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    bipolargraph is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    To be more specific, understand: most cases yet.
    Accept: I don't think it'd be easy for people to accept different cultures easily.

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    As Terasiel already said,you can understand these concepts even if you havenīt lived in those circumstances.
    But that doesnīt mean that the concepts are right - honour killing? GTFO!

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    Stuyvesant is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    I'd still disagree with the understanding thing. There is a massive difference between a surface understanding of a concept, and a deeper understanding that comes with experience. I think that with a lot of cultural issues, it takes either being raised there, or a really long time to truly understand them.

    If, of course, you're just talking about whether you can understand a concept, regardless of acceptance, then yeah, sure. Anyone can understand any culture.

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    Yummy Lingo is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    indisposed, stalking adopted father's uncle's son's daughter.....


    you can understand if you really want to, but it's much easier when you're born within it....

    sometimes, it' necessary, but it's rare....
    but in ultimate terms, yes (which is why i voted 'yes')

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    Saizou is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    You all know what's really ironic? A person who has grown up in a culture may instinctively know the customs and beliefs of that culture, but there is no reason to assume that he knows exactly why those customs and beliefs appeared in the first place, because that would require extensive knowledge of history, psychology and anthropology.

    So ironically enough, perhaps it is the academicians who know best after all.

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    Ishman is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    above the ecliptic plane


    It's incredibly easy to understand something just by reading about it, especially if one uses pretty charts n pictures.

    Even if one can't obtain an instinctive grasp of the nuances of the cultural ideas, one can still see they are there, which lends itself to learning of them.

    ACCEPTING those ideas, concepts, etc. is however, the very antithesis of humanity. Human nature is intrinsically against compromise from outside, it is possible with those who have great wisdom and character, but a normal person off the street is going to smack you with a lead pipe.

    However, ignorance is one of today's greatest problems, and is really far more important than understanding, understanding requires knowledge, something the vast vast sea of humanity lacks. A lot of.

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    KyubiNoKitsune is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    As far as I remember you can learn certain things only as a child. So if you don't learn them, you can never learn them.
    Afaik language was one of them. If that is true, then you can't learn anything as an adult, so it's almost sure that cultures exist you won't ever understand as an adult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terasiel View Post
    Can I understand the concept of killing yourself because you've lost your honor? Of course.
    Can I understand not talking to certain people because they are unworthy of my attention and generally "unclean?" Absolutely.
    Can I understand killing a member of my own family to save my, or our, collective reputation? No problem, really.
    Can I understand doing certain blood rituals before minor events on a regular basis? Yep.
    Can I understand having no problem with nudity being in the public view constantly? Surprising, yes.
    Can I understand having a society with absolutely no marriages? Sounds cool to me.
    Can I understand basing my beliefs purely off of an ancient book and the interpretations of elders who read from it? Oh yeah. I'm from the South, remember?
    Can I understand using cannibalism in order to honor the memory of a dead relative? Though I find it unsettling, I do know why they do it.
    Can I understand having severe tattooing or scarring in order to show my dignity and honor and coming of age? That's not a hard one, really.
    Can I understand having ritualistic beatings and acts of self-endangerment in order to "grow up" in a society? Yeah, I pretty much get that.

    Voted no.

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    Hunnysoka is offline Member Frequent Poster
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    What about Tarzan...???

    He grow up in a jungle and become a part of it... he even think that he's one of the (what? gorillas?)

    but when he met Jane, he learn so much about Jane's culture, yet he's still in jungle...

    so I think someone can learn other culture even if he/she's still in it's own country/city/whatever that has culture... but not the whole culture... I think that there are parts of the culture that can only be understood at it's original place...

    that's just... IMHO...

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    999Ghosts is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    I've attended some Aikido lessons before, even though it was relatively short. My sensei was the kind of teacher that likes to tell stories between lessons. He's an ecstatic man, and he always wore a big smile on his face, but when he's on the mat, he's a fierce competitor of the sport. He's a blackbelt in Aikido and, if I remember right, he's got an impressive Dan rank (though I can't remember which Dan he's got).

    Well, to the point. Please don't think of this as a joke, or a childish story.

    One of those stories he told us was when he was learning Aikido from his sensei. He was taught that those who has skill can see people's ki, and those which are very skillful can even tell the color of people's ki. He even joked at that time that when he was asked by his sensei what the color of his sensei's ki is, he said pink, because he couldn't tell (though he was a promising student). He told us the he got thrown around that day, Aikido style, because pissed his sensei off.

    He also told us a story of when he was getting an examination to raise his rank in japanese proficiency. He was very tired around that time and that he felt he wasn't ready to take the exam, but he still took it. In the middle of the exam, when he was looking at his hand, he saw his own ki, though he couldn't tell the color.

    Of course, I thought it was just inspirational talk, and that I thought that it won't really happen.

    Just like when he told us that there's a certain aesthetic and graceful movements required when taking a hold of an attacker's hand to maximize the damage delivered through a throw. I thought I understood, until I did the instructed technique on my partner. I threw him (that was the excersize), but we were both astonished because my partner complained that the technique was very harsh to the wrist. I didn't understand why, until he did the technique on me (that was part of the excersize). I felt that my wrist was broken, but it was soon ok afterwards.

    Oh, and that story about the ki? I saw mine. I can't tell the color, of course. I didn't advance on Aikido, because I thought that I wasn't good enough and that I was too busy.

    And no, I'm not making this up.

    Well, I guess this argument can go either way, but my point is, I didn't really understand the basics of Aikido from listening from my sensei, but rather, from getting thrown around
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