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Thread: Veganism is bullshit.

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    Default Veganism is bullshit.

    This started an epic shitstorm on my Facebook page so maybe itll do the same here. Xpost.

    So in response to a vegan aquaintance posting this:
    I don't know whether to sigh or vomit. Vegan lobster soy. #lobster #vegan #soy #newyork #manhattan #fish #wow #chinese #amazing #seafood #ocean #heaven

    I posted this:
    I don't get why vegans are so obsessed with finding shit that looks, feels, and tastes like meat but isnt. You spend all this time searching for the pinnacle version of some soy/tofu/foam paste squirted into a mold and pumped full of chemicals and flavorings. Ok you saw some horribly biased youtube video of some sociopath beating animals with a stick and swore off meat... and decided to take revenge by eating something even more hyperprocessed and so chemically altered it'd grad student a week with a textbook to figure out what was in it... for what? You conscience? Without even realizing that everything from fabric softener to nail polish to fucking SHEETROCK has animal products in it? I swear all this work you put in is not worth it. >_> /rant.
    Shitstorm ensued and I pretty much used this exclusively for reference because... well... lol just look at it.

    Also its important to note that a coworker at my job is vehemently vegan and kept trying to make me ashamed by showing me videos of pigs being beaten, cows being forcibly impregnated (for milk fyi), chicks having their beaks burned off, animals stuffed in cages like sardines. etc etc etc...

    anyway, your thoughts?
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    I eat meat because it's delicious. That's pretty much the only reason why...

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    not eating meat doesn't solve the problem of inhumanely killing animals. Not all animals are killed like the videos on youtube. Go to a local farm and get your meat there.

    I don't care if someone's vegan, but I do care when they act self righteous about it. I'll eat my meat, and you can eat your soy.

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    I lol'ed. It was awesome. Meat tastes good and we would be as smart as we are without meat.

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    Enjoy your meat as long as you still can, in the future is going to get more and more expensive, because a fuckton of water is needed for a kg of meat, while much less is needed for 1 kg of wheat. That's the only reason why I'll probably slowly switch to a vegetarian diet. And this way I'll probably pay attention even more to what and how I eat, so yeah. Doesn't mean I won't be eating some meat now and then.

    And that pic you posted is great, SD. I'll tell some of my vegan friends, see what they say

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    I love animals, they're fucking tasty. Seriously there is no reason not to eat meat on occasion and if you're really that concerned for animal welfare, take up animal husbandry and raise and slaughter them yourself, refusing to eat meat will not bring an animal back from the dead.
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    When I was in HK, I tried some of those buddish vegan dish
    which was pretty good in my humble opinion.

    just bought shitload of meat for Christmas
    and those tasty meat Roulade




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