece more. XD)

    11) V for Vendetta - I mean, I just saw it last week, but it was a really great movie. I thought it would be okay, full of action and all, but there was a lot more to it than that and I really enjoyed it.
    12) Silence of the Lambs - I don't remember it too well, but damn... I want to see it again.
    13) Zoolander. *giggle*
    14) Ocean's Eleven - the remake, I guess. I think it's a clever idea. o.o
    15) Butterfly Effect - Just because Ashton Kutcher's in it doesn't mean it's a crappy movie. Made me cry a number of times, and scared the hell out of me for the rest of the night.
    16) Rat Race - because everyone has to have one stupid movie on their list.
    17) Airplane - or two. Proving that jokes from 30 years ago are STILL good.
    1 Those musical Disney movies. They may be inaccurate, but they had GREAT music. (You know, from the 90s...)
    19) Pride and Prejudice - because Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is the ideal man.

    and... I'll list 20 later. You know I haven't really seen any Asian-made movies?


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