I think it proves there are too many idiots in the world (not that I had any doubt) and that they can come from any walk of life. It also proves that the British government sucks at security (and pretty much everything else) and that our judicial system is so limp that we can't get rid of all the radicals that plague the London boroughs (the guy was supposedly radicalised when he came to the UK). Gotta hand it to the kid though, 10 points for ingenuity and for having the stones to walk around with highly flamable chemicals next to his nuts.

Incidentally, you'll lol to know that our cretin of a primeminister went on live tv and anounced that he had spoken and agreed to do something about yemen with the US president. Then on the same show he was called out for having not actually spoken to the president for a while and for the fact that the US has supposedly had plans for Yemen for months.