Well, here is my promised post.

In a National Geographic (secular science magazine if I ever knew one) article in around 2001, there was a map of linguistic layers of the eastern hemisphere. It depicted the differences in language using arrows branching out from an area. On the map, it clearly showed arrows branching out from the Middle East, or more specifically, Iraq. On the map, there is an arrow branching out to Africa, but, being secular and anti-creationist, the publishers cut out the head of the arrow at Egypt, so that it appears that language originated from Africa. Or rather, so that the public wouldn't be told that all language spawned from Iraq which was then known as Mesopotamia, which has Biblical references. The Bible states that the Garden of Eden was in Iraq, and that Abram, father of the Hebrews, came from Ur, an ancient Sumerian city. Also, it is stated in the Bible that languages originated when people tried to build a tower to heaven, the Tower of Babel, in Babylon. However, God struck down this attempt and mixed up the people's languages. Thus, language, according to the Bible, spread out from Babylon, which was in Iraq. Now, the map that secular scientists produced through linguistical studies, also show that languages branched out from the Middle East, giving the Bible credit.

Another point I'd like to make is on the cellular level. As most of the frequenters in this thread are high school students or older, you all should know something of Biology. Specifically, the Krebs cycle. Now, by the theory of evolution, this cycle which produces ATP (adenino triphosphate), the driving force of cellular operations, would have evolved through a process. However, as anyone who has taken Biology should know, the Krebs cycle requires the use of 2 ATP to start it up in order to produce 38 ATP for a net gain of 36 ATP. Now, I ask you, how does one evolve a cycle? The Krebs cycle produces ATP, and yet requires ATP to run. How does one evolve a cycle like that? That's like trying to construct a machine and the factory that makes it with the machine itself. It's just not possible. Evolution is not possible on the cellular level, and therefore, not possible in higher and larger levels.

A final point.
Many people point to the dinosaurs as the "Achilles heel" of creationism. This could not be further from the truth. When paleontologists dig up dinosaur fossils, they often find the predator alongside the prey. Now, I don't know about you, but if I were a prey animal, I wouldn't be buddying up with one of those that eat me. So why are they found together?
The Flood.
When the Great Flood of Noah came, the dinosaurs were wiped out. During times of crisis, predator and prey will forget their roles and run for the high ground so as to not drown. The Great Flood itself has credibility behind it. In almost every ancient culture, there are stories of a great deluge that covered the Earth "a long time ago". This adds to the credibilty that the Great Flood actually happened hence, giving a valid explanation of why there aren't dinosaurs today.