...and I couldn't be happier.
As far as I am concerned, the public sector is a burden on the state, but also a necessary evil. For that reason I think the public sector has a duty to be as lean as possible.

I have no sympathy for those who stand to lose their jobs, that sounds mean, but when the public sector accounts for 1/5 of employment in this country, many of whom fill redundant or non-job positions, I find it very hard to feel any kind of empathy; and that's before you factor in the gold plated pensions, early retirement, above average salaries, extra holiday and all the stories of laziness, fraud, excess and just generally taking the piss.

So keep cutting George, I love ya for it.


Meanwhile in cloud cuckoo land, err... I meant Brussels.

I don't begrudge the mothers trying to raise a new born child, but I can't agree with this vote. Maternity leave is not a state obligation, it is the prerogative of a civilised society and while I agree with it on principal, the state (nor businesses) shouldn't be paying to keep people off work.

I'm also bitter that some culturally and socially disconnected left wing "the world owes me a living" socialist fat cats from other countries, are making decisions about my country again.