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    Default This world is morally bankrupt.

    Translation of some news program I think:
    "At about 5:20pm a 2 year 2 month old girl was walking on the street when a white van had hit her and had trapped her beneath the car. The driver did not seem to know what had happened and continued to accelerate further crushing the little girl even more."

    "The first guy that walked nearby just ignored the girl on the floor and pretended that nothing happened, subsequently everyone else ignored her too."

    "Moments later another driver who also seems to not have seen the girl drives over her, further injuring her. After 5 minutes since she first got hit, everybody that walked past did not give a second glance at the girl and just pretended nothing happened and continued to walk past"

    "6 minutes have past since she has been hit, a working garbage women who is good of heart sees the child lying on the floor and knew something was wrong, the garbage woman walked over to lift the child to the side of the road but by then the girl has already lost conscious. The garbage woman then went off to call for help. After the mother heard of the news she ran over to help."

    "Not even 3 years old. The girl "Yu Yute" (Don't know how to translate her name but you would hear it in the video) is fighting for her life in the critical ward. She is currently in a coma and doctors are unsure if she will survive, if anyone that was around that area at the time please contact the authorities with any information that could help with the investigation"

    "In those 6 or so minutes, 19 people had walked passed and had not giving any attention to Yu Yute. Only 1 garbage woman had the heart to help her. Yu Yute's dad said the second car is already being investigated by the police however the first car's number had too much glare to be identified and is currently investigating other ways to track them down"

    "Now the parents only have 2 wishes, one that the girl survives and wakes up. The second to capture the first driver who ran the girl over, nothing else matters right now."

    *Father then begs on television for help for anyone with information to come forward.
    I couldn't live with myself if I had just walked by like that.

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    what the f*cking F*CK. That's disturbing and scary and effed up. And that damn driver what the hell was he thinking. seriously what the hell. I feel sick

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    I remember a story about a homeless guy in New York who saved a girl from being mugged. He got stabbed in the process. The girl ran off as soon as she'd been saved. The homeless guy stumbled into the street and collapsed. He lay there for most of the day. In the evening someone called an ambulance. It was too late by then though.

    Um. Having read the story above I kinda feel guilty that the first thing I thought of when I read the topic line was Il Palazzo from Excel Saga saying 'The world is corrupt'.

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    Oh China....

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    Oh real life, you amuse me so.

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    What is the mother doing in the first place, not watching out for her daughter.




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