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    Default the most embarrasing situation

    i wanna know whats the most embarrasing situation you have ever been to. my was when i was first time in night club and went dancing with a girl and had a huge hard on at the moment she came realy close to me(what can i say im a sexual being.).

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    How is that embarassing? It's a club. When women dance in clubs, they know what to expect.
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    Sure it was embarassing, he had the hard-on on his forehead.
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    Cool Caught

    I was seeing this girl. that no one knew about. she was this wild rebel who I

    really wanted to have sex with. Anyway we are on a elavator alone and she

    stop it from moving and decided she wanted to makeout. the door just open

    and my Aunt who I do not like show up as I had my hands were on her breast and

    she was on top of me. I got "Spoke to" by my family about the importance of

    sex it creap the hell out of me.

    My Dad kept using the word together to describe sex

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    I was waiting for my bus in the morning a year or two back, with some creepy older guy (Probably around 35). Anyways, this guy was kinda weird, because he would always wait until the bus pulled up before he would get the change for the bus out of his pocket, and ready it to put in the slot. So anyways, the past couple of days, he had climbed the small stairs onto the bus, but then he had let me push past him after flashing my bus card. What happened this day was I went to go past but he had already inserted his change into the machine, so I basically (accidentally) pushed him out of the way. It was a very awkward situation, and he repeatedly glared at me after that, and I don't know why, but I have trouble getting that situation out of my head.




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