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Thread: A Song Of Ice And Fire

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    Enderīs Game is another Sci-Fi I have yet to read....damn, too much to read, too little time T_T" (and having a bunch of mangas on your to-read list isnīt helping, either xD).

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    Quote Originally Posted by StealDragon View Post
    What language were you reading it in? I blew through those books in days. I hear great things about the Ender's Game series, I read the first book and it was good but I felt it overhyped a bit. Same with Hunger Games, she just seemed like she had some overwhelming compulsion to end EVERY chapter with a sudden death/wtf moment. It got really old really quickly. I haven't started the Dark Tower series but from all the hype I've heard about it I'm sure I'll be disappointed no matter how good I know it is. As for a Song of Ice and Fire... its not perfect (everything to do with Arya and Dany after sayyy... book three?) but it's still my favorite. I should reread them now that I think about it but I lent someone my copy of Game of Thrones...
    I got lucky in that I read most of these before the hype (ie film/tv adaptations) set it. I've also got friends with really bad taste in books, so I distrust most recommendations from them, no matter how much they hype the things. That makes it fine when it actually turns out to be a good read.

    A lot of the time I find that people hype things because it's the first book of the genre that they've read and found accessible. Usually this means that it's also one of the worst examples of the genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuyvesant View Post
    AFAIK Martin has sat down with the producers of the TV show and discussed what he intends writing in the last books. He said it was in case he died and didn't get to finish the books, at least the TV series would have the conclusion that he intended.

    Not that I expect the series to stay strong through the long haul either. We can hope though.
    Well that's good to know. It's also true that we can hope. Plus even if it doesn't work out on TV there's always web-series. It should be able to hold onto enough fans for that.

    On books though, anyone else getting sick of the epic sagas that come hand-in-hand with fantasy and sci-fi? I love these genres but it would be nice to have some more decent one-offs. It seems to me that every damn author is too busy going "I built a really cool world. You need to know everything from the hierarchy to the sewer systems! Cause I made it and it's soooooo cool." Honestly, much as I like the story, all of the books could do with losing a few hundred pages here and there.

    Although I may just be missing the decent one-offs.

    EDIT: Hi BlueDemon!
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    I love Steal! <3

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    Try some of Brandon Sanderson's standalone books. Or hell, most of Guy Gavriel Kay's novels are standalone (more historical fantasy here, though). Both have been staples in my library for quite some time, give 'em a shot if you're bored.

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    great books, TV series doesnt do it justice... although they tried.

    so much sorrow, so much vengeance and a good display of human nature. its by no means a happy fairytale but the show has good eye candy. the book itself is nicely narrated i just hope the guy gets to complete the series...


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