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  • Bruce Lee

    16 51.61%
  • Jackie Chan

    8 25.81%
  • Jet Li

    7 22.58%
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    Zeh is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    Aug 2005


    Bruce Lee would have them for lunch. After all, he did beat Chuck Norris. FTW!
    Owned and put into slavery by IdiotHunter ERR I MEAN ADOPTED.

    Ikey, John, Omar, and Jon in November with the girl.

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    Rocklee87 is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Sep 2005


    what is the FTW crap is it from something

    i guess its for the win? i dont get it

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    cpr's Avatar
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    I'd choose this guy:

    He's wicked awesome.

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    char siu bao is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Aug 2005
    Sweeping dead koalas off the sidewalk


    That's old, yeah but he's one awesome freestyler

    Bruce Lee FTW. When one surpasses perfection in mind, body and spirit, who can compare?

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    japochoboi is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Jun 2005
    Los Angeles


    i vote for jackie chan in his prime over jet li. i havent seen much bruce lee stuff since he was before my time.

    nami is the greatest

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    Volvogga's Avatar
    Volvogga is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    MI, USA


    Nice Vid, Coolpup. But nooo....

    I'll take Lee any day of the week. That is one little guy that just scares the shit out of me to see, even through a TV screen. Chan and Li can't make that same claim IMO.

    As for Unleashed (Danny the Dog), I liked that movie. The fact that it didn't have a lot of continuous action wasn't that surprising (and when it did, it kicked ass), when you consider who wrote it. Thats right, non-other than Luc Besson. Short list of my favorites that he wrote: Nikita, Léon the Professional, The Fifth Element, and The Transporter. Look him up on IMDB for the long list.

    thanks to Silverwmoon!

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    kazenohirameki is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Bruce Lee dead.

    Jackie Chan is dampened by his stuntman injuries.

    Definitely Jet Li becoming the victor.

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    danzo is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    jackie chan studied mostly performance kung fu. He started off doing does acrobatics in a kind of circus. His martial arts have never been taught for practicality. He's essentially a stuntman performer.

    Jet Li is trained first and foremost as a martical artist, he's has won tournaments. Jet Li definitely knows how to fight in real life in the Wushu kung fu style, before becoming a performer.

    Bruce Lee is also from a martial arts background, he formed his own style of kung fu ''jeet kun do' from wing chun a very effective style. He's regarded as a visionary in the martial arts world and definitely knows how to fight in the real world.

    Essentially it would be like this:

    Bruce Lee > Jet Li > Jackie Chan

    People who think that Jackie would be the best don't know what they're talking about. This thread is mostly a bunch of kids saying how funny he is, so he's the best. What the hell does that have to do with fighting. Retarded.

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    Quiraikotsu is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Behind you... BWHAHAHAH


    Oh gawd none of them would hold a fight against Donnie Yen! I voted for Jet Li anyway.

    My mum used to deliver noodles to Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung when she was a kid ^__^


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