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Like that's anything new... The retards over at MangaHerpes were always of limited awareness about the processes around this business. Not only their normal posters, but also their admin & mods staff... (Viz & MH coop business plan)... I don't care for crying out loud if some of them get their pants shit and leave scanlation forever... We were always nothing but pirates...
I love your sense of decorum.

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Yeah, only the japanese market. And they should ask themselves why they don't refrain to online selling if they are so afraid of scanning anyway...
It's questionable to blame scanlators for plunge of manga sells. There was a financial crisis just a year ago. The same argument they are using for the american comic market...
I gotta agree with you, since the same can be said for the wider publishing industry as a whole. The problem is that the world has moved on and companies are sticking to their outdated business models. They should just accept that their industry is past its prime and that while its still viable, it will never be the cash cow it once was. Markets change and distribution has to stay ahead of the curve to make money and beat pirates; even itunes (which has sucessfully tapped into the new demographic) was preceded by napster.

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Lol, even pirates are more market savy than major publishers. I wonder how long it'll be untill a piracy site makes a move and legitimises online viewing using a crunchyrolls style business model.

"Another key factor in the slowing sales of manga is the presence of so many volumes of manga in translated form on the Internet. Just as the anime market in the U.S. was gutted by fansubbed downloads available on the Net for free, manga is now facing its own crisis created by the availability of free unlicensed scanlations on the Web. Manga readers lack the “collector mentality” of comic book fans and also tend to be both young and tech savvy. The fact that manga is “long-form” entertainment, with many series running to dozens of volumes (Naruto Vol. 48 is due out in June), even taking into account the fact that manga is very attractively priced compared with traditional American graphic novels, it is very expensive to collect the entire series in paper. Increasingly retailers who saw their once strong anime sales shrink away to nothing are telling ICv2 that manga readers are sampling new series online and only buying their favorite one or two series in printed form."

Thats because the vast majority of anime and manga released in the west is shit (and expensive). Actually the vast majority of anime and manga released anywhere is shit, but a large proportion of that shit is picked up and dumped on the west because "only kids watch it and they all want shounen, ninjas, namek and moar powar up"