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Thread: Ghost Story....

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    Default Ghost Story....

    Let's the nightmare begins..
    The event happens just recently from my neighbour hood. There was a couple who just moved recently. Not after 1 weeks, they were fighting, a big one. It always happen every single night, until one day there was peace..
    One morning, an old bookkeeper, whose his bookstore lies next to their house was eager to know how are they now. So then, when she asked, then man replied that his wife has returned to her town's home. Everyone though the case was over until one day later..
    A body was found foating on river bank far away. DNA tests shows that she is the woman that the man told already return home. Police straight away goes to arrest him. When they did, all people never forget that day. The man didn't resist. He simply gives up. But judging his face, everyone thinks that he has gone mad.. (I heard that his hair all gone, eyes shows that he didn't have enough rest ,and salive keep dropping out of his mouth. But he keeps holding his left stomach, and he is smilling werly)
    Leaving his 5-years-old son alone, someone feels pity about him. Then, when they asked this question, I do tremble in fear..
    "Hey, J.. Don't be afraid... Your father will return..." the old bookkeeper kindly encourage him
    "No, grandma, I won't"
    "What a brave child! But why..?"
    "Because Mommy came to visit us last night! Moreover, Daddy carried her on his back all night long! Mommy smiled to Daddy and Mommy's tounge twist around Daddy's neck. Also, aslo grandma, Mommy's hand can fly and her body..."
    I didn't hear the rest of J's story, but I think I heard enough..

    Is that her behind you?

    (Post another ghost story or...)
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    Are criticisms accepted? Well, first of all the slightly erroneous grammar somewhat ruins the mood... and secondly, it's a nice story, would have been scary, but sadly I've already encountered a similar one Not bad though.
    Daijoubu! Saa, mae ni susumou taiyou wo itsumo mune ni...

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