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Thread: Smokers?

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    shautieh's Avatar
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    My guess is that most people who frequent this site do not smoke either.
    it seems you bet on the right horse

    btw, i don't smoke ever....

    edit : but i don't really mind if people smoke... and it's a bit too much to ban smoking everywhere O.o
    and if someone feels better smoking, i don't think he will quit only because he has more chances to die early....
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    Fayt01 is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    Simple message really, I don't smoke...and I agree I don't think most the people here smoke either. BOCTAOE.

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    Rocklee87 is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    i dont smoke and i hate it so much reasons:
    1. on a college campus a lot of people smoke while they walk, i hate walking through smoke
    2. " " when u meet a pretty girl hit it off, and her friend comes over and they start smoking like their is no tomorrow HUGE TURN OFF for me atleast
    3. i had friends who smoke and they would get pissed when people said they should slow down. during this time they were underage, but still dont understand we dont want to see them dead at 30 IDIOTS!!!!

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    boopkit is offline Senior Member Regular
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    Feb 2006


    im smoking like a chimney baby.
    1 packets a day.

    oh god ill be dead before my firstborn calls me mum.
    but itll be like james dean, it is a good thing.

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    shalla is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Jan 2006


    I smoke. And I think that women are more attracted to the smell of cigarettes than men are. Why is that?
    The only thing I don't like about smoking is that by buying them I support the tobaccoindustry, for example, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Smart etc. They are using people just to get money. Those poor people who work at the tobaccofields are practically slaves, and smoking is a huge problem in those families. They don't get lots of money and a enormous amount of that goes to cigarettes, and that's not fair.
    I don't actually care about the fact that I'll die sooner or something. I'll die in some point of my life anyway.
    oh you're so lame.

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    with my dear


    I don't smoke because i can't stand the smell and i don't wanna have yellow teeth >.< And i start coughing from the smokes.
    I never even tried smoking ^^
    If you deny this, then it's your fault.
    That God's in Crisis, he's over.
    Every time I rise I see you falling.
    Can you find me space inside your bleeding heart?

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    Hey! This was a thread before the nuke.

    Time for repetition:

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    North Carolina, US


    A good bit of my family works in those tabacco farms, since most cigarette tabacco is grown in North Carolina. They aren't treated as slaves, I have helped out my relatives on a number of occasions when I visit them. It is more of a family thing, very fun actually. And actually, none of them smoke. Where did you get your information from? Just wondering, maybe those conditions are like that in other countries.

    "Let us cross over the river, and rest beneath the shade of the tree." - Last words of Stonewall Jackson

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    i don't smoke at all. i've tried it before and disliked it. Cigars on the other hand aren't bad. i smoke one ever now and then on certain occations.

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    Quiraikotsu is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    okay this is off topic but ive noticed that madi-chan is banned? how come? and just to make this post on topic- i hate it when people smoke close to me ><" stinks a lot.


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