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    Default Questions for you!

    Sorry, been mostly a lurker here, but I need some help with this so... giving this a shot.

    So I'm doing this English project and I just need about 3-5mins of your time to answer a few short questions. This is just like a very short survey, nothing intense at all unless you feel like telling me a lot, which is also welcome.

    You can be as brief as you like, or as lengthy as you like, but please do take it seriously, it will mean a lot to me and help me out tremendously. Thanks!
    Last thing before you start, try to go with your first instinct, type whatever comes to mind, don't worry about grammar or making it sound nice with fancy words or anything. Answer the questions in order, and do not change your previous answers.

    You can pm me if you don't wanna fill this out in public. Thanks for your help!


    What is the first digit of your age? (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, etc)

    In what country have you resided in for the majority of your life?

    Where are you residing in currently?


    1) In your opinion, What is literature? (Type as long or short as you like)

    2) Bold or Underline the following items that you would not consider as literature.

    A) Math Text Book
    B) Dictionary
    C) Diary
    D) Story books / Novels
    E) Comic books
    F) Visual Graphic Novels
    G) Songs
    H) Websites
    I) Online Forums
    J) Blogs / Myspace / Facebook
    K) E-mail
    L) Restaurant Menu
    M) Instruction Manuel
    N) Credit Card Bill / Statement
    O) Advertisements in the Mail
    P) Music Script without Lyrics
    Q) Movies
    R) Voice Mail Messages
    S) Drawings
    T) Picture Books that tell a story without the use of words
    U) Theatrical Performance

    3) For the above items that you did not consider as literature at first sight but could be considered literature in your opinion if the criteria was more specific, type in the specifics next to the items in italics to make it so that you would consider it literature. (For Example: Movies- Movie Scripts) Or if you do not know what some of the items are above, type in "I don't know what this is" in italics next to it

    4) In your opinion, What would be a requirement(s) for you to consider something as literature? (give as many requirement as you like, list them in order of importance.)

    5) Which of the following would you consider as literature? (Bold or Underline all that applies)

    A single Math Question given verbally
    A piece of paper with 10 Math questions on it
    An exam booklet with 50 Math Questions
    A SAT review book with 500 Math Questions

    6) Which of the following would you consider as literature? (Bold or Underline all that applies)
    A Poem read out loud
    10 Poems written on a piece of paper
    50 Poems in a Poem compilation
    500 Poems in a Literature text book

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    keep lurking

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    Quote Originally Posted by R3dKnight View Post
    keep lurking
    .................................................. .gg

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    To me, literature is the usage of those fancy, flowery words or sentence that you don't usually use in everyday life. Especially with thou, thee, doth...




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