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    I want my kao account. I originally tried to sign up with my hotmail account, forgetting that I had the spam filters set to delete junk mail the instant it got anywhere near my address (it's fairly generic, it gets lots of spam) - the poor confirmation e-mail never stood a chance. But whatever, this is close enough. And hey, no numbers!

    More to the point, could the site even handle having that many active posters? It's been doing a lot of strange things to me lately as it is...lots of pages in the threads haven't been loading, and I've seen a few posts by other members show up out of order - if you look at the post currently following mine (on page 2) in the "ban the above poster" thread, that wasn't there last I looked, and the one underneath it was. Also, I have an extra post floating around in the Q&A thread in the Bleach section...I posted the first one, and had trouble submitting it, but it looked like it posted, so I closed the window. I came back a few hours later and it wasn't there. As soon as I posted again, it suddenly showed up. (Someone please kill it...)

    Is the amount of people online at the time the reason this kind of thing happens?

    Quote Originally Posted by coolpuprocks
    If you have 100,000 members, and most of them will do the 10 posts because ST is the largest direct download manga distributer....

    ...we now have 1,000,000 posts on the board. I can guaranteed you that most of them will be spam and shit. Do you want that to happen? =_= A moderation nightmare.

    I agree. I think that would be a nightmare for just about everyone. Since leechers tend to be persistent, they would just keep making account after account if they got banned.

    EDIT - I also want to know why I keep randomly getting logged out...while I'm still browsing the forums. And why it keeps giving me the "you must be a member to download" message when I click on the latest Naruto chapter...I'm fairly certain that I am one. It keeps logging me off when that happens, too.
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    huh, in a slightly related note, Narutofan just got 1,000,000 members

    \"You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned\" Let the flame wars begin!


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