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    I'm not sure that I'd want to know everything about the people that I'm friends with on forums. Similarly I don't think I'd want them to know everything about me. One of the great things about the net is the anonymity. I'm a pretty normal person, but what if I wasn't? What if I was really ugly, or badly scarred, or really fat, or disabled? I know that people aren't supposed to judge on appearance, but that's not the way that real life works. On forums people judge me solely on what I write. There are no issues or race or gender. I'm not discriminated against because of my religion (unless I choose to post about it and make an issue out of it) or lack or religion.

    The problem with Blizzard doing this is that with a quick few clicks you can pull up all the info that you need on people. You don't like a post someone made? Why bother with countering the argument when you can rather pull up a photo of them looking stupid.

    Nah, I reckon this a rubbish idea.

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    Speaking of privacy, I hear google is planning its own social networking site. In other words, not only will they be allowing people more opportunities to post all their sensetive personal information online, but allowing them to do it via a company whose whole business model is based on collecting personal marketing data on its users. lol

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    I hear google is planning its own social networking site.
    old news, and the site is filled with Brazilians

    either way, the age of internet trolling is coming to an end.

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    I would never hook up on a social networking site powered by google. I have heard and read to much
    about what they are all about. Intrusive to the core.

    forget it.

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    I find it interesting too, I know you would have a hard time making a case where I live that the information Blizzard wants is necessary. Ctr-Alt-Del did a great webcomic commentary on this case too.

    As for me, my parents are strongly against giving out information online to the point of saying I should/might have to move out of the house if I ever did so to any extent under any circumstance (ie even after seeing a person over webcam etc).

    Now this doesn't really affect me personally or my opinions (I have my own place) but I find it strange to be free with information like that over the net. yes I give my name and general location to people I've known for a while and I use Facebook but with the strongest privacy settings.

    I find it creepy that Blizzard would require full names. Also makes it too easy for crazy people like stalkers etc. to get ahold of information.

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    Wouldn't matter much on my server. Most people who post on the server board know each other's first (and often last) names.


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