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Thread: Manga War

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    Default Manga War

    I don't interact much with the fourm community at stoptazmo, though I've been visiting yall for a couple years now, I'd like to know if the Stoptazmo leaders/owners are planning on abiding by the new laws/rules that the US and Japan are setting up now, given the threat of retaliation(assumed).

    I was just over to Onemanga and it seems they will be wiping the entire manga database within the week, since they are super nice people, and dont want to piss anyone off.

    Will Stoptazmo be following suit? No hate or nothing if you are, It's understandable that you don't want to get tacked to the wall for a few clicks of the mouse, but one is left to wonder.

    Sorry if I interrupt anything, ill crawl back into my hole and cry for OM


    P.S. I don't have enough posts to link the article I found about the new laws, but you will be able to find it at Publishers in home>digital>copyright the author is Calvin Ried

    A couple of paragraphs are as follows

    An international coalition of Japanese and American-based manga publishers have joined together to combat what they call the “rampant and growing problem” of scanlations, the practice of posting scanned and translated editions of Japanese comics online without permission of the copyright holders. The group is threatening legal action against 30 scanlation sites.

    The effort brings together the 36 member Japanese Digital Comic Association—which includes such major Japanese houses as Kodansha, Shogakukan and Shueisha—as well as manga publisher Square Enix, the Tuttle-Mori Agency and U.S.-based manga publishers Vertical Inc, Viz Media, Tokyopop and Yen Press, the manga/graphic novel imprint of the Hachette Book Group.

    and I dont wanna be taged for plagiarism so I'll stop there
    i love magna

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    There are new laws or rules, they didn't change.
    Simply the new coalition started sending cease and desist orders to the major scanlation aggregators, threatening legal action.
    Mangafox, Mangatoshokan, Mangatraders, and a lot of other website have been targeted, but for now it seems that stoptamzo has been ignored :P

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    An Englishman in a shithole somewhere in Wales.

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    Well it's a relief, if they were to ignore stoptazmo.. ^_^
    But still we must keep our guards up..

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    yes, I love Magma too.




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